Legally Blind Recap Episode 1-4

Legally Blind Recap Episode 1-4 Grace’s Father d!es after the celebration of her bar exams result renders her blind, her boyfriend cheats on her with her kid sister

After passing her bar exams, Grace Reyes Evangelista-Villareal is r@ped by an unknown man who drugs Grace’s drink during a celebration of her success at a club. Grace’s boyfriend, Joel abandons her to flee the club with her sister, Charie leading Grace to wait for them only to be r@ped. A surgery is performed on her eyes but she could not see.

Waking to the reality of his daughter’s condition, Manuel, a man who has been imprisoned for more than four years could not take it any longer and is soon stricken by a sudden ailment which sends him to his grave.

Grace wept bitterly for being a failure. She aspired to become a barista due to her father. She studied her father’s case for years and after passing her exams and gaining employment she thinks her dream has come to pass and finally she will reopen her father’s case to set him free from prison.

She blames herself harshly after her younger sister, Charie fingers her in their father’s sudden demise. After her father is laid to rest, Grace sees herself as a burden when her mother wants the last born, Nina to quit school to take care of Grace.

Charie scolds her mother for making all the siblings sacrifice for Grace and claims her mother l*ves Grace more than all the children. Grace makes her mother, Marissa rescinds on her decision even when the mother claims she has run out of money to cater for Nina’s education.

Soon, Grace decides to embrace her second opportunity in life to make her meaningless life meaningful. With the help of Nina, she is able to know her way in and out of the house to lean on her own strength. She picks her life again and begins to work to support her mother and little sister Nina.

One day, the family comes to meet Joel, the boyfriend of Grace in bed with her younger sister Charie, leading them to break up while Charie feels no remorse with her act of snatching her senior sister’s boyfriend.

Later, Joel begins to pursue Grace at work to explain how much she means to her and how Charie force herself to him at his moment of weakness. Grace pushes him away, but Joel keeps pestering her. This attracted the attention of Edward, a young lawyer who came to the rescue of Grace, only to discover that it was a l*vers quarrel.

Grace decides to forward her rape case to court and the crime lawyer she got was no other than Edward. She does not want Edward close, after Edward reminds her of the moment they bump into eachother when they went to look at their bar entrance exams results.

She refuted his help but the insistence of Edward and the good complements of her friend, Diana about Edward makes her accept Edward’s help in getting to the bottom of her case. They begin the work by searching for proof that will lead them to the rapist.


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