Los Bastardos  Episode 6 Alba advises Joaquin to get rid of Isagani

Los Bastardos  Episode 6

Los Bastardos  Episode 6 Alba advises Joaquin to get rid of Isagani

“You are the reason why i started dreaming Soledad, you are my partner in everything, as long as Cardinal Distillery exists, I will continue to dream with you my love, you will forever remain here in my heart Soledad.”

Menandro told Maddie to excuse Matteo as he lost a big business deal, Matteo left while Lucas was practicing a fight by punching a punching bag.

He was demned angry as he recalled Alba’s hurtful words against him. He kept on punching and punching more harder.

“Forget about it Lucas don’t let her words get to you.” He tried to get rid of the incident.

Carolyn came to ask Lucas about Joaquin, she then told him to inform Joaquin that she was done fixing Isagani’s car. Lucas said okay.

When Carolyn was leaving Lucas stopped her and asked her to keep him company for a while, she noticed that Lucas was moody and asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing is wrong, I am perfectly alright”

At the mansion of the Connors, he opened a secret door where he kept his stolen items, he then told his father Fausto to admit that he was better than him.
Fausto agreed but took the credit for raising him to be a good thief.

They both talked about their work and how successful they had become, Fausto then told Connor that his mother, Pilar texted him that she had an accident and was admitted in the hospital. She added that due to that she needed help.

Connor was upset and walked out while Fausto followed him. He indicated that his mother could not pretend at his presence.

A flashback of his childhood showed how his mother, Pilar blamed him for her boyfriend breaking up with her.

Pilar went to sell him, Connor ran away and hugged Fausto, asking him for help, Fausto shouted at the buyer and took Connor with him.

Fausto then told Connor that if his mother was pretending to be sick it meant that she was desperately in need of money. Connor walked away.

At the Cardinal mansion, Don Roman was having a conversation with Joaquin and Isagani, he praised Isagani’s Cocoa Brandy and both shared their inspirations.

Don Roman asked Isagani to allow him to launch his Formula. Isagani was overwhelmed while Joaquin was shocked.
Roman then told Isagani that he would get the paper works done, but Isagani asked him to give him some time to think about it.

Roman agreed and told him to think about it carefully as he believed with his knowledge and Joaquin’s intelligence they would become a formidable team. Isagani smiled, Joaquin on the other hand faked a smile too.

A servant came to inform them that Isagani’s car had been repaired and he thanked Roman and asked of his leave, Joaquin offered to see him off.

Outside, Isagani thanked Joaquin for helping him out. He turned to leave but Joaquin called him and asked him if he was willing to accept his father’s offer. Isagani asked him if there would be a problem if he did. Joaquin then tried to school Isagani about the standard of business of the Cardinal, Isagani watched him in amazement.

Meanwhile Connor was on his way out. He told Fausto that he has sent the money into Pilar’s account. Fausto asked him where he was going and he said he was out on a mission. Fausto warned him to be careful since they were new in the area. Connor responded okay.

Back to the Cardinal mansion,
Isagani told him that even though he runs a small backyard business, he believed in his workers capabilities and he would not allow anybody to intimidate them.

Joaquin told him that if he agreed to work with the Cardinals he ( Joaquin) would make the rules since he would be Isagani’s boss, thus, he has to follow his orders without questions.

“With all due respect sir, you maybe the boss of Cardinal Distillery but you are the one interested in my products, so that only means we are the boss of you,” Joaquin got shocked listening to Isagani’s reply.

As Isagani turned to leave, Joaquin called him to warn him not to test his patience.

A waiter who bumped into Matteo at the gambling club apologised to him.

“Is that all you have to say… Sorry

“Do you know who I am?”

This is inexcusable, do you know what. You are incompetence, now get out of my face.” Matteo screamed as Connor looked at him from behind and said “Bingo”!

Matteo on the gambling table won and bragged about being the king.

Connor looked at him from behind and said in soliloquy:

“Looks like my target is ready” he smirks.

At the Cardinal distillery, Joaquin came to work, his secretary Diane (who happens to have feelings for him) cheered him up and told him to forget Isagani because he was no match for him. She then told him he was leaving for a dinner date, Joaquin thanked her.

It seemed the day was right for Matteo he won once more and teased others for loosing, he shouted if there was anyone ready to compete with him.

“I do” Connor said, Matteo looked at him.
Connor introduced himself as “Ulysis Pereyar”
He extended his hands to greet Matteo and asked of his name.
Matteo looked at him and laughed, he said “Bon….James Bon”.

