Legally Blind Episode 21

Legally Blind Episode 21 Sabrina attempts to kill herself, William misleads Grace to suspect Marcus as her rapist

Grace and Edward came across a temple, where a sorcerer tried to read the palm of Grace. She revealed that her rapist was very close to her. Edward stopped her but the woman kept revealing things. Edward held Grace and they left. In the car, Edward realised Grace was still thinking about what the woman said. He tried to brush it off from Grace’s mind and assured her that he was there for her.

Grace came to the room with harmer while Nina was asleep. She tried recalling her memories on the r@pist when she thought of what Diana said.

The next day, Grace went to the temple to pray. After her prayers, she felt the presence of William. William had been sitting there but did not make a sound, however Grace called his name. Upon hesitation, he responded and he claimed to be coincidence that they had met there.

Grace saw it as no coincidence, she believed William had been stalking her, the office, at the centre and now in church. She sat and asked William the exact thing he wanted from her. William admitted to have been following. That was because he cared about her and wanted to her catch the person who did that to her.

All that, he said, he needed was information and pleaded with Grace to trust him. Grace arrived at Edward’s office and her spouse ushered her in. She asked Edward about William and his drugs. Edward said for two years ago William was addicted to drugs and abused it, leading his father to denounce him as a son till he turned into a new leaf in the recent time.

Edward used the opportunity to inform Grace about dinner with the his father together with William and Charie. When Grace went home, she thought about what she was told by Edward concerning his brother as she kept thinking about William telling her to trust him.

Grace tried figure what was about that William, Marissa came to say goodnight to her and when she was gone, Grace kept thinking about William how she apologised to him for the bad first impression. The next day at the office as she was reading, Sabrina came there in a depressed mood. She made an attempt to k!ll herself as she could not stand the torturing anymore.

Edward who returned tried to stop her but she was bent on k!lling herself. Grace used herself as example to mirror what she was going through which was even more than what Sabrina was passing through, after being r@ped, she was now blind. Sabrina realised that if there was someone to k!ll herself then it should be Grace. She said sorry for her action as she cried.

Later, Grace, her parent and Nina came to Edward’s house for the family get together. Edward showed Marissa and Nina the dinning hall. As he was heading to the dinning hall with Grace, he saw that she was worried about Sabrina and he told Grace not to worry about her anymore. He was sure it was just a moment of weakness and she would get over it.

William interfered, telling his brother it was time to eat and pulled him away to go while he talked with Grace. As William was talking to Grace, Charie got there and asked William what he was doing. William indicated that he was only telling Grace it was time to eat. Charie told Grace that she believed she knew her way to the dinning hall, so Grace went by herself.

William in fury said both knew what Charie was up to after all he had already told her to be amicable with her family just like how Grace behaved. He walked out on Charie, leaving the jealous sister to stand there to think. While eating, Anton asked Charie if she had sort out her issue with her family and she said she was still in the process of fixing things with them.

She explained that William had advised her to give her family a second chance so that was what she was doing. William retorted that everyone deserved a second chance just like how his family gave him a second chance. Grace was happy with Charie’s decision. After the dinner, Grace thanked Charie for giving her a second chance but Charie said she did not do that for Grace but she did that for herself.

As she was going to the office, William who was spying on Grace, called her to ask they meet at 7:00pm at the temple. She accepted to meet him. Grace during lunch informed Edward about her meeting with William. Soon, William and Grace met at the temple and she told him about everything she remembered concerning her rap!st. The manner he smoked, his hand tattoo were the features she could recall.

As she was sharing her bitter experience, she cried while William did not know what to do. His eyes was even teary for the harm he has caused Grace. William came out of the temple with Grace and the woman who revealed a hidden truth to Grace, staring at William gave Grace a benediction necklace as protection. The woman kept watching William, he felt uncomfortable and wondered what the woman was up to.

He left with Grace. Charie was worried about William since he has not returned. He called him and her boyfriend said he was caught in the middle of something and would return soon. He went to see Marcus and cunningly made recording of Marcus concerning the person he claimed he r@ped. William listened to his drug addict friend’s confession and had a plan to mislead the investigation of the real r@p!st of Grace.

Grace showed the protection necklace to her mother. They prayed together with Nina. Later, William after smoking and drinking with Marcus got home and threw himself on the bed. He was fast asleep, Charie woke up and took William’s phone from his pocket and she discovered the messages William had been sending to Grace.

Soon, she stormed into Edward’s office to reveal to Edward that William and Grace were having an affair behind their back. Edward told Charie to trust Grace because he trusts her. Charie told him that William and Grace were together at the temple so they should go and confirm their suspicion.

At he temple, William played the recording of Marcus to Grace, claiming he had always known his friend as a rap!st but was not aware that he was the culprit behind Grace’s r@pe. He pleaded with Grace for keeping that from her, he told Grace to beat him all that he wanted but she should give him the opportunity to help her.

As he was holding Grace’s hands, using it to hit his face, Charie and Edward got there. As Edward was going inside the temple, Charie spotted the two. She ran to attack Grace and accused her of snatching her boyfriend. She beat Grace, William and Edward managed to separate them and keep the fight as bay. Edward dragged Grace out, while William was holding Charie.

William got upset with Charie’s act and ran after Edward to apologise to Grace. He assured that there was nothing going on between him and Grace. He said he was only helping grace to find the culprit and he played the recordings of Marcus to all of them, much to the surprise of Charie. Edward asked why Grace never told him about that.


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