Los Bastardos Episode 4 Roman impregnates his lover's maid

Los Bastardos Episode 4

Los Bastardos Episode 4 Roman impregnates his lover’s maid

Pilar received a letter from Alba warning her to stay away from Roman. As she was reading the letter a friend who walked snatched the letter from her. Pilar felt threatened with the message in the letter.

The message did not go down well with her so Pilar stormed the Cardinal mansion shouting out Roman’s name. She told him to come out, the security man followed her. She spotted Alba and walked towards her raining insults on her as Sita looked on.

Alba ordered the security man to escort Pilar off their property stressing that if she hasn’t been arrested for being a prostitute she would get her arrested for trespassing.

Pilar told Alba that she was the reason Roman failed to bring him to the mansion and she would not last in keeping Roman with her dirty tactics. She was infuriated that she warned Alba, stressing that she was only using Joaquin to keep him.

In anguish Alba asked who there hell she was to say that, and Pilar also told her  to take a good look at her if she thought Roman would ever consider bringing her to the house they lived in.

He bought her clothes and a house but could never wash the filth of her soul no matter what he did he can never changed her since she was still a toy that he played around with and threw away after he got tired of her.

Pilar’s face turned as she listened to Alba and the words she was spewing against her. She climbed the stairs and pulled Alba over. She beats Alba mercilessly while the security and Sita try to separate them.

Alba looked at her furiously slapping her for barging into her house and attacking her on her own property. The fight begins again until Ramon rushes to separate them.
He ask Alba to go into the house and Pilar to her apartment.

In the living room, with Sita also present Alba poured out her grievances and threatened Roman that he would not see his son again. She said this due to her earlier fight with Pilar for Roman to feel her anguish.

The next day, as Sita was about to serve drinks on the dinning table she saw Roman staring into space, she called out his name “Don Roman” and he turned.

Sita asked if he has heard any news concerning Pilar, Roman said he went to her apartment but she wasn’t there and didn’t even leave a note.

She then advised him to search for her and not stop until he finds her if he really values his friendship with her.

Roman smiled! He thanked her for listening to him as she smiled back looking at him lovingly as he leaves. Suddenly Alba appeared in the scene and gave an evil look at Sita.

Roman visited the Whore house looking for Pilar as other girls try flirting with him. He asked a woman where Pilar was? She answered that Pilar was in Japan and she was three months pregnant. Roman was dumbfounded as he was shocked by the news.

Roman called Pilar and questioned her about the pregnancy, she denied being the father of her baby. She said the baby belonged to her Japanese boyfriend.

Pilar said she was having a great time in Japan stressing that he would marry and raise her family.  As his efforts to convince Pilar failed Roman had an intimate time with Sita, the maid of Alba while trying to fly from his problems.

Later, Sita got pregnant which infuriated Alba to ask the father of her child and for how long she has been pregnant.

She pulled the hair of Sita and inflicted pain on her until Roman came to Sita’s defense. He admitted of being the father of the child which Sits was carrying.

Alba said Sita was ungrateful and all those while was Jealous of she ordered her to leave her house now or she would kill her but Roman made a firm decision that Sita wasn’t going any where and Alba called him a monster.

Alba reminded Roman of what she said earlier of leaving him if she found out he’s having an affair. Roman said Joaquin needed a father and Alba said he should marry her instead because that’s the solution.

Roman said he would not love her even if they got married, adding, “then there’s no reason for her to stay with him then. He said Alba is not leaving neither is Sita.”

Alba said Joaquin was his one and only son and his baby with Sita was his bastard son so he should choose between the two children.

The next morning, Roman sent Sita away, saying the child would not recognise him as his father but he would never abandon his duties towards his son with Sita. Alba watched them through her balcony. He also told Alba to not meddle in the life of Sita and his child, “if she hurts them she will face his wrath also Sita will only be working in the kitchen.”

Fast forward, Sita gave birth with Roman being present at the scene. She gave birth to a boy and she named him Lucas. Roman said he would still love him even though he came into the world under such circumstances he would still love him.

Meanwhile, Alba blew the candles of Joaquin during his 4th birthday celebration.  Roman arrived with Lucas in his hands and Sita behind him.  Joaquin ran to Roman immediately he saw him and asked if Lucas was present but Alba interrupted, saying that baby was not his gift.

Roman introduced the childs as Nanny Sita’s baby and Joaquin asked who the father of baby Lucas was and Alba said he did not have one with Joaquin asking why? As Joaquin said he felt sorry for baby Lucas.

Joaquin agreed to share his father with Lucas so he could have a father too so they could be brothers, but Alba grabbed her son saying No Joaquin.

“He is not your brother and they can’t give his father away so easily so the two of us are his only family.”

