Legally Blind Episode 20

Legally Blind Episode 20 William attempts to rape Grace again, Grace gains insight about her rapist through a sorcerer 

At the office, Grace got startled at the sound of her ringing tone. It was Edward who called to inform her that he was still having meeting with the clients and asked her to call the driver and leave once she closed from office.

Grace after the call, called her driver, later Sabrina came around to search for Edward. Grace called her and offered her a seat. Sabrina wanted Edward to stop pursuing her case as she felt sad for what the attorney of her culprit said against Grace.

However, William was outside the office, he called Edward and told him that he was passing by the office and wanted to see him but his junior brother said he was at a meeting with a client and Grace was the only person at the office.

As Grace was sitting there waiting, William silently approached. Grace heard the presence of someone and anxiously asked who the person was. William said he was the one and he sat next to her. He began to make $e×ual advances on her. Grace shouted for help but William did not stop, he forced himself on her to r@pe her once more.

Grace tried to defend herself, William hit her and she hit on a glass flower jar. As she was lying on the floor and William was making ready to devour her, Grace got her hand on the piece of glass and she stubbed the neck of William. He began to bleed profusely while Grace with a stained hand shouted.

Suddenly, William woke up from his car to realise it was a dream. He wondered why he could not get Grace out of his system, as she kept tormenting him. A secretary informed Grace that her cab was ready. Grace came out and the driver helped her inside the car while William watched them in his car.

In the house, Marissa cried about Charie’s despicable behaviour and wondered why she was like that. Nina consoled her and asked her not to think about it. Grace got home and saw her mother’s sad nature. Marissa walked out and Nina explained to Grace how Charie talked against the family and wished not to have anything to do with them nor to visit them. Grace felt sad that Charie was hurting the family.

William got home and layed next to Charie on the bed. Charie tried to make advances on her but William pushed her away. Grace called Charie to talk to her as Charie was about to give an attitude, William snatched the phone away and arranged that she meet Charie the next day to settle their differences. The next day, Charie and Grace met at the restaurant.

Grace told Charie that she never accused William as the culprit of her r@pe and apologised for everything that happened the other time they met. She asked her to check on Marissa since she was always worried about her. Charie said they could not pretend that nothing ever happened and did not want anything to do with Grace and the family, urging her to get over it. Charie also blamed Grace again for the death of their father and asked Grace out.

Grace went into the car while William who witnessed everything that Charie did went after Grace to say sorry for all the hurtful words Charie spewed against her. When William returned to the restaurant, Charie scolded him for caring so much about Grace while she was the person William had to comfort not Grace.

William told her that they agreed to build a good relationship with their respective families. William indicated that he was doing everything possible to gain the trust of his family so she should do same. Grace on the other hand was in a restaurant with Edward and she cried over her problems with Charie. She realised that due to her action she has not been able to give Edward the attention and the l*ve he desired.

Edward asked her not to worry as they would move with Grace’s own time and pace. Later, at the office, Diana tried to make Grace recalled the anything about her rap!st and Grace said he had a tattoo. Diana wanted her to recall how the tattoo looked like. She thought about it but could not pinpoint how it looked like. Diana asked her not to worry since she was progressing with her memories and with time they would find it out.

Elsewhere, William was with Attorney Henry in a bar when he chances upon Marcus, his friend who was acting up due to drug abuse. William asked him for some of the drugs. As he showed him some, he left the bar with Marcus to smoke and abuse drugs in William’s car.

William recalled what Grace said concerning what she told Charie about her not blaming William for her r@pe incident as he flashed back on how he rap£d Grace. William woke Marcus up and said they were at his juncture so he had to alight, seeing Marcus’ tattoo on the hand he recalled Grace claiming her rap!st had a tattoo and he had an idea while complementing his friend’s tattoo.

Grace and Edward came across a temple, where a sorcerer tried to read the palm of Grace. She revealed that her rapist was very close to her. Edward stopped her but the woman kept revealing things. Edward held Grace and they left. In the car, Edward realised Grace was still thinking about what the woman said. He tried to brush it off from Grace’s mind and assured her that he was there for her.

Grace came to the room with harmer while Nina was asleep. She tried recalling her memories on the r@pist when she thought of what Diana said.


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