Los Bastardos Episode 1 Alba becomes a threat to Soledad and Roman's love story

Los Bastardos Episode 1

Los Bastardos Episode 1 Alba becomes a threat to Soledad and Roman’s l♥️ve story

As work was ongoing at a sugarcane plantation, a certain man appeared with a luggage. He froze in the middle of the road while the plantation owner arrived in a car and was greeted by his workers.

He got down from the car and they locked gaze.

Suddenly, some unknown gun men surrounded them and started shooting. Fear griped them but the man with the luggage defeated the gun men. Unfortunately for him, he came to the realisation that the gun men and his people outnumbered him so he was caught and beaten at a point.

A saviour came in a form of a lady to aid him in the battle. As she fought with the goons side by side with the man, they defeated them. After the fight the state eachother with admiration.

The owner asked him who he was and he answered that:
“My name is ROMAN your bastard son.”

Roman was sent home and was questioned by his supposed dad. He asked him the name of his mother, he stares and said “Juanita.”

She met him in Salvacion with a glass of drink in the dad’s hands he stared at him. Roman explained that before his mom’s death she asked him to look for his lost dad. He said Juanita told him that his dad was a good man and would be a perfect father to him.

The dad gave him a glare and said I don’t have a bastard son and much less not with a prostitute but Roman insisted that he was his son so he asked if he really wanted to be a Cardinal then he needed to earn it and that he would not be given special treatment but would work for every single rice he eats.

As he left Roman in soliloquy said he would prove to him he deserved to be called Cardinal and his son.

As Roman started working on the plantation, the lady who helped him earlier spied on him. She asked Roman if his dad paid him back for saving his life with Manual labour and he said he was used to hard labour.

He further explained that if he needed something he needed to work hard for it.

She asked if he wanted to inherit his dad’s properties and Roman said something valuable instead as she asked what it was.

Cardinal and some workers arrived calling out her name as ” Soledad” the dad ask if he’s Roman and hugs him thanking him for fighting of the bandits and that he got a family in them as they assisted him to do his work.

When they left Roman romantically looked at Soledad. She asked him if he was sure he would endure working in the plantation.

He carried on with his belief that “if I want something I make sure I work hard until I get it as she looks at him lovingly.”

In his house, Cardinal looked at them as they continued working and Roman stared back as Soledad also looked on.

Fast forward, Roman fetched water for Soledad’s family, in a conversation with her he said he was doing it to win over her heart and he flirts with her as they eat together.

Roman then helped some workers to load a truck as Soledad comes there crying. He was leaving to Manila so he promised her his love and asked her to wait for him as they shared Ki$$es while reaffirming their love for each other.

He assured her that he would study and work hard to prove to everyone that even if he was only a bastard son he could achieve so many things.

Soledad received a letter from Roman. She was so excited to hear from him. In Manila, Roman worked at a bar as a waiter.

One day, Roman returned to the plantation and was calling out Soledad’s name as she cried telling him her dad was no more. He hugged her and consoled her.

Meanwhile Roman read a letter from Soledad; A voice over of Soledad saying

“We move on even if we lose our love ones.”

Roman’s father was also not growing any younger, he was getting weaker making the sugar business not as it used to and things were not the same.

However Roman met Soledad who told him his father was unwell.

Unfortunately Cardinal passed away and was buried whilst Roman was standing near his grave.

He did not understand till the death of his father, why he never wanted to accept him as his son and why he found it difficult to be a father to him.

Now that he’s gone all his questions would remain unanswered until the very end.

Soledad came to meet Roman on a hill. He told her his father never left a will and the Attorney said so far as his dad accepted him inside his house he had the right to own all his properties as his only son which included the farm, house and estate. He proposed to Soledad with a ring which she gladly accepted.

A wedding is held at the plantation for Roman and Soledad as all the workers cheer them on happily. They lived happily in the house playing up all over ending up in bed, They assured their love for each other and made love during the wedding night.

In the morning, they woke up beside each other discussing about kids.

Two years later

They gave birth to a son, as Roman performed his fatherly duties assuring his love for him.
He told Soledad their sugar was not doing well so he wanted to look at other avenues to utilise the sugar. He was poised to do everything to revive the business.

Later, Roman visited the workers at the plantation as they chat, a strange woman on a horse rode in on them shouting help me, help me. Roman then chased after her on his horse to save her.

He reached out to her pulling her off the horse, she awakened on the ground in Roman’s arms saying she has died and went to heaven.

She admired him as he checked the horse. She introduced herself as Alba. They then shook hands. He helped her to get on her feet she noticed his wedding ring and had disappointment look on her face.

Roman sent her to Soledad who treated her wounds. She kept on admiring Roman. Alba picked up Soledad’s rings asking if it’s detachable and she immediately snatched it from her saying:

“According to superstition it’s wrong to let others touch your wedding ring” and she apologised.

Roman tells Alba about his business idea as her maid appears acting all worried about her,she introduces her to the couple as sita.
Roman asked if the two of them leave here alone and Alba said yes since it’s been her family’s favorite rest house until her parents died in a plane crash.

Roman placing a hand on her shoulder tells her to fell free to call them in case they need anything and she thanks him whiles flirting with him as Soledad looks on Jealously, as they leave you could see evil written all over Alba’s face.

When they arrived home, Soledad told Roman that Alba was really beautiful and she could sense she liked him, Roman laughed boasteriously, asking if she was Jealous.

He told her that she shouldn’t think that way because in his eyes she was the only her beautiful woman as he reaffirmed his love for her.

At Alba’s house, Sita questioned her about being fine and pretending before Roman, Alba angrily asked if she has forgotten her role of being a maid and she beeing the boss. Alba confronted her that she talked too much and instead of nagging she should help her snatch Roman away from his wife.

Sita was unwilling to help her. She warned him that Roman was married so she should stop chasing after him. Alba interjected that she has set her eyes on Roman and she knew he could give her every single thing she needed in her life.

Sita was unhappy about Alba’s character, she told her that they should leave them alone and go back to Manila but Alba said they have nothing to return home for because already the bank has confiscated all her parents properties.

Sita reminded her that if her parents were able they wouldn’t have allowed her to gamble away her inheritance and she furiously threw things at Sita, saying yes she

“gambled everything away so what?? but it won’t ease” her pain of the loss of her parents as she cried” claiming “she just want to be happy.”

Later, Sita returned to apologise to Alba about her earlier action and Alba said: “pain is for the weak” and just wanted to be happy and have a family and a man like Roman who would love her just like Soledad.

She wanted her own Roman Cardinal and she would make him hers. She pictured about becoming the only Queen of his mansion, estate and the town.

Sita shook her head, saying she was just after the life of Soledad.

Alba then said ” I will have to get rid of her, we’ve to get rid of that Soledad.”

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