Legally Blind Episode 6

Legally Blind Episode 6 Edward promises to support Grace throughout her pregnancy

Marissa left Grace in the care of Charie. Recalling what Dianna told her, Grace asked her sister for a favour. Charie went to buy a pregnancy test kit for Grace. She tested positive and cried that she was pregnant. At work, Edward was planning to meet Grace so he called Charie to ask of Grace.

Since Grace was in emotional state, Charie did not make Edward talk to Grace. She hangup which made Edward suspect that there was a problem and he went to the Reyes house only to meet the absence of Grace. A neighbour showed him where Grace was.

Grace was at the grave of her father together with Charie. She cried that a criminal had impregnated her and did not know what to do. She wished the child had been Joel other than a criminal. She shed tears, realising the presence of Edward she quickly wiped off her tears. He demanded to know her problem but she tried to conceal the truth till her sister Charie opened up to Edward that Grace was pregnant.

They went to a restaurant and Charie suggested she abort it but Edward was not in support.They got home and Edward assured her of his support. The next day, Marissa rushed in with the flyer of the Group support unit and was happy that, it would help her daughter to gain strength to carry on.

She went to the session and various rape victims shared their experience. At Villarreal’s house, William got home and his mother was so happy about it however, his father got upset when he set his eyes on him. He slapped him and fought him for stepping foot into his house. He sacked him from the house and Edward tried to stop his father.

Edward followed William with his car and offered to give him a ride but William refused. He offered him money to pick a taxi. That night, Grace had a dream about meeting her father and the man told her that babies were precious and should take care of her child as the baby would be a blessing to her. Manuel knelt and k!$$ed her stomach.

Nina woke up due to how Grace was talking and making gestures from her sleep. She realised Grace was having a nightmare and she woke her up. The next day, a Edward alighted her he noticed that her skirt was stained with blood and rushed her to clinic. The doctor said it was because of stress but the child was alright.

Edward left to buy food, Grace had an ultrasound and the heart beat of her child got her excited. Charie met with Joel and told him about Grace condition and believed she would become a burden to the family as she was willing to give birth. Edward returned and the nurse told Grace that her husband was searching for her.

The doctor gave Edward the ultrasound as Grace told him about how she felt the heartbeat of her child. Edward told her to touch the ultrasound to feel her child. He then congratulated her for her pregnancy.


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