La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 25-29

La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 25-29 M&R beats Royal Wellness to gain the top spot, Rachel runs Lena over

Lukas grows furious learning that Lena is doing her best to ruin the marriage of Miguel and Rachel. He proceeds to buy the entire condo to kick Lena out but his plans against Lena did not succeed.

Ramona blackmails Vanessa using Adrian as bait to get Lena back to the condo. Miguel gives up on pursuing Rachel since she is not domesticated and always leaves him hungry, also she is not ready to give him a child. Though, Vanessa speaks in favour of Rachel but Miguel pays no heed.

Rachel is left devastated and tries to commit suicide when she realises Miguel careless about her. The intervention of Conrad saves his daughter from ending her life. As Rachel explores other opportunities to be happy, she rolls with her ex boyfriend. Betchay and Jordan stumble on them k!$$ing. They immediately take video of them and send it to Lena.

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While Lena gains a good evidence to completely bury the marriage, Conrad discovers that Lena is doing a DNA test with his sample to see if he is her father. Unknown to Lena, Conrad has pulled some string to get the result changed. She is then given a fake result with hopes of Conrad making Lena have pity on Rachel.

After Conrad’s talk with Lena to help her sister make up with her husband, Miguel, Lena comes clean to Rachel. This enables Rachel to patch things up with Miguel and they lived together as couple. Not feeling the connection with Conrad, Lena decides on another secret DNA test.

Before the result will come out, Ramona and Martina discover the lies of Conrad through a worker at the health facility which earlier had carried out the test. Lena finding out the result is faked send the k!ssing video of Rachel and her ex to Miguel. Miguel confronts his wife and throws him out.

Conrad confronts Lena for going against his advice but Lena pretends not to know anything, she plays along to deny all the allegations. As Lukas grows suspicious of his wife and Conrad, Adrian sees his mother hugging Conrad and he threatens to inform his father if he finds out that Vanessa is cheating.

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Miguel drowns in misery and becomes a threat to his neighbours. Lena provides a shoulder for him to cry on. As Lena slowly traps Miguel into believing in her l0ve, Rachel also thinks of reconnecting with her husband. She finds the two together and goes berserk.

Jordan gets upset seeing Lena wounded. He scolds Lena for flirting with Miguel and the two end up having an argument. Due to Adrian’s strategy, Royal Wellness bounces back and he demands to be given the Vice President’s position again but Lukas refuses.

Soon, Lena is unveiled as the brains behind Satin Dream and the sales of M&R sky rocketed, making them gain the top spot while Royal Wellness drops from their top to second. This gets Lukas upset and confronts Miguel for not knowing the plans of Lena.

Elsewhere, Jordan doubts that he is the son of the Cabreras and begins an investigation to know his origin. Gaining the task to k!ll the hype of Lena, Miguel tells Rachel about it and Rachel comes up with a fantastic plan that will destroy Lena for good.

She can’t execute that vile plan with Miguel so she works side by side with Adrian to ruin Magda’s reputation using her deformed face picture to declare that Satin Dream is not the reason for Lena’s beauty but a plastic surgery.

Adrian is celebrated for the scandal Lena has found herself in and knowing the picture which is at the centre of the scandal is from her high school days, Lena has no doubt that Rachel is behind it. She plans to retaliate by leaking the video of Rachel having an affair with another man to destroy her modeling dream but Jordan didn’t let her.

Jordan pities Rachel since she is suicidal and believes that will make Rachel k!ll herself. The two friends argue about this. Lena gives it a second thought and decides to use a different strategy to redeem herself. She has an interview with the media and narrates her ordeal which starts by refusing to sell the Narcisos her soap and formula.

That, makes the Narcisos use devious means to get her formula for her grandfather to d!e in the process. The Narcisos did not end there, they get her behind bars and there, she meet Ramona and they establish M&R after their released. She then involves in an accident and has a surgery to fix the damage face.

Lukas is consumed with fury since Lena has gained the public trust. Jordan discovers his true identity, while Rachel becomes wild when Miguel discovers she is the person who ruined Lena. She decides to end the life of Lena since Miguel defended Lena and suspects Miguel genuinely in l0ve with Lena instead of her.

She runs Lena over, however, Lena sees her face so Rachel gets scared that she might end up behind bars for frustrated murder. She seeks her father’s help but Miguel overhears her conversation and decides to divorce her. Learning that Lena is rushed to the hospital, Miguel gets there to check up on her. This breeds a war between him and Jordan.


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