“So Mr Bon how much are we talking about here, are you okay with 1 million?”

Matteo smiled at Connor’s question and asked him to stop the long talk and take a seat, they sat down and diabolically stared at each other.

At the Esperanza’s, Bert (Isagani’s other father) told Isagani that he was happy he didn’t agree to Roman’s offer at a go. He commended Isagani for taking a bold decision to think about the roposal carefully.

They trusted Don Roman but they could not trust the people around him especially Joaquin. Isagani assured him that he did not care about Joaquin.

At the Cardinal Mansion, as Joaquin came home, Alba told him that she has been waiting for him. They talked about Isagani, and Alba told him to get rid of Isagani as soon as possible. Joaquin told her not to worry since Isagani was like a fly which was buzzing around the Cardinals.

Back to the Esperanza’s, Isay ( Isagani’s childhood female friend, who happens to love him) paid them a Visit. Isagani ruined his shirt when hugging her.

He took off his shirt and Isay admired his body.
Isagani went inside to change and they sat down to eat while talking about about lots of interesting things.

Back to the Cardinal mansion, Alba told him to get rid of Isagani for good. He assured her to get rid of Isagani within a week.

Meanwhile Roman was in his office at the house, he took a sip of the Coco Brandy. He recalled his youthful age, his willingness to grow his business and his time with Soledad. He went upstairs while Alba stood from behind.

Roman went to his secret room decorated with Soledad and Roman Jnr ( Isagani’s) childhood pictures, he caressed Soledad’s pictures.

“You are the reason why i started dreaming Soledad, you are my partner in everything, as long as Cardinal Distillery exists, I will continue to dream with you my love, you will forever remain here in my heart Soledad.”

Alba appeared there and cried asking Roman why he has not forgotten about Soledad after all those years, and why he was not giving her the needed attention.

She continued by asking him to tell her how to compete with the dead so that she could do it.

“You can’t” Roman interjected.
Alba wept and left the room.

At the gambling den, Matteo and Connor’s game had already started, Lupita watched in the crowd. They both bid all their money, Matteo Bragged that he only did that since he was giving Connor the chance to blackout, he counted to three.

“1….2….3” but Connor didn’t reply which meant he was ready for the game, Matteo got up and brought out his card, saying

“I got 4 of a kind” he laughed, witnesses clapped for him, he was about to grab the money but Connor shouted:

“Wait a minute, you shouldn’t be celebrating just yet” Matteo Looked on, Connor brought out his card…

“Straight flash, I win” everyone was shocked and they clapped for him.

Lupita looked at Connor suspiciously,
Matteo got upset when Connor threw one of the Monies at him (the gamble money) they both looked at each other ready to devour eachother.

At the Cardinal mansion, Don Roman was still reminiscing about his joyful days with Soledad while Alba said:

“I once took someone’s life for the greatness of my love for you Roman, but I won’t allow anyone to take away what rightfully belongs to my son Joaquin.”

Roman returned to the secret room…

“Please forgive me Soledad, I have committed a lot of mistakes after you died, (a flashback of Roman times with Alba, Medelein, Pilar and Sita is shown).

I tried to love again but ended up hurting a lot of people, if only I could turn back time, if only i could save your life and that of Roman Jnr, and then again that means I wouldn’t have had Joaquin and Lucas. ( a flashback of Lucas and Joaquin childhood is shown) and also my child with Pilar whom i never got the chance to meet.

(a flashback of Pilar telling Roman to leave her life for good and other flash memories are shown) it breaks my heart that i couldn’t give Joaquin the perfect family and also not able to claim that Lucas is my child and not meeting my son with Pilar, but i am still hoping that one day i can make everything right.”

However at Lucas’s house, Sita said it seemed Roman was serious with his business with Isagani.

Lucas said he knew because they even met at the mansion, She then asked of Carolyn, the cook who had cooked several delicacy of dishes and wanted some.

Lucas set up the table for dinner, Don Roman came there and apologised for what Alba did earlier. They asked him not to worry and told him to have dinner with them.

“They say we shouldn’t say no to food” he smiled.

After the dinner, Roman walked Isay home, they had a chitchat. Isay asked him about his offer with the Cardinals.

Meanwhile, Joaquin was fighting a certain guy at the fighting club. The guy beats him mercilessly.

A flashback of Roman’s praises about Isagani’s work and Alba telling him to get rid of Isagani, charged and ended up beating the guy.

The coach declared Joaquin the winner, he shouted who was the winner. A cheer from the crowd shouted “Cardinal….. Cardinal….. Cardinal.

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