La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 5-9

La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 5-9 The Narcisos k!ll Dado and sentence Magda to prison, Magda teams up with Ramona to wreak havoc on the Narcisos after their sentence

Magda wakes up to a painful realisation that Jordan has left to Salvacion after their argument. She soon joins him at home and tries to patch things up with him.

Miguel continues with his intriguing performance for the formula. Jordan later discovers that Brian Rubio, the brother of Vanessa is the buyer of the weedicides that destroyed mass crops.

Magda quickly confronts the Narcisos for their misdeeds. Unbeknownst, Miguel witnesses her action against his aunt and rolls out another plan to get to know what Magda holds against the Narcisos.

Due to l0ve, Magda confesses to him about the legacy book which bears the written magic formula of her soap. Since Magda is not going all out with him, Miguel decides to give her a break for a while in hopes of Magda trusting him to openly give him the formula.

As Magda tries pretty hard to get connected to her boyfriend after two weeks of Miguel’s cold attitude, she discovers that she is pregnant. This compels her to move mountains to locate Miguel only for her to discover the bitter truth that her charming knight is rather using her.

He is a family member of her arch enemies, the Narcisos and he is also dating Rachel.
This painful discovery, makes her come clean to Dado. The old man did not hesitate to confront Miguel for shattering the heart of his granddaughter.

Left with no other choice to obtain the formula, Brian is sent by the Narcisos to break into the house of the Mendozas to steal the legacy book which bears the formula.

This leads to another tragic incident in Magda’s life as Dado loses his life in the process. Brian after presenting the book containing the formula announced to the Narcisos that he accidentally get the hut of Magda on fire and Dado d!es in return. Miguel shows concern due to the baby Magda is carrying for him.

Magda seeks the help of Conrad to get justice for Dado. Least did she know that she is wreaking havoc on her own self. At Dado’s wake, Magda receives a surprise visit and she gets irritated by the Narcisos for being çruel to have gotten her grandfather k!lled.

Soon, Magda is arrested for physically assaulting the Narcisos. In her cell, she is greeted by grumpy cell mates and Ramona, the doctor in the cell goes to her defence. The situation Magda is in gets gets Jordan’s life devastated.

He begins to drink in order to get over his childhood friend’s problem. He stumbles on Adrian disrespecting others and in his drunk state, he goes to the defence of the people but gets beaten by Adrian who is backed up by his guards.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Miguel’s relationship grows stronger. Miguel makes it a mission to prove to the Narcisos that he is better than their son Adrian.

Gradually, Magda finds the connection between Ramona and the Narcisos with the help of Jordan. She is able to confirm from her prison mate that Ramona is framed for the deàth of Don Luis, the father of Lukas. Through that his license is revoked and sentenced to life imprisonment.

However, due to good behaviour she is brought to the cell of those who committed less crimes and soon will be released. Magda is equally counting her days and it has left with 365 days for her to be released. Jordan listens to Magda’s advice to continue his studies to be a better person in life.

Dr Martina begins to suspect the Narcisos for coming up with a formula that makes same soap as Magda within a short span of time. Vanessa casts doubt to the loyalty of the doctor and wants her to be fired but Lukas has a better plan so he prefers to maintain Martina.

Not ready to be an absentee dad, Miguel keeps running back into the arms of Magda due to the baby. In a surprise visit, he tells Magda he will take their child once she gives birth but Magda protested. Adrian overhears his mother and Miguel conniving and he goes to reveal to Lukas that Miguel has been visiting Magda in prison.

This makes Lukas makes an irrational decision to withhold plans to set Miguel in charge of their new production product made from Magda’s formula which he is planning to market it abroad. Magda later gets poisoned in her cell and she loses her baby.

Joining the pieces together, Ramona and Magda conclude that the new server is the one paid by the Narcisos to get Magda poisoned in order for her not to have a link with the Narcisos family. Hellbent on getting justice for Dado and Magda, Jordan compelled his father to take the investigation on Dado’s deàth seriously.

Gaining evidence that possibly proves Brian as the owner of the watch found at the crime scene, Kiko did not hesitate to invite Brian over for questioning on the incident that led to his former best friend’s deàth. Brian denies owning the watch and buying weedicides to destroy the crops.

He rolls out vicious plans against the Cabreras to get them off his back, in turn getting Digna almost paralysed and framed Kiko for him to get suspended from his post as an officer. This irritates Jordan, in disguise he takes Adrian and Brian by surprised in teaching them a lesson they will never forget a night to Brian’s journey.

The Narcisos successfully launch the Queen Vanessa Soap in abroad with Miguel in charge of it while Adrian enrolls in business school to obtain more knowledge to manage his father’s business. Magda breaks down into tears learning about the Cabreras situation in her cell.

She tells Ramona about it and blames herself for Digna’s situation. Touched by the tears of Magda, Ramona finally tells her everything concerning her life. Don Luis promoted Dr Ramona and sets her in charge of the beauty segment of his company at the expense of his son, Lukas.

Unbeknownst to them, Lukas overhears of his father’s plans to make a third party the overall boss of his company and sets Ramona up. Before she will be nabbed, Dr Martina tips her off and she decides to run with her husband and the baby she was carrying in her womb.

Unfortunately, she had an accident and lost her husband and the baby in return. Since the incident, this experience becomes the reason of her constance nightmares. She teams up with Magda for a future revenge.

Dr Ramona finished serving her sentence and goes out to prepare ahead of Magda for their duel revenge on the Narcisos. Magda teaches her inmates how to make soap and begins productions of soaps from the cell to make money for themselves. Rachel on the other hand, joins Miguel in the state and they eventually marry.

Miguel is able to manage the business well and a vacant position came. Hoping he will be promoted due to the success story he has chalked, he ends up feeling disappointed when Lukas appointed Adrian to occupy that vacant position as the VP of Marketing.

The Cabreras welcome Magda home after serving her sentence. Magda later searches for Dr Ramona to find the latter practicing without a license. She even takes solace in the consumption of alcohol. Magda reminds her of who their course and charges her on to better their lives.

The duo are able to gain Blue Velvet when the company is at the verge of bankruptcy and the owner is closing down her company to take up a mouth watery contract in Canada. Now producing Magda’s Magic Soap with Blue Velvet’s label, the company slowly takes over the market compelling the Narcisos to do their feasibility study to discover the new normal in town.

Discovering that the formula used by the Blue Velvet is the same formula as theirs, the Narcisos did not hesitate to sue Blue Velvet for the imitation. The lawsuit makes Magda concludes that the fire that burnt their house was done mainly for the legacy book.

Realising the Queen Vanessa soap is made from a formula stolen from Magda and the Narcisos are also suing the original owner for her own formula, Dr Martina teams up with Magda to help her in her case but Brian discovers their plots and record the two.

Magda sees Brian spying on them, quickly she engages in a fight with him. Brian accidentally drops his phone containing the recorded video and almost knocks Magda. Magda hits on a parked vehicle and sustains severe face injuries.

Not knowing how her face will become after treating it, Ramona proposes she permanently fixes her face to take off the deformity in order for her to take her revenge without getting bullied.


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