La Vida Lena Episode 9

La Vida Lena Episode 9 The Narcisos sue Magda for imitation, Dr Ramona proposes a new face for Magda after severe wounds 


At the grave of Dado, Magda vowed to avenge his and her child’s deàth. She also promised to pursue her dreams so she would go to Manila. Jordan opted to go with her but Magda wanted him to stay and protect his family as she did not want to involve him in her plans against the two timing family.

Vanessa alerted Lukas that Magda has finally been released and wanted them to pull another strings again. She was scared that Magda would barged in to accuse them and cause trouble but Lucas was not ready for that. He knew Magda has learnt her lesson, especially knowing what awaits her once she decides to go against them.

In the state, Miguel’s work has been doubled since the VP of finance has retired and there was a vacant position in the board. He was optimistic to be promoted to that position since he has worked hard within the short span of time to get Royal Wellness to be trusted by many.

Adrian arrived home and Conrad together with Allison were at the house to congratulate him. Conrad apologised for not able to attend Adrian’s graduation at the Urban Business School. He gave a gift to Adrian and when he opened it, it was an expensive watch.

Miguel called Vanessa to check if Adrian had returned and was told he arrived in the morning. When he asked of the plans of the family on the vacant position, Lukas told him to return home. He would make someone takeover from where he left and also told him that he has a replacement.

Miguel was still optimistic to be the VP, believing he deserved that position. Due to Jordan’s zeal of following her to Manila, Magda decided to escape when all the Cabreras were asleep in order to carry on with her plans against the Narcisos.

Before embarking on her journey, Magda went to the Royal Wellness and stood aloof to declare war.

“You people are at all high and mighty as if you have not k!lled anybody.”

“If you seriously believe that this is over, then you could be more wrong.”

“You will pay for everything that you have done!”

“I’m gonna take back everything that you took from me.”

“All the pains and suffering you’ve been inflicting, I will give it to you more!”

“I promise I will!”

Jordan woke up to check on Magda only for him to find out that she sneaked out from the house at dawn. Magda tried various job positions as Chemist but couldn’t get any due to her prison record.

She then decided to go in search of Ramona. She discovered the doctor’s hideout to find out that she was practicing without a license.

Ramona wondered what Magda was doing there but Magda reminded her of their agreement. She could not believe that Ramona was doing all sorts of illegal stuffs and was drinking as well while she thought Ramona has initiated the process for their revenge.

Ramona explained that she could not get anything doing and what she was doing us something she was good at. She had to survive and those surgery, she could even close her eyes and do it.

Meanwhile, Rachel arrived home in an escort of Conrad. Allison welcomed her and apologised for her inability to receive her at the airport since she was asleep at the time Conrad left. Conrad said he called her but she was fast asleep. Magda told her kid sister the things she got for her from the state.

Miguel was praised by the workers for the International sales of Royal Wellness which was sky rocketing. Adrian saw him and demanded for his sales strategy. Miguel advised him to develop his own so that when it worked, he would be proud of himself.

Lukas held a meeting with the board to thank Miguel for all the massive job he had done to launch and to help the sales of the company. He also announced Adrian Narciso, as the intelligent person who would occupy the position of the Vice President of the Sales and Marketing.

The wings of Miguel broke into pieces and told Rachel about it. Rachel knew Miguel worked so hard for that position so it was natural for him to get upset. Miguel was positive that Adrian would not be able to deliver the mandate well so he was giving the Narcisos chance to witness how they would lose hope in their son.

Dr Ramona lamented how she was left on her fate and had to do something. She did not have a friend to talk to so she took solace in drinking. She apologised to Magda for not living up to her expectations. Magda said they would not lose hope, they would start everything again.

In so doing, they went to Blue Velvet to talk to Dr Medina. To their dismay, Dr Medina knew Ramona and followed her case with the Narcisos. She said knowing Ramona, she knew the charges were untrue.

She told Magda Ramona was her famous classmate who was a top student and cosmetic surgeon. She knew Ramona well and did not believe the charges the Narcisos leveled against her. She lauded Ramona for not admitting to the charges, all the same she was glad that finally she was out of prison.

Magda then told Lara Medina that she was there for her to buy her Magda Magic Soap. Dr Medina told her that she was closing down the company since she was no longer able to compete with Royal Wellness new brand, Queen Vanessa which was doing well on the market.

Magda believed her magic soap would be able to compete with Queen Vanessa. Dr Medina now came clean to Magda about the malicious article the Royal Wellness Company owner sent to her and Magda told her it was a lie. The Royal Wellness owner was hellbent on buying the soap and due to that they sent her jail.

The doctor was surprised how evil those Narcisos could be. She told Magda that she had let go of all her workers and she could not buy the soap. She also accepted a job offer in Canada so it was left with some process to get the company shut down.

Since it would take lots of process to get her to obtain licence to operate, Dr Medina gave blue Velvet to Magda to use her license and company to operate the Magda Magic Soap with the money that Magda saved from the selling of her soap before going to jail.

Fast forward, Magda’s product did well on the market which was relegating the Queen Vanessa Soap to the background. Ramona realised that Magda’s formula was cost effective, reason the Narcisos were moving the mountain to get in order to gain millions from it.

After their research, Dr Martina said Blue Velvet was producing soaps that the scent, and everything came out like Queen Vanessa. Lukas queried Miguel whether Magda sold the soap to the Blue Velvet and he said she might have sold to them recently.

Soon, Dr Ramona received a letter from the Narcisos warning Blue Velvet of imitation and threatened to sue the company if they did not stop producing the magic soap. Magda was surprised to hear that her soap was an imitation of the Queen Vanessa. She now concluded that they broke her house for the ancient book of formulas.

She told Ramona that all those while she thought the book burnt but it seems the Narcisos stole it and burnt her house. In Salvacion, Jordan was not feeling at ease after his inability to hear from Magda for three months. He decided to go to Manila to search for Magda.

Kiko did not want to allow him as he was positive that Magda was doing fine and it was difficult to find someone who did not want to be found. Jordan insisted on going.

Miguel after his research realised Magda was actually producing the soap and it was ironic that they were suing the rightful owner for her formula. Martina overheard it and called Magda to inform her that she wanted to help her since she knew the truth.

Unknown to her, Brian heard it and followed her to see Magda when Dr Martina said she knew Queen Vanessa Soap was made from her Magic Soap formula and was ready to help her.

Magda saw that someone was shooting a video of them so she told Martina that she was followed so she should rush back to Royal Wellness while she followed to find out that it was Brian. Brian wanted to escape and Magda ran after him.

In the process, the phone he used to shoot the video was crushed and he also pushed Magda and she fell on the side window of a parked car for it glasses to break. Magda sustained serious injuries on the side of the deformed area.

Dr Ramona treated it and bandaged it but she told Magda that she would not know how her face would be like since it was deep wounds, however, she could do something to put her face into shape by doing a plastic surgery.


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