Legally Blind Episode 19

Legally Blind Episode 19 William falls in l*ve with Grace, plans to snatch her from Edward

After gaining knowledge on the legal side of his deeds, William made it a mandate to keep tabs on Grace to win her trust and to know more about what she knew about her rapist. He spotted Grace standing on a pavement at a street waiting for a car.

John came to speak with her and left. Once William saw Grace was alone, with his evil motive he forcefully dragged Grace into the car. As he was about to drive off, Marissa came from the other side to save her daughter from his hand.

William expressed sincerity that he wanted to help her, Marissa thanked him for his help and said she was going somewhere important with her. When William left, Marissa queried Grace on why she accepted a favour from William while she knew the senior Villareal behaved so strangely. Marissa never trusted William.

Grace thanked her mother for saving her, adding that she did not want to go with him but he forced her into the car and since he was the brother of Edward she couldn’t say no. They went to the therapy centre, as people were sharing their experiences a dark butterfly landed on the hand of Grace and she started recalling her rape incident.

Unknown to Grace and Marissa, William tailed them to the place and stood outside smoking while wondering what Grace had recalled. The therapy session was over and Simon handed a basket of strawberries to Grace. Marissa turned away to do something and realised that William’s car was parked there, quickly she turned to search for Grace.

Grace kept recalling the sad incidents and in desperation, she left the Cradle Women centre. William saw some of the strawberries on the ground and followed it to tail Grace. He held her hand and Grace shouted on the street attracting the attention of others. William managed to control her to make her understand that it was him.

The passerby asked if he should come to her defence but William said everything was under control. Marissa after the nun said she had not seen Grace, came across the fruit and also followed the strawberries to meet them. William indicated that he meant no offence he just wanted to help Grace as he happened to meet her when he was passing by. William managed to win their trust to go out with them.

There, Marissa asked of Charie and he sent them home. He called Charie that he was at the door and he has a surprise for her. Charie went out to open the door and did not seem happy to see her mother and sister. Marissa embraced her daughter as she missed her. Charie pulled back and yelled at Grace that she would claim William was stalking her. The next thing, she would act as a victim and claim William had r@ped her. Grace got upset with all the insults coming from her junior sister and told Charie her mind. Marissa also intervened on Grace’s behalf, only for Charie to accuse her mother of always supporting Grace.

William requested Charie to apologise as she has crossed the line but Charie did not. She stormed to the room and William apologised on Charie’s behalf, assuring that he would talk to her. As William went inside, he took off his shoes and went to sit at the back of Charie, showering her with k!$$es and explaining his point to her. He said he wanted to win their trust that was why he sent them home.

William advised Charie to get close to her family and also help Grace. In the house, Marissa comforted Grace for all the evil words Charie spewed against her. Nina was sad that Charie always insulted Grace. William went to the club to have fun together with his attorney friend. He drunk and saw some girls who he hallucinated that he was Grace. He was so happy and danced with her while calling him Grace.

The lady said she was not Grace and William got pissed off and left, much to the dismay of Attorney Henry. Henry then introduced himself to the girls and apologised for his friend’s behaviour. The next day, Grace got to the living room to find Marissa and Nina packaging some food and they informed Grace that Charie had called to apologise and wanted to have breakfast with them.

As they were talking, Edward got there and Grace tried to hide herself, saying she was not wearing a good dress. Edward smiled and said no matter what she wore, she looked beautiful. He then closed his eyes and told Grace that she should go and change.

Elsewhere, Charie set up the table while William dressed cute to impress his in-laws. They heard a door bell, they went to open and it was Marissa and Nina. Nina ran to embrace Charie. They were ushered in to join the breakfast table to eat and to bond. At the office, Grace told Edward what Charie did the other day when William send her and Marissa there to greet her.

Edward advised Grace to give Charie time. To Edward, the most important thing was that they had William on their side. William asked of Grace and he was told that Edward came to pick her to work. William went inside to cry for what he did against Grace. He claimed Grace was playing games with him. At work, Edward asked Grace of his leave since he had other matters to attend to.

Soon, after, William called her and as she received the call he did not talk, leaving her to keep saying hello on the line. William looked so cheerful after hearing Grace’s voice. Grace hangup but had other thought so she decided to call back. William took the SIM from the phone so the number did not go through. Grace wondered and had a flashback of the r@pe scene.

Charie saw Marissa and Nina off and Marissa talked to her about what she did to Grace. She wanted her children to reconcile and get along. Nina also wanted Charie to visit them but Charie did not want any of that. She was not ready to call a truce and locked the gate on her family.


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