Roman told Joaquin to get along with Baby Lucas since he’s older than him and should take care of him like a big brother would.

Alba confronted Roman, saying Lucas was lucky to have a protective father like Roman. Alba pleaded with Roman that they should get married so that Joaquin would not grow to feel like he was bastard since he was the only legitimate son but Roman refused. He said he would not want to lie to his kids. Alba’s eyes was heavy with tears as Roman said he would not pose of at the sight of the public that he was his wife.

Roman went to the cliff thinking of Soledad and junior Roman, his missing son. He played with Joaquin whiles Lucas came there. Roman invited him to join them. The three play together. Roman was defeated as Joaquin happily called Lucas his sidekick from now onwards.

At the Silverios, Menan taught Mateo how to ride a horse and Maddie looked on at them, not happy at what she was seeing.

At shore, A man helped Conner, Pilar’s son off a boat, he asked if his mother was ever coming back and he said she would turn up someday so he would take care of him.
At home Isagani and his adoptive parents play a game living happily together.

Years on, Isagani grew to become a refined gentleman and was seen running, helping to rescue a baby from a fire. The villagers were grateful to him and thanked him.

An older Joaquin was seen at a fighting ring busily fighting an opponent, he eventually won the fight. A lady approached him and they talked a little about business then he left on his motorbike.

Back to the village, The couple who Isagani helped continued to thank him. His mother came there asking if he was okay, she slapped Isagani for putting his life in danger. He then introduced her to the couple asking them to stay with them for the meantime.

Isagani smiled seeing a lady’s picture in his wardrobe, saying he “will get her a ring just like this one if she comes back.”  Kissing her picture while laughing. He said he would find the owner of the ring one day and all the questions of his identity would be answered.

Isagani’s parents talked while coming back from the market, his dad said meeting his biological parents would really make him happy but the mom wasn’t pleased to hear that, saying if he thought Insagani wasn’t happy with them.

The father said they could not control time and what it brought so oneday fate would lead him to his real parents.

Whilst standing in the middle of the road a car nearly run over them as he bypassed them with full speed, the dad pushed the Mum down making her foot hurt.

An older version of Don Roman appeared at the scene, getting down from his car, he asked if she was okay and offered to take her to the hospital but she refuses. They recollected meeting once’s at Maddie’s son’s christening as Roman remembered that time.
He asked about Isagani and offered to take them home so he could say hello to Isagani.

At the company, Joaquin taught the workers how to taste and make brandy as Lucas looked on beside him.

Don Roman arrived home with Isagani’s parents and they invite him inside. Unfortunately gani wasn’t home. He spots a picture of gani and his parents and admires him. They invite him for dinner but he turns it down saying he has other things to do and a long way to get home. They then gave him a bottle of drink made by Isagani and he smiles remembering how he used to make his own Alcohol when he was young with the mum saying he and Isagani are alike. He thanks them and leaves.

Don Roman arrived home to meet Sita sweeping as she smiles at him having flashbacks of Alba’s words saying Roman belonged to only her and only one family could live in the mansion as Roman asked Sita to sacrifice.

He brought her some fruits, Lucas arrived home calling out Don Roman’s name, he greeted him and shook his hands making an awkward situation since Lucas was his son.

He bought Lucas a laptop and he thanked him.

Immediately Alba arrived calling him sweetheart. She pushed herself to him, saying she has been waiting for him while hugging and ki$$ing him making everyone uncomfortable.

As the the people left Alba confronted Sita calling her “garbage.”  She said she  to had spray some insecticides as she leaves.

Isagani came home telling his parents that he would report the crazy driver. Stressing that and it would be better if the family got a tricycle to avoid situations like that but his parents disagreed.

They said Don Roman was there to help them and brought them home, he asked if it’s Don Roman Cardinal and the dad said yes “he’s the wealthy man who leaves in their vicinity and he is a good and kind man”.

He remembered his childhood saying he wished he was there earlier to thank him personally.

At the Cardinal Mansion, Alba and Don Roman had dinner. Joaquin then approached to them. They had dinner together.

Alba tried to dictate to Joaquin what he should eat but he preferred the maid’s beef stew  making Alba angry as Don Roman looked on.
Joaquin told his father about getting the right taste for the brandy with Roman asking him to send the sample to the office.

Isagani helped out his parents as they load a truck, they asked about a  certain lady, when she was coming home to tease him. He thanked them for raising him well.

At the mansion, Joaquin showed Alba documents regarding getting the right mixes for the distillery with Alba praising him that Cardinal distillery was nothing without him and she was proud of him.

At his office, Don Roman received a note from  Joaquin presenting to him his latest brandy mix, After having a taste he felts disappointed and went for Isagani’s bottle. He took a sip from a glass and was very impressed with it.

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