La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 10-14

La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 10-14 Magda has a plastic surgery to take down the Narcisos, Adrian fights his parents in a bid to marry Lena

The bully acts of the Narcisos drive Doctor Martina to make a painful decision. She resigns from Royal Wellness to form alliance with Ramona and Magda.

Magda, on the other hand, sees the need for a change in face to start her revenge against the Narcisos. With the formation of Magda’s Magic Soap from Blue Velvet and Queen Vanessa Soap from Royal Wellness, Lukas is quick to redeem his brand’s image from any allegations that intend to ruin Royal Wellness.

He blames Dr Martina for leaking his formula to Magda. Unbeknownst, Magda has given up on the fight for the formula which is stolen and comes up with a new formula to invent a new soap named Satin Dream. She launched this under a brand-new production M&R.

The soap does so much miracles with its effective organic contents. Soon, it takes over the market leading the Queen Vanessa Soap to be booted out. The sales of Royal Wellness begins to limp, compelling the Narcisos to enlist Miguel’s help in solving the problem.

Miguel uses the situation to his advantage to demand for the VP position in turn of helping them. Hearing the launch of M&R Production in Salvacion, the Narcisos makes a move and they discover that Ramona is the owner of the famous soap.

Magda gets reunited with Jordan and Betchay. She employs them into her new company and uses Jordan’s IT skills to hack into Adrian’s account to discover that Royal Wellness has made plans to develop a new soap which targets the men.

Magda quickly works on that project to release it ahead of the Narcisos. With a new name Lena and a plastic face, Magda is able to woo Adrian who has appetite for beautiful girls.

Discovering that their enemy has broken the prison walls, the Narcisos are unrest scheming to get her out of their way. Meanwhile, Rachel advises Miguel to establish his own company. Magda finds out about the weakness of Adrian and decides to pit Adrian against Miguel.

However, Miguel discovers that Adrian’s new girlfriend who has made him not to work effectively is Lena and identifies her as Magda. He plans to expose her to the Narcisos. Magda tries to reach an agreement with him but Miguel refuses.

Before he will expose Magda, Miguel wakes up to a painful realisation that Lukas and Vanessa are only using him to give a better life to Adrian. Conflicted on what to do, Magda decides to reveal her identity to Adrian but before she could do it, Miguel calls to scheme up with her against the Narcisos.

As part of the deal with Miguel, Lena keeps distracting Adrian for him to malfunction at work, leading his parents to be more worried about their future heir. Miguel keeps covering Adrian’s back just to prove himself as effective to gain what he wants.

As his problems at work and home keep piling up, Adrian takes solace in the hands of Lena who pampers and comforts him and gives him solution to make him fall for her even further.

Soon, Lena fakes a pregnancy to get Adrian engaged to her. The Narcisos are against Adrian’s relationship with the so called Lena and wants to meet that girl before they agree for their son to marry her. However, Adrian uses Lukas’ past against him, since Don Luis also did not approve of his relationship with Vanessa.

Lukas threatens to disown Adrian but his son remains adamant. Magda is also confronted by Ramona and Jordan with her decision to get engaged with Adrian.

Since that is not part of the plan, they want Magda to revert but Magda believes her revenge will be much more effective if she keeps on getting her enemies closer to destroy them from within.


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