Legally Blind Episode 14

Legally Blind Episode 14 Edward and Grace begin arrangements for their wedding

Grace informed her mother about Anton’s grievances. However, Marissa saw Anton’s words as demeaning even though Grace tried to side with him for raising a bothering issue about her as a concerned father. Marissa thought Anton had no right to disrespect her.

Grace cried. Meanwhile, Edward went home to query his father about what he told Grace. Edward confronted his father and said he was a lawyer and would not allow his father to trample on the right of others besides he knew what he was putting his neck into and Anton had no right to choose his woman for him.

Grace and her family visited Manuel’s grave. Nina raised a song in the midst of their sorrowful mood while Grace layed a flower there. Soon, Edward and his parents arrived and he introduced to Marissa his parents who came to apologise and approve the relationship of Grace to their son.

Marissa thanked Edward for laying a flower on Manuel’s grave. She then sent her guests to the house to serve them. The family got along, later, the three parents sat in the garden and Anton assured Marissa that he had nothing against Grace, he just wanted his son to understand the situation of Grace as marriage was a life long business which he should not bounce back from it.

Marissa understood him and shared Grace’s sentimental story and how happy she felt when she saw Edward unconditionally supporting her daughter. Elsewhere, Edward assured Grace that he had explained to his father how much she meant to him and knew his father also never meant any harm. He used that opportunity to say sorry to Grace for whatever his father said that might have been offensive.

Anton appeared and he said it was ironic that he had eyes but could not see how good Grace was as a woman. He said Grace had a good heart and would be a perfect wife for his son. Grace thanked Anton for his support, Elizabeth and Marissa got there and they were happy for Edward and Grace. Elizabeth told Grace to start calling Anton “Papa”.

She said the family had to now start preparing for Grace’s wedding and asked her the kind of church they should use so that she could go and make the arrangements with the pastor. Later, Edward told Grace that nothing or no one could ever stop him from making her his woman and that showed how much he l*ved her.

Edward and Grace met a wedding planner for the preparation of their wedding. As Nina insisted on being Grace’s bride’s maid, she also indicated that if Charie was around she would have been the bride’s maid. Later, William visited his parents and was sacked by Anton. William said sorry to his father for being a drug dealer. He pleaded that he did a mistake of dealing with drugs, he has realised his mistake and has turned into a new leaf.

Anton turned into a deaf ear and insisted on him to leave. Edward also pleaded on his senior brother’s behalf, saying William needed second chance but Anton insisted on him to leave. Elsewhere, Grace went to Marissa’s room to find her crying due to Charie. She wished Charie was home and hoped her daughter was fine wherever she was. She prayed that God would protect her and ushered her back to them without a scratch.

Charie appeared to be working on a car and got to her new abode holding letters and thinking.


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