Legally Blind Recap Episode 8-12

Legally Blind Recap Episode 8-12 Grace resigns, works with her boyfriend, Edward while Charie packs out after breakup with Joel

Grace wins the hearts of many after she delivers a speech. Joel uses the opportunity to ask Grace for forgiveness for everything he did against her. Grace accepts his apology and asks him not to break her sister’s heart.

Charie lashes out on Grace after Joel passes a good comment about Grace. She fights her sister and Joel point blankly tells her that he is interested in Grace but she refuses to accept him and he apologised to her for what he did.

Charie tells Grace that any man who shows interest in her is out of sympathy. Grace overhears some people gossiping about her. She feels that there is no use for her as a blind person and a rape victim.

She leaves where Edward asks her to wait and hits the street in agony. Edward finds her and asks her to join the car but she refuses. Edward gets into the rain trying to help Grace but she refuses his help, claiming she is useless.

Edward uses the moment to confess how he feels about her but Grace drives him away. Diana comes with an umbrella and tells Edward she will take Grace home since she is agitated. Diana assures Grace that Edward is a good gentleman and she shouldn’t lose that opportunity to be happy in life.

Soon, Liz arrives and tries to woo Edward back but Edward pulls away from her, saying it was good she travelled and end things with them. The presence of Liz gets Grace jealous but Edward still cleaves to her.

Fast forward, an accident occurs which brings Grace back in the arms of Edward. As she is scared of losing Edward, she prays to God to help Edward survive the accident since God has already taken the life of her child and that of her father. Edward regains consciousness and asks her to accept his proposal.

Finally, Grace accepts Edward’s proposal and her mother supports her. As things are going on well for Edward and Grace, Liz becomes an obstacle when Edward introduces Grace to her as his girlfriend. The Villarreals celebrate their marriage anniversary and Edward graces the occasion with Grace.

Seeing that Edward has gone out for a while, Liz intrudes on a conversation between the parent of Edward and Grace to inform the couple that Grace is a rape victim, leading Grace to become uncomfortable for her to have a crisis and disgraces herself Infront of the guests.

Meanwhile, Edward is outside with his brother, William who wants to be at the occasion. William takes offence in the family’s inability to invite him to that special occasion. Edwards bares him from attending the celebration. He is called in to find Grace sitting on the floor while remembering the awful incident which had resulted in her current state.

Edward helps Grace out and exhibit resentment towards Liz for revealing to the family and guests Grace’s awful incident. He reminds her that Grace is a woman like her and she should have understood her better.

When she got home Grace reveals to her family the disgrace she brought upon Edward and believes Edward’s family will not accept her for who she is. Later, Charie brings Joel who is drunk to the house. When Charie leaves to get a glass of water for him, Joel comes across Grace and he begins to harass her to accept him into her life but Grace refuses.

However, Edward who arrives notices that Joel is forcing himself on Grace so he fights with Joel while Charie who stumbles on Grace also beats her for trying to woo her boyfriend but Grace denies. Marissa comes across Charie beating her own sister over a man and she stops her second daughter from what she is doing.

Charie follows Joel to the house and Joel breaks up with her, he also throws her out of the house. Charie begs Joel, she is later found and is sent home. Grace comforted her and told her to allow Joel to be but Charie vents her anger on her. She weeps the whole night.

The next day, she calls Joel but Joel makes his point clear to her that it is over and hangs up. Edward tends in Grace resignation from the law firm she is working in as he has employed Grace in his own firm.

Soon, Charie storms there to demand Joel to continue the relationship with her but Joel will not have none of them. Infront of other workers, Charie pulls a knife and threatens to k!ll herself if Joel breaks up with her. Joel cannot be threatened and he breaks up with her.

Grace makes Edward takes the knife from the hands of Charie. Charie in the house vents her anger on everyone. She packs out and accuses Marissa of loving Grace more and curses the day she is born into the family. She blames Grace for her plight and pushes her mother from her way.

She walks on the street during the night while an incident William spotted makes him recalls what he did to Grace. Meanwhile, Marissa cries that she will not be able to bear it if something bad happens to Charie. The next day, Grace and Edward begin to search for Charie. Since Charie has said she would be looking for a job, Grace makes them begin their search at a hostel but to no avail.

Elsewhere, William plans to travel to the state.
Charie begs for a job in a bar but there is no available slot for her. Grace and Edward go to Joel’s house to ask him about her missing sister. Joel offers to help in the search for Charie. Grace says anything that will happen to her sister she will hold Joel responsible.


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