Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 15

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 15 Marga uses dubious means to get Ximena signed to her agency 

Marga talked to Ximena to fid out why she turned down her offer. She queried her if Tessa was behind her snub but Ximena said she w wrong.

She told Marga that she already chose a manager and hoped there were no hard feelings. She then left to attend a press con about her upcoming movie. Marga and Asya followed her there.

Vida woke up late since she had a hangover, she tried to get ready as quick as possible but when she went to the bathroom, Potpot was already there. The two of them left the bathroom shouting at each other as Potpot accused her of stealing his money.

Potpot’s friends from the station called to say that they already had a CCTV footage of the incident. It showed Vida picking something up but she said it was her earing. They continued and saw Vida picking up the envelope.

She defended herself saying she did not steal the money but found it instead. To settle the matter, Vida agreed to repay Potpot’s money and signed a promissory note. She also gave him her Id cards to prove that she would not run away.

Potpot asked her to repay it within a day since the deadline for his enrolment was already coming up. Melchor wanted to buy a new phone for Potpot. The guys who came to show him the phone showed him a video of Potpot scavenging for bottles and newspapers in Manila.

Melchor therefore decided to go to Manila to see Potpot and find out what was going on.
Marga paid a reporter to expose Ximena’s scandals during the press conference.

Ximena’s manager was not able to handle the situation so Marga stepped in to help. After the press con, Ximena approached Marga to thank her for her help. She also accepted Marga’s offer to be her manager.

Meanwhile, Vida arrived at work late. She couldn’t help fan girling over Teri so Rafa said she could not attend the meeting. Vida stayed outside and listened in on Rafa’s presentation instead. She felt sorry for him when she heard Jaime scold him.

Potpot found Vida’s company address and went to see her to ask for the money. Vida said she was still working on it. She saw Rafa at the rooftop and rushed to him, thinking that he wanted to jump.

Vida fussed over Rafa and refused to leave him alone. He therefore asked her to be quiet. They stayed at the rooftop for a while before returning to the office.

Potpot waited outside and saw Tessa as she was leaving. They looked at each other and Potpot thought that Teri looked beautiful and kind. He however had to leave since his boss at the part time job left.

After work, Vida went to see Asya to ask for some money. Marga intervened and asked Vida to return home instead of being proud. Marga said she didn’t need anything and left. She went to see Potpot at the boarding house and brought him some food.

He wouldn’t open his door so she told him that she was still working on getting the money.

A friend came to see Vida later and lent her some money. Vida woke Potpot up in the morning and they rushed to the school to get him enrolled. They were however a day late and the school said there were no more slots for his course.

Vida tried to talk to her godfather who worked there but he was on vacation. Vida promised to help Potpot with his enrolment but he said it was okay since she had done enough. He decided to tell his parents the truth about what happened. When they went back to the boarding house, the land lady told Potpot that he had a visitor.

Ximena finally got signed to Marga’s agency. She then shocked Marga by telling her that Teri Laurel wanted her to endorse her brand.
Tessa was trying to sign an endorsement with Ximena but did not know who her manager was.

Her assistant eventually found out that Ximena signed with Marga’s agency. She told Tessa that Marga was Ximena’s agent.


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