Los Bastardos Episode 10 Real origin of Dulce reveals following her new post at Silverio Distillery

Los Bastardos Episode 10

Los Bastardos Episode 10 Real origin of Dulce reveals following her new post at Silverio Distillery

At the Silverio mansion, Matteo comes to inform Isagani that Menandro wants to speak with him alone.

Dulce comes in between and says she won’t allow it unless she knows what Menandro is about to discuss with Isagani.

She then explains that Isagani is her guest, Matteo takes advantage and use unpleasant words against his sister, he also goes extreme to inflict pains on Dulce just to hurt her, Isagani then stops him.

Upon seeing this Medelein quickly made announcement thanking everyone for coming to the party, she added that she has a good news she wish to share with everyone.

Menandro and Matteo looks upset but Dulce smiles. Lucas and Carolyn are still on the tree and wonders what Medelein has to say.

Medelein breaks the silence and calls Dulce upstairs, and says “is time to make our big announcement” everyone seems confused.

“I would like to present my daughter Dulce, and today i want to grant her a special power, that will allow her to take my place and fulfill my duties as Chief operating officer at the Silverio Distillery” everyone looks at Madelaine.

“Cheers to my children Dulce and Matteo, the future of Silverio Distillery” everyone claps.

Menandro is quite infuriated whiles Matteo stands motionless. Isay and Isagani stares at each other.

Dulce then commended the guests for coming and promised to bring change at the company while making sure the Silverio Distillery rise to the top.

Isagani realises that Matteo and Menandro had no idea about the announcement and says to himself “Dulce be careful because your own family is coming to get you.”

Carolyn and Lucas notice the shock on the faces of Matteo and Menandro. They ended up arguing over Carolyn feelings for Joaquin. She  sprinkles her ankle, Lucas lifts her in his arms as they leave.

The Party is over, everyone is leaving, Mr Chang (the man with the Golden ring) is talking to someone on phone. Connor fails to notice him, suddenly he pretends to be drunk, Lupita bumps into Mr Chang and starts to flirt with him, Connor noticed it and realised Lupita is going to steal the ring.

She steals the ring and goes to get something in her car, Mr Chang realise his ring is missing and asks his men to follow Lupita.

They block Lupita in the middle of the road and she manages to beat all the men, another car full of men comes and Connor’s car arrives too, Lupita sits in Connor’s car and he drove the car away.

At the Silverio’s mansion, argument erupts about Medelein decision, they ended up fighting but Medelein and Dulce leaves the scene.

Isagani and Isay on their way home worries about Dulce’s safety.

Back to the Silverio mansion, Medelein is trying to explain to Menandro about her reasons for giving her power to Dulce. Menandro then reminds her that Dulce is not a Silverio because they adopted her to gain the public sympathy.

It is established that Dulce is related to Menandro, her mother is Menandro’s sister, but Medelein has no idea about it.

Their conversation continues, Medelein begs Menandro not to tell Dulce the truth, he tells her he will only if Dulce comes in her way.

In her room, Dulce takes her family picture and according to her she already knows she is not part of the family as she was adopted. It hurts her to go against Menandro but she believes that is the only option to stop him from hurting others.

Diane is at the Cardinals company worried about the number of girls Joaquin will sleep with. She blames herself for falling in l*v* with her boss.

Joaquin comes there and asks her to do her research because the Silverio’s are fighting and they need to take advantage of it. Diane is happy knowing that Joaquin did not flirt with any girl.

Connor and Lupita after running from Mr Chang’s men find shelter in an uncompleted building. They both fight over the ring and ends up making l*v* to each other.

Isagani’s parents reminds him of the enmity which will come between him and Dulce if he agrees to the Cardinals offer now that Dulce is the COO of Silverio Distillery.

At Sita’s house, Lucas is overwhelmed when Carolyn called Sita “Mother”

in the next morning, Isagani and Dulce meet and they got into an argument when Isagani told her he is going to sign a deal with the Cardinals. Isay comes there and Dulce leaves, Isay assured Isagani to have faith in Dulce.

At the Cardinal mansion, Mrs Martha serves Alba tea, Joaquin comes there and Alba reminds him to get rid of Isagani but Joaquin tells her that he will do it in his owin way.

Mrs Martha tells Alba that her son has her own mind. Alba gets angry and throws the tea away, Roman comes there and tells Alba to go to the Garden when she wants to throw tantrums, she leaves from there.

After making l*v* to each other, Connor wakes up and finds Lupita missing, he looks around and realise she has run away with the ring, he then vows to find her.

At the Silverio’s mansion, Menandro ends a call with Mr Chang who informed him that he lost his ring at the party so he has canceled his deal with the Silverio’s and has now joined the Cardinals. Matteo gets furious upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, Joaquin thanked Mr Chang for choosing to join the Cardinals, they both agreed to set up another meeting to sign the contract.

At the Silverio Distillery, Dulce assures the workers that she will make sure they enjoy all the royalties in working with the Silverio’s.

Matteo hears this and starts an argument, Isagani and Isay watch their argument from afar. Dulce sees them after Matteo left.

At home Dulce assures her mom that she knows it is hard but she can handle Matteo.

Isagani admires Dulce’s picture and recalls how Matteo ill treats the workers, and other events including his conversation with Dulce. He confesses his feelings for Dulce but he says he has to do this.

Isagani comes to the Cardinals and informs them that he is ready to sigh the deal. Roman heart jumped in joy upon hearing Isagani’s final decision. Joaquin and Alba looked at them with unhappy faces. Lucas is amused while Isagani is beaming with smiles.

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