Legally Blind Episode 7

Legally Blind Episode 7 Grace has a miscarriage after Charie abandons her

At the hospital, Edward congratulated Grace and Grace placed the ultrasound picture on her heart. Edward sent her out for lunch and she started to crave for certain fruits. In the house, Marissa saw the pregnancy test kit and was so upset. She called out Charie and in fright she descended the stairs.

Marissa was very upset with her for getting herself pregnant. Thinking of Grace’s words that she did not know whether to have the baby or not since that would hurt her mother at the cemetery, she found it hard to respond to Marissa.

Nina stared her mother surprisingly, Marissa found it hard to accept that she got herself pregnant for Joel. Grace and Edward entered only to hear that Charie was saying it was Grace who was pregnant. Marissa soberly asked Grace if it was true and she said yes.

The family decided to support Grace in her decision to have the baby. Charie felt guilty that she hid Joel’s phone when her sister was calling him that day at the club. She knew she was partly to be blamed for Grace’s pregnancy since she could have helped to save her when she was calling.

Later, Edward brought her audios and headset on how to parent a child. They listened to the audio together. He later read books on the dos and don’ts, food to eat and to avoid while pregnant. He asked her questions about the book he read to her to know if she understood it. Fast forward he bought her teddy bear and baby stuffs when the family were setting up a baby bed.

Marissa and her family were happy with Edward on how he has taken away Grace’s pains by acting as a father to the baby she was expecting. Soon, her mother taught her how to put a diaper on a baby by using a toy. As they were eating, Grace stood and came to serve them with drinks while Edward watched how Grace was exploring her abilities within her blindness. He joined them on the table.

The next morning, Marissa packed things in a basket to go out while Nina was going to school. Charie also appeared informing her mother that she was also going out. Marissa told her to stay behind to take care of Grace. She claimed where she was going was important. Her mother did not allow her.

Charie got upset and called Joel to inform him about the change of plans. Since she she did not want to become her hindrance, Grace told her to go but should not keep long. Charie gave Grace a look and did not even protest. She locked her sister and left. Grace waited the entire day for her, she even fell asleep in the process but she did not return.

Grace decided to go inside. As she was climbing up the stairs she heard a strange sounds that someone was forcing to break the door. She called thinking it was Charie, no response. She called out Nina and her mother but they were not the one. The leavers also began to make noise as if someone was breaking to force his way in.

This got her agitated and she head to the kitchen to take a knife still knowing what to do she had a flashback of her rape and and she got stressed out. She began to have tummy pains and cried out. Meanwhile, Edward was at the gate making a call telling the person that Grace needed all the support. He then heard her screaming and quickly left his car to call out Grace name but she was rolling in pain.

He knocked the door but no one opened so he was forced apply pressure by hitting the door to open it only to find Grace streaming in blood. He rushed her to the hospital. Unfortunately Grace lost the baby and cried. Marissa and Nina got there and after hearing the sad news they also wept.

Soon, Grace was discharged and sent home. She was made to lay on her bed while Marissa thanked Edward for all his support. Edward was even sad that what brought Grace happiness was lost within a blink of an eye. Grace tend to her father’s picture to cry.


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