LGBTQI+ is excluded in the new education curriculum— NaCCA reveals

LGBTQI+ is excluded in the new education curriculum— NaCCA reveals

The National Coun­cil for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has hinted that LGBTQI+ will not be included in the education curriculum that the council is developing.

According to the Council, the curriculum is focused on the nation’s culture and not the Western culture which the LGBTQI+ is paramount.

Professor Edward Appiah, Director General of NaCCa, gave the assurance at a meeting with the National House of Chiefs (NHC), at the weekend, to engage mem­bers on the Secondary Education Curriculum Development.

It is recalled that the chiefs had earlier raised concerns about the LGBTQ+ in respect with the new curriculum being developed. Prof Appiah said, “you can be assured that, that will not feature in our curriculum.”

He explained that, after putting the curriculum together, NaCCA listened to the views of stakehold­ers and the team, which included competent and critical thinkers of Vice Chancellors, from the tradi­tional universities and the technical universities, ensured that the educa­tion policy was accurate.

Prof Appiah said the vision of NaCCA was to create basic and secondary education to produce confident and great thinkers of the 21st century Senior High School graduates, to become problem solvers and not to run away from problems.

He explained that the concept was geared towards teaching moral values and the understanding of the country’s culture, to ensure that Senior High School students apply theological thinking in tackling critical issues.

Prof Appiah said the curricu­lum would also help students to articulate knowledge application in problem solving at ages between 13 and 14.

“There is a flexible pathway to help specialise in applying the students’ knowledge when it comes to science, technology, engineering and business, as the accelerated pathway will allow the flexibility at the point the student can move to another area of assessment through the curriculum,” he said.

President of the NHC, Agyewo­din Yaw Gyebi, urged the NaCCa to widen its consultation to ensure accurate curriculum, to improve the standard of education in Ghana.

He appealed to the NHC to sup­port NaCCA in a viable education curriculum.

Agyewodin Gyebi also asked NaCCa to work with the chiefs to educate the people on the curricu­lum development.

He expressed the House’s support for NaCCA and com­mended the team for producing the curriculum development with scare resources


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