Legally Blind Episode 22

Legally Blind Episode 22 Marcus is arrested, pleads not guilty to the crime of rape in court

At he temple, William played the recording of Marcus to Grace, claiming he had always known his friend as a rap!st but was not aware that he was the culprit behind Grace’s r@pe. He pleaded with Grace for keeping that from her, he told Grace to beat him all that he wanted but she should give him the opportunity to help her.

As he was holding Grace’s hands, using it to hit his face, Charie and Edward got there. As Edward was going inside the temple, Charie spotted the two. She ran to attack Grace and accused her of snatching her boyfriend. She beat Grace, William and Edward managed to separate them and keep the fight as bay. Edward dragged Grace out, while William was holding Charie.

William got upset with Charie’s act and ran after Edward to apologise to Grace. He assured that there was nothing going on between him and Grace. He said he was only helping grace to find the culprit and he played the recordings of Marcus to all of them, much to the surprise of Charie. Edward asked why Grace never told him about that

Edward could not believe it after he listened to the recordings. He said the recordings was not enough evidence as the person Marcus raped could be anyone else. However, William insisted that Grace was the person Marcus raped. He claimed to have witness Marcus making advances on Grace in the club. That, he said was the reason Grace seemed familiar to him once he met her.

They reported the incident to the police and the police issued an arrest warrant for Marcus. Grace was sent home together with Charie. She informed Marissa about the development on her rape case. Edward and William arrived at Marcus’ house together with the police. The drug addict was tipsy and down with the drugs. He realised the presence of the police and left through his back gate by jumping the wall.

He came out and needed a car to flee with, he threatened Edward who was in his car with a g√n but the police ambushed him and sh0t his leg. They arrested him, the next day Stella appeared at the precinct and was proud for William helping his junior brother to find justice. Earlier, Stella doubted William, she thought he had taken drugs but Edward assured that William was acting with his senses intact.

William tried to get close to Grace but she pulled away. William was sad since he thought helping Grace out would make her trust him. Seeing how William was affected she gave William a hug and the drug maniac was not ready to break out from the hug.

Grace cried as she overheard Marcus not feeling remorse for his action and was laughing about the incident. Later at work, Edward came to inform Grace that the issue has been processed to court and was glad that the court would soon hear the case. He promised Grace to win the case irrespective of the lawyer Marcus would bring.

Fast forward, Joel was assigned to be the lawyer of Marcus. After realising the issue was about Grace, he did not want to pursue it but the senior lawyer told him that Grace was not his relative or wife so he could go ahead and be the attorney for Marcus.

After watching the pictures of Grace and how she was victimised. Joel visited Grace in the house when the girl was drying clothes in the drying line. Joel told Grace that he was now the Junior associate for the law firm he was working for and Grace congratulated him. He went to the precinct to show Marcus pictures of Grace and the abuser was baffled as she was not the person he raped. Soon, the case was processed to court and the case was heard.

Diana was dumbfounded seeing Joel being the attorney of the r@p!st. Marcus pleaded not guilty to the crime. The case was adjourned and outside the court Marcus made it clear that she was making a mistake and he had no hand in her issue. Grace was upset with Joel for siding with the guilty man and Joel reminded her that his client was not guilty until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in court.

Marcus tried touching Grace to make her sense his sincere nature but Grace went wild and tried hitting Marcus with her walking stick. Edward stopped her, Grace later asked Edward and Diana to forgive her for losing her cool at the court premise. Diana said she could not be blamed and her actions were justifiable.

Joel visited Marcus at the the cell to remind him of the need to tell him the truth concerning the r@pe case he was handling. Marcus indicated that he never touched Grace and everything that happened was orchestrated by William. He revealed that William was Grace’s rap!st. Joel exclaimed after hearing that.


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