Los Bastardos Episode 11

Los Bastardos Episode 11 War erupts over Isagani’s decision to employ Silverio’s workers

Joaquin presented Cardinal Eagle brandy to Don Roman in his office and advised him to introduce that one in the market instead of Cocoa brandy.

But Don Roman rubbish his proposal, saying he doesn’t have to make a choice because If two products are released its isn’t a problem.

Joaquin was disappointed for his father’s decision, the former further told Joaquin to focus on his new project as he takes care of Isagani.

At the cocoa farm Isagani told his workers that he would be partnering with the Cardinals to build a new distillery for cocoa brandy.

He promised to hire all of the workers, this got them excited. Isay reminded Isagani that what they intend to do would cause misunderstanding. between the silverios and the Cardinals but the farmers supported Isagani.

At the Cardinal mansion, Joaquin packed his bags, Alba came in to poison him yet the more that he should not sit for an outsider to occupy his position but Joaquin said he has tried everything he could but it was not working.

Alba advised him to try harder and destroy his cocoa brandy by giving him a hard time during negotiations until he finally quits and prove to his dad he did not need Isagani or his Cocoa brandy. Joaquin said the contract hasn’t been signed yet so he could still turn around the tables to his favour.

At the Silverios company, Matteo confronted Dulce as she made it clear to him she was pushing through with the regularisation of the workers.

Matteo asked where she would get funds and she said from the company’s profit and even if it meant to cut down their own salaries. Matteo said she was not thinking right as her suggestion could make the company go bankrupt, and if it did happen that it was going to be her fault.

Isay told Isagani to consider Dulce too since both were poised to help the workers. She said it would affect their friendship, Isagani said his plans would push through because he knew Dulce’s family would never change and since he has gotten the opportunity he would change the life of the workers.

At the Silverios mansion, Matteo complained to Menandro that it was impossible for Dulce to find new funding to cover the expenses for the workers and if Dulce’s plan failed the entire company would go bankrupt.

Dulce and Madeleine walked and the later told them that she believed Dulce would be able to find a new investor and all things would go back to normal.

Menandro blamed his wife for trusting the company in Dulce’s hand, he insisted that she has nothing to offer except feeding hungry people in Africa.

Menandro said Dulce created the problem and must solve it or he would send the two of them to the other side of the world and ensure that they would never come back.

At a club, Lupita danced whiles Conner served drinks, they both have the same target. She later looked for Conner as he hides.

At the Cardinal mansion, Isagani refused to discuss his contract with Joaquin since no lawyer was present neither was Don Roman.

They argued, Don Roman then arrived and listened in on their conversation with Joaquin suggesting they used machines whiles Isagani preferred Manual labour.

Don Roman supported Isagani’s Idea however when asked where he would get the workers from he said from the ones working with the Silverios, this surprised them.

Don Roman asked for his reasons and Isagani explained Don Roman then said it would be difficult but one thing for sure was Cocoa brandy would be a part of his distillery. Joaquin became upset.

Back at the factory, Joaquin talked to Lucas about Isagani as he approached, A worker told the trio about a gas leakage in the store room. Isagani offered to assist so they contained the leakage.

Don Roman visited Sita and told her about Isagani’s plans which she supported. He said even though there was rivalry between his company and the Silverios he could not take their workers.

He stated that doing that meant that kicking them whiles they still down yet he did not want to deny the workers a better life too. Sita then asked what he would do then?

Isagani tried to contain the gas leakage as Lucas and Joaquin looked on.

At the Cardinal mansion, Alba was having breakfast when Don Roman approached calling out Martha (the maid’s name) to take some fruits inside and wash them thoroughly.

Alba asked her to throw it away with an excuse that they did not eat rotten food in the house.

Don Roman ordered her to take them inside, he reproached Alba. Alba said he only forbid her from destroying Soledad’s properties and didn’t say gift from “good for nothing” Sita were also protected from her wrath.

She asked about Joaquin and Don Roman said he and Isagani would be working together since he didn’t have any objections surprising Alba, he stated that “you can’t manipulate Joaquin anymore to go against Cocoa brandy” as she got up saying that was what he thought.

Back at the factory, Isagani told Joaquin it’s done but it was temporal and they needed a professional to have it checked. Lucas was impressed same as Joaquin.

Alba visited Joaquin’s office looking for him, she was directed to the storage room.
Lucas praised Isagani so did Joaquin who shook his hands making Lucas happy. Hee thanked Isagani.

All the workers cheered them on as Isagani gave all the praises to Joaquin. Alba was dead angry.

In the evening, Alba confronted Joaquin asking him to play dirty and make a move to prevent Isagani from succeeding, he said he would but would do it in his on way not hers.

At the Silvarios, Isay thanked Dulce for making a sacrifice to help them, Dulce told her she was going to steal Mr chang back from Joaquin so there would be funds to support her ideas.

At the Cardinal mansion, Joaquin was on phone with mr Chang as he ended the call happy saying they finally going to sign a contract asking his secretary how she did it, she explained that to him. He appreciates and hugs her.

Lupita arrived at a hotel and stole from one of her clients.
Immediately the door bell rang for room service and it’s Conner the man, he connected the dots and asked Lupita why she has his bag, a fight began and Conner asked if she missed him.

At the Silverios, Matteo asked Dulce where she was off too and she said out with Matteo teasing her if she was running to go back to Africa, he laughed.

The man was tied up while Conner and Lupita talked through their issues with she asked him to take her along.

Conner tied her down and stole the bag and Mr Chang’s ring saying the winner takes it all, Lupita told him he better finish her now or she would hunt him down. Conner said it was good so he could see her again.

Dulce visits Mr Chan and tried to convince (seduce) him to come back.

Joaquin’s secretary received the news of Mr Chang canceling the contract signing since he’s busy with Dulce at the Silverio surprising them.

Isay visited Isagani and told him that Dulce was doing everything to make the regularisation push through by looking for investors so she was going against Joaquin Cardinal.

Mr Chan was impressed with Dulce’s Proposal, as he praised her Joaquin walked in asking about their meeting but Mr Chang said he has gone back to the Silverios since he was impressed with Dulce’s proposal and wanted to work with her.

As he left, Joaquin asked Dulce how she really won Mr Chang over and Dulce said since he’s one of the most brilliant negotiators she believed he knew the answer with Isagani looking on.

Joaquin told Dulce he would not let it slide since she caused him a big investor but Dulce said it’s fair game since she took back what’s hers.

Joaquin told her that Isagani would convince all her workers to move to Cardinal distilleries, as she turned back asking Isagani if he accepted their offer, Joaquin sensing trouble left them saying “there is a fire in the paradise.”

Isagani and Dulce talked, assuring him she wanted to fight for her workers but Isagani disagreed, saying only her father and brother would benefit from it making them becoming more cruel and asking her to leave it to him but Dulce got up angry and they argue. Isagani tried to kiss her but she slapped him.

In the evening, Isay told Isagani that both their plans would destroy their friendship, Isagani held Isay’s hands. Dulce saw them in her car saying she is hurt “this problem is driving them apart.”

Isagani confessed to Isay about his feelings for Dulce. He said he had that feelings for her since they were kids and she’s the only one he wanted to spend his life with.

His confession pounded the heart of Isay so she wept bitterly after Isagani left and reminded herself that Isagani only had eyes for Dulce and had to stop dreaming since Isagani l^ved Dulce.


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