Legally Blind Episode 5

Legally Blind Episode 5 Grace exhibits symptoms of pregnancy

Attorney Edward sent Grace to the place which he suspected could have been where the culprit r@ped her. He made Grace try to recall everything. Grace could remember certain things in the room where she was r@ped. That, Edward saw as a progress but she became traumatised when she recalled what that person did to her, leading her to cry.

After Edward managed to calm her, she went to the washroom. Something happened to Edward’s car so he left but told her that he was checking on his car. Since she was in the washroom, she did not hear what Edward said. She came out looking frightened while searching for Edward. A certain smoker bumped into her which made more traumatised.

Edward came to meet the smoker vomiting next to the cars which were parked and he cautioned the guy against where he was vomitting. Grace who was dramatised called out his name, he then ran to her. Grace told him that she did not like the scent of the cigarette so Edward searched for it and quenched it.

In the car, Edward received a call from the police concerning the released of the suspect. Grace called Charie to inform Marissa to be at the police station. When they went to the precinct, Grace was unhappy that they were setting her rapist free but was told the man was innocent.

Marisa met the suspect while on his way out of the police station with his relative. She attacked him for what he did against her daughter. The police and Edward rushed to the boy’s rescue. Grace also came there to explain that the police found the suspect innocent. The relative told Marissa that her son was not a rap!st.

They left, later Grace became agitated but Edward told her to trust him, he would soon get hold of the culprit and ensure he pays for what he did against her. They returned to the police station and when they were leaving, it was raining so Edward gave his jacket to Grace to cover her while he went for the car.

He told Grace to stand at the place and not go anywhere. There were some guys who also came to take shelter at where Grace was standing, their voices re-echoed the voice of the rap!st in the head of Grace so she walked out from there.

Edward returned with the car and could not find her. He searched for her inside the police station but she was not there. He also asked the men whether they saw the blind lady, the men believed she has gone inside but Edward said he has already been there.

Grace tripped and fell and was crying in the rain. Edward got there and helped her up. Soon, they went to see a doctor if she could help Grace gain some of her memories. The doctor realised that Grace was traumatised so she had forgotten certain part of her r@pe issue to be able to cope in life.

She assured that she could give her some medicines that could make her remember the face of the r@p!st and restructure the event that led to her r@pe to help the family seek for justice for her. However, Grace was scared and did not want it but with more therapy she accepted. That night, she searched for hammer and placed it under her pillow as a defensive weapon.

Recalling the doctor’s words, Grace began to search internet for other rape victims for her to know she was not alone in the fight for justice. She also did what makes her feel happy, that is by setting the table for dinner. She mistakenly dropped a glass and it broke.
Charie wanted to rubbish her act but Marissa stopped her.

After speaking with Nina before going to bed, she also confessed her l*ve for Charie who was pretending to be sleeping. The next day, Edward went to the workplace of Grace to present to her a flyer and a flower to remind her of the beautiful things she encountered before her blindness. When Edward left, Grace began to cough and vomit.

Diana asked her if she had been seeing her menses. Grace explained to Diana that the doctor said nausea and vomit were part of symptoms of rape and trauma. Later, she was bedridden as her mother was taken care of her in the house.


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