Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 13

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 13 Marga and Tessa clash at Olivia’s charity auction 

Potpot caught Vida before she fell. He fixed the light but the manager asked him to come the following day for his pay. Vida wouldn’t allow it and asked the manager to pay him.

The manager refused to listen to her and fired her instead. Vida decided to pay Potpot with her own money and they went out together to eat. Potpot apologised to Vida for making her lose her job but she said it was fine.

They introduced themselves and Potpot noted that Vida had a beautiful name. As they ate, Vida noticed that Potpot’s voice sounded familiar. Potpot said the same but they both said the person they were thinking of sounded annoyed all the time.

They laughed at the observation and had a pleasant time together. Marga invited someone to her house to get an invite to an exclusive event, Olivia’s charity auction that Ximena Vergara would be attending. She managed to get in the guest list but was worried since it was an auction event.

She called Caloy and asked him to be his date. She convinced him by saying that he could meet influential people who could help with his foundation.

Potpot bought a toothbrush for Vida and left a note in the bathroom, asking her to replace his phone. Vida left a note saying she didn’t owe him anything since it was an accident. When she reported for work, she was the only one present among those awaiting the final selection.

She therefore got the job and started her first day as Rafa’s assistant. Potpot went to the school and asked them to push the deadline for enrollment so that he could come up with the money.

The dean said they could not do it just for him and suggested that Potpot enroll in the following semester. Potpot was disappointed and finally decided to tell his parents the truth. He couldn’t call them since the number was on his broken phone.

He remembered Caloy and went to see him. He read on his card that he fixed phones.
Caloy was about to leave for the event when Potpot arrived. He fixed his phone and refused to accept Potpot’s payment.

Potpot apologised for worrying Caloy but the latter insisted it was okay. He also asked Potpot to return if he needed a job.
Marga attended the auction and ran into Teri at the event.

Although they exchanged pleasantries and Tessa wished Marga good luck but it was full of spite and hatred. They then went about their business. Jaime asked who Marga was and Tessa reminded him that she was her friend who used to be a beauty queen.

Jaime wanted to know what happened between them and Tessa said they just drifted apart as they worked on their dreams. Jaime said it was fine, even if Marga was around, Tessa would not have needed him.

Tessa saw Ximena and told her that they were working on her contract to endorse their designs. Meanwhile, Marga was also eyeing Ximena as a talent for her agency. She brought Ximena a drink and got straight to the point by offering to manage her.

Ximena said she would talk to her team about Marga’s offer. Vida spent her day with Rafa as her assistant. When the day was over, she was about to leave but Rafa said they had to go somewhere. He took Vida with him to a club.

Potpot texted his parents after his phone was fixed and explained why he couldn’t contact them previously. He was about to tell them his missing tuition but his family told him that Madam Alma wanted to sell the farm, hence they were being ejected.

Knowing how the news would strike Potpot, they asked him not to worry as they would come up with a plan by finding a new place to move to.

With this, Potpot found it difficult to tell them the truth. Instead, he said he had already enrolled when they asked about it. His family were happy to hear the good news.


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