Legally Blind Episode 15

Legally Blind Episode 15 Edward and Grace officially gets engaged amid Grace nightmare of William

On the road, Grace told Edward on phone that she would be fine and asked Edward not to worry about her. As she she was standing at the road side, Charie got there and came out of her car to hysterically watch Grace in order to look down at her. Grace realised it was her sister when she tried to touch her.

However, Charie pulled her hand and went inside her car to drive off. Edward met William in a restaurant to talk to him. William assured that he was no longer abusing drugs and was now good to flip a new page of his life.

He explained that he used to take the drugs five times a day but he was no longer interested in it and understood their father since he used to be the black sheep of the family, no one wished to see him.

“I have done it all and I am tired,” he added.

He told Edward that his transformation was made possible after he met a girl who he was staying with. Edward also told him about having a fiancé called Grace, she changed his life completely and he would soon marry her. William congratulated his brother. Grace later got home and told the family that she met Charie that day but the latter failed to talk to her.

She assured that Charie was doing fine and might be better off now. Marissa was so glad to hear. The next day, Edward told Grace about his plans of her meeting William. Edward and Grace went to a restaurant to find Charie. Edward informed Grace that Charie was there. As Charie saw Grace approaching, she suddenly called the waiter to present to her, her bill.

In excitement, Grace hugged her sister but Charie looked unhappy. She told Grace that she was doing well in life and should tell Marissa that all her dreams had come to pass after she left them. Grace was happy to hear her but Charie in disdain walked out on her making fun of her condition.

Grace told the family about meeting Charie and she assured that she was rich and better off. Marissa asked why Grace did not take her number. She had a nightmare about being married to Williams. She told Edward about it and Edward said she might be bothered about their wedding preparations. He made her to take a day off.

It was the engagement night and Edward thanked Marissa for given birth to such a beautiful daughter. Stella went to greet the guests with her in-law Marissa. Edward delivered a speech to appreciate the two women in his life, he appreciated his mother and then Grace. Grace also delivered her speech and said Edward was the light of her world and she knew they had been through a lot.

Edward introduced William to her and he asked Grace whether they had met before and she said she had not met him. William passed a bad joke that she was blind and how could she even meet him.

Edward asked Grace how she felt meeting his brother and she said it was okay. Edward believed it was due to a bad joke. Grace said she would have better impression once she got to know him better. Edward assured his brother like jokes but was good person.
She asked if William had a wife and kids Edward replied that the last time he checked, he had a girlfriend.

Elsewhere, Joel bumped into Charie and he asked of Grace. Charie gave him attitude and asked how was she supposed to know since she was no longer living with the family, besides her dreams had come to pass. She has completed school and had money and even did not want anything to do with Joel for his and Grace’s betrayal.

William called Edward that Anton wanted to talk to him so he left Grace with William who wanted to know Grace better. William lighted up cigarette and Grace recalled her traumatic experience and acted up. Marissa and Nina got there to calm her and told William that Grace was allergic to cigarette.

William introduced himself to Marissa saying he was Edward’s senior brother, adding that Edward was lucky to have a beautiful mother-in-law like her. Due to how tensed Grace felt, her mother took her away. William drunk all the wine, liquor and drinks. He met a long time family friend who thought William was no longer into drinking but William shut him up.

The guy asked William’s opinion about his soon sister in-law to be and he whispered into his ears, leading them to laugh. William indicated that his brother soon-to-be wife was allergic to smoke unlike his girlfriend, he believed his brother did not get a good woman. He said Grace was like his one night stand lady and recalled the time he saw Grace in the club and made her his victim. With a careful look at her, he believed she could be the one.


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