Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 1

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 1 Marga sells her mother’s corpse to settle her debts 

At a local parade, Tessa and Marga were eager to watch the participants. Marga was happy to see the models while Tessa was anxious to see what they were wearing.

Tessa wanted to become a designer like her idol Monique Lourel and Marga wanted to become a renowned model. After the parade, the two friends talked about their dreams and were now bond with their dreams and looked forward to work together for a common goal. Tessa told Marga that she would be her model once she becomes a designer.

From her humble beginning, Tessa lives with her parents who were farmers. They supported her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Meanwhile, Marga was living with her drunkard mother who happened to be stealing her daughter’s money to buy alcohol. She felt devastated and depressed when her husband died, leaving her with no hope to embrace the joy of life.

One day, she wanted to take the money Marga had saved which compelled Marga to get into a fight with her mother. Tessa defended Marga and brought her to her house to treat her wounds.

When Marga went back to her house, she sent food for her mother. Her mother has however packed Marga’s things and asked her to leave, saying there was nothing there for her. Marga begged her mother to let go of the pain her father caused since they only had each other.

Her mother refused to listen and kicked her out. She later coughed out blood and collapsed. Marga urgently rushed her to the hospital.

After she heard the news, Tessa went to the hospital to see Marga and helped her out to settle the hospital bills. Tessa gave Marga the money she was supposed to use for her enrollment in college but it wasn’t enough so the friends decided to do laundry to raise money for the bills.

Unfortunately, Marga’s mother died, she could not bury her since she did not have the money to pay the hospital bill. A doctor suggested that Marga should sell her mother’s body to the hospital instead. Marga agreed and got paid for her mother’s corpse. From the money she made, she settled her debts by paying off Tessa’s money.

Tessa was disappointed in Marga for selling her mother’s remains. She convinced her to get the body back but they were too late. The ambulance had already left with the body.

As the two were crying over the incident, Marga’s Aunt Asya arrived. Asya used to be Marga’s mother’s agent and she bought back the body. Marga was grateful to her and was finally able to bury her mother.

After the burial, Marga moved to Baguio to work with Asya. While she was away, she lied to Tessa that she has already made it as a model.

Tessa was trying out for a scholarship in Baguio so she called Marga to ask for her help. She has no place to stay and hoped Marga could host her. Marga was alarmed because Tessa might find out that she has been lying all along.

As Tessa left for Baguio, her parents gave her a piglet to sell to get some pocket money to feed on. When she arrived in Baguio, she called Marga but Marga asked the employees at Asya’s shop to say that she was not there.

On the way to the market to sell the piglet, Tessa ran into Caloy. Caloy was delivering eggs and their encounter made him fall off his bicycle, breaking all his eggs. Tessa’s piglet then ran off and got hit by a car. They blamed each other for the incident since they both couldn’t sell their products.

Tessa took her dead piglet and sold the innards for a meager amount, 500 pesos. She went to church since she couldn’t contact Marga, only to find out that Caloy was an altar boy there.

He was one of the orphan children the priest has taken in at the church. When he was collecting the offering, Tessa accidentally gave him the 500 note instead of 20. She tried to get it back after mass but Caloy reminded her that she never paid for the broken eggs.

With nowhere to go, Tessa wondered around the church. Caloy left the door open and Tessa was able to sleep inside.

In the morning, the priest woke up Tessa. Tessa apologised for sleeping there and explained that she ran into bad luck. The priest wondered how she got it and surmised that Caloy let her in. Meanwhile, Marga woke up Caloy from his bed.


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