La Vida Lena Episode 7

La Vida Lena Episode 7 Jordan discovers the owner of the watch found in the flames, Magda loses her baby over food poisoning


Digna called Jordan to come out to eat but Jordan told them they should go ahead. He did not want the family to see that he had bruised face so he covered it with towel.

Digna pulled the towel to discover that Jordan had been beaten. Kiko asked him who he got into a fight with. Since he failed to talk, Kiko compelled Rambo to tell him. Kiko learnt that Jordan fought Adrian and Kiko knew his son was doing that due to Magda and advised him against it.

Jordan explained that he only defended a lady who Adrian was taking advantage of. Kiko decided to allow it slide since he only defended a woman. Later, Betchay and Jordan visited Magda at the precinct. Magda wondered what happened to Jordan’s face, Betchay explained it to her.

Magda did not like it that he was fighting Adrian. She advised him not to take any revenge on her behalf. He should rather take advantage of his freedom to school and become a better person in life.

Magda lamented that now her dreams would not be actualised due to the fact that she went against the Narcisos and did not want Jordan to end up like her. Betchay asked Magda whether she sometimes get some cravings and told her, they brought her food.

Magda said she was locked up so she could not give in to her cravings. Jordan told her that they would raise her baby once she gives birth. As they were leaving, Magda told Jordan that he should do research about Ramona Joaquin, a woman who might be related to the Narcisos and in the same cell with her.

Martina told Lukas about the production of Queen Vanessa Soap. Lukas was happy they got what they wanted but he planned to delay its production and he planned to launch it abroad. Since Lukas said Adrian had to further his education, he wanted a dedicated person who would slave himself to work to ensure the new product rise high on market.

Vanessa proposed that they make Miguel take that task. He has worked in America before and he was well conversant with the working environment in America.

Martina asked Vanessa how she was able to create a formula that create organic soap like Magda within a short spate of time. Vanessa said their success was not for nothing, they worked hard for it.

She told Lukas that Martina was becoming a nuisance but Lukas said she was good since his father employed her and the company needed her.

At the precinct, Magda tried to dig into the life of Ramona. She learnt that Ramona was charged with murder but was in that cell due to good behaviour and would soon be released. Magda doubted Ramona could k!ll anyone.

Miguel visited Magda at the precinct. Magda was upset to see him breaking protocol to see her. He was not included in her list of visitors so she asked whether he paid brine to make his way through. She sacked him and Miguel said he only came to talk about his child. He would take the kid away once she gives birth but Magda objected.

Vanessa confronted Miguel for visiting Magda since that would create problems between him and Lukas. She advised him to stay away from Magda. Miguel said he only did that because of the child. Unknown to them, Adrian heard them and told Lukas.

Lukas confronted Miguel for returning Magda into their life. He warned him against his act and Adrian who was hiding and watching the confrontation made fun of Miguel. Vanessa spoke with Miguel not to use what Lukas said against him, he just want the best and urged Miguel to keep his distance.

Miguel said he could not promise to stay away from Magda. Vanessa tried to make him understand that she came from a broken home and Miguel also had no family except them. Miguel knew he owed the Narcisos debts of gratitude since they raised him to be who he was, reason he helped Vanessa on obtaining the soap formula.

Jordan visited Magda to present to her what he found out about Dr Ramona Joaquin. She learnt that she was a real doctor and her license was revoked. She was charged of k!lling Don Luis Narciso, Lukas father and she also pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Jordan believed the Narcisos pulled some strings to get the doctor behind bars. Magda went to the cell to ask Ramona questions and told her what she had gathered about her. Ramona began to see her as enemy but Magda revealed to her that she was also a victim of the Narcisos and that calmed the nerves of Ramona.

Vanessa talked to Lukas to make him believe that Miguel would not see Magda again.

“That baby will connect Miguel and Magda forever.”

“That baby will connect us and Magda forever.”

“No!” Vanessa gingered up “That cannot happen!”

“Then you better do something about it!”

“I will take care of it.”

Elsewhere, Jordan made up his mind to find a school to enroll in. He apologised to his father for blaming him for what happened to Magda. He then asked him about the update of the case. Kiko said there was still no progress.

He began a research to find a watch which Brian was wearing that match up with the watch found at the crime scene. Kiko told Jordan that the problem the police was facing was that the heat took away the DNA of the owner from the watch. Though Jordan’s finding was circumstantial evidence but he worked on it.

Brian was summoned to the the Law Enforcement Agency to aid in the investigation on the watch. He denied owning the watch even when Kiko showed him picture wearing the exact watch.

He also claimed his signature was forged on the document and Kiko gave him a pen and paper to sign. Brian returned home to inform Vanessa that he only wasted his fuel to go to the precinct, they held no credible evidence against him.

Magda and her cell mates were on a break. While eating, Magda liked the soup and a new server with star tattoos came to serve her with extra soup that she was pregnant. Magda drunk the soup and later felt dizzy. Jordan was there to see her and she fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

She woke up to discover that she lost her child. Jordan consoled her. She wad later discharged and was sent back into her cell. She told her mates about it and they realised that the server was knew and ever since that poisoning, she has not returned there.

Magda plan to talk to the officers to find that server to get her issue investigate which Ramona knew it would not reach anywhere so it was better for her to move on. Another mate of hers added her voice in a more cruel way which made Magda cried that it was not easy and she was saying that since she was not the one it was done to.


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