Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 10

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 10 Teri, Jaime, Marga, Caloy Clash in a restaurant

Marga left Caloy’s house. He promised to call so that they could finally catch up and make it up to her for cancelling their date.

When Vida arrived at the boarding house, the land lady had taken her things out. She complained about Vida’s late payment so Vida got some money from the envelope and paid her. She said she had pawned her laptop to get the money.

Vida worked on her samples to apply for the designer job at the House of Teri. She worked while listening to a music. She opened the speakers high, disturbing Potpot, who was trying to sleep.

The following day, Tessa interviewed the applicants for the designer job. Vida brought two resumes to apply for a personal assistant position and the designer position. She was among the last applicants to get interviewed and when it was her turn, Tessa felt exhausted.

She took a break and her assistant was the one who conducted Vida’s interview. She praised Vida’s talent but said it was too soon for her since she lacked experience.

There were more experienced candidates so she advised Vida to apply for the job in the future. When Vida returned to the boarding house, she received a call about the interview for the personal assistant position the following day.

She also felt guilty about taken the money in the envelope so she decided to earn it back. She went online to try and sell her clothes.
Things between Jaime and Tessa were going well. Tessa therefore made a reservation at their favourite restaurant so she and Jaime could go on a date.

Caloy called Marga and invited her out for dinner. When he went to pick her up, he insisted that Asya should go with them as well. They ended up going to the same restaurant as Jaime and Tessa.

They were however sited on opposite ends of the room so they did not see each other.
Marga reminisced about the time she wore a winged costume to win a pageant. She reminded Caloy that he was the one who made it and Asya mentioned that Tessa helped him.

They ended up talking about Tessa and Caloy said he found out about her wedding to Jaime when their ship docked. He commented that Tessa must have liked Jaime even if she had denied it.

Marga said she too would have chosen Jaime if she were in Tessa’s place as he was rich and successful. Asya however asked them not to talk about Tessa.

Vida played her music loud again and Potpot went to check what she was up to. He saw her removing her clothes in front of a camera and immediately thought that Vida was one of the ladies who sold their body for money.

He went to tell Guada, who confronted Vida. Vida explained that she was taking pictures of her clothes to sell online. She then went to reprimand Potpot for going into her room and causing a misunderstanding between her and Guada.

As Asya was going to the washroom, she saw Tessa and Jaime sited on the other end of the room. He worked hard the rest of the evening to make sure that Tessa and Marga did not see each other.

When Marga wanted to go to the ladies room, Asya went with her and helped her manoeuvre around Tessa, who also went to the washroom at the same time.

After enjoying dinner, Tessa and Jaime decided to leave. Asya said she dropped something and asked Caloy and Marga to help him search for it below the table. Jaime and Tessa left without Marga and Caloy seeing them.


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