La Vida Lena Episode 8

La Vida Lena Episode 8 Kiko gets demoted after his wife is run over by Brian, Ramona and Magda set free to kick-start their revenge


Miguel visited Magda to give her some supplements for the baby. This got Magda upset since his family were the reason she lost her child. She blamed Miguel for not heeding to her advice to stay away from her.

Miguel was surprised that she just lost the baby and asked her why she lost it. Magda told him to ask his aunt and her husband. Miguel arrived home in fury to scream out Vanessa’s name to query her on the poisoning that led to the deàth of his child.

Vanessa denied all the allegations and reminded Miguel that she was his family and had to believe in her. Lucas confronted Miguel for accusing them for such çrime.

Jordan and Betchay visited Magda to check on her health. Magda gave Jordan some errands to run for her in order to find the server who sneaked in to poison her soup. Magda used her star tattoo as an identification for Jordan to find her.

Jordan promised to find the culprit for her to pay for what she did to Magda and her unborn baby. Magda’s blood leaked and she fell sick so Ramona became her daughter who gave her all the necessary assistance. Jordan went to a tattoo shop, Mukis Tattoo and showed the guy a person who had tattoo that he showed him.

The person discovered that he was looking for Olga and gave him her address. Jordan called his father to inform him. They went to the girl’s place. At that time Brian was there to pay her for the service. Someone screamed to inform her that a cop was looking for her and she fled.

Kiko and Jordan were certain that someone tipped her off. Unknown to them, Brian had seen them and had a vile plan. At the cell, Magda told Ramona that she reminded her of her grandpa who raised her. She said her grandpa took care of her like how she was doing.

She then opened up that her grandpa d!ed from Narcisos cruelty. They set her house ablaze and Dado got trapped, he d!ed from inhaling too much smoke. She told Ramona that they should not allow the Narcisos to go scot free, she wanted justice.

“That’s where you are wrong Magda.”

“You’re not looking for justice but revenge.”

“The system won’t grant you the justice you looking for!”

“You have to take the law into your own hands.”

Elsewhere, Kiko while driving came across Digna and told her that they could not catch the culprit. He was heading to the Enforcement Agency and offered to ride his wife but Digna refused since they were going opposite direction. She decided to take jeepney.

While she was crossing the road,a moving vehicle hit her and her husband rushed her to hospital. Jordan who was attending school with Betchay had a call. He had to shun the school to rush to the hospital to check on his parents.

Elsewhere, Miguel sent Rachel to a restaurant to inform her about his trip he would embark on to the United States in order to launch a new soap from the Royal Wellness company. He wanted to make things right with Rachel and promised to work hard for them.

Jordan rushed to the hospital with Rambo and Betchay to find out that Digna sustained serious injuries on her right leg which would demand therapy to make her walk. Kiko received a call from the investigator to discover that the number plate was not licensed and the CCTV footage did not have a clear shot of the driver.

However, they deduced from the footage that the driver had been spying and waiting in the car for them for long so once the culprit saw them moving and the. driver hit Digna and run. Believing it was the Narcisos, Kiko went to confront Brian and the boy framed the old policeman up to accuse him of assault.

Jordan went t inform Magda what the Narcisos had done to his mother and vowed to help Magda in her fight against the Narcisos. In the cell, Ramona realised Magda was so quiet and asked her whether she had missed her already and was sad that she would be released the next day.

Magda revealed that due to her, the Narcisos have hit Digna, the family friend whose husband and son was helping her. Ramona told her that there was no justice and involving third parties all because of Magda proved that justice did not exist.

She then narrated her story that led her to prison. Ramona was a renowned surgeon who was married and was expecting a child. Due to her efficacy, Don Luis, owner of the Royal Wellness like her and disclosed to her his plans to promote her to become the Head of the Plastic Reconstructive Department.

Lukas had been eyeing that position and Ramona even though Lukas would occupy that position but Lukas according to the father did not fit for that position yet. He wanted a perfect person who would do the job and Ramona was perfect for such position. Unknown to them, Lucas was eavesdropping.

Soon, Don Luis d!ed and Martina witnessed Vanessa telling an officer that Ramona k!lled the old man so Martina rushed to search for Ramona to advice her to run. Ramona said Lucas henchmen continued to frustrate her life so she decided to flee with her husband.

However, they had an accident and her husband, Sandro d!ed and also lost her baby. She made Magda aware that she had spent almost 20years in prison and that justice had denied her. Kiko was suspended by senior officer, Capucao over Brian’s allegations.

The police could not retrieve the footage at the Narcisos place but Kiko’s fingerprint was found on the ranch which Brian claimed he used to hit him. Soon, Digna was discharged and was sent home. Kiko announced that after thorough investigation Brian’s allegations were dismissed but he was demoted.

He assured his wife that he would still find means to pay for her therapy. Ramona was discharged and bid farewell to her inmates. After giving it a second thought, Magda concluded to go by the means which Ramona proposed they use in dealing with the Narcisos so she told Ramona that she would go by her plan.

“Wait for me outside, we will have our revenge!”

“We are going to bring down the Narcisos.”

Adrian wondered the person who attacked him and Brian the previous night. He together with Miguel went to the United States. While Adrian was in Urban Business school offering a special course, Miguel was also in charge of the Queen Vanessa Soap.

Within a short time he did well to revive the brand of the Royal Wellness for it to bounce back on the market. Rachel joined him to celebrate his success story.

He later married Rachel and Magda also thought the inmates how to make soap. Through that they earned money from the making of the soap. Jordan visited her to show her his grades and was glad that Magda mentored him to become a good learner.

Two months time, Magda was also released and Jordan was there to welcome her and sent her home. Magda was happy to be free after spending over a year in prison. She said the place reminded her of her grandpa so she told the Cabreras that she would go to Manila.

Jordan also said he would go with her. Magda said she would recollect her life and go back to college to fulfill her dreams. She went to Dado’s grave with Jordan and wept while she mourned him.


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