Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 17

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 17 Nathan blackmails Vida 

After the meeting, Rafa told Teri that Marga declined their 10 million offer and asked for 12 million. They held a meeting to discuss Marga’s demands and Rafa thought it was better to get another endorser and use the extra 2 million on something else.

Jaime however wanted to get Ximena because she was a good fit for their marketing plan. He spoke to Teri and asked her to convince Marga since they were friends. Teri did not want to convince Marga and told her assistant that they would drop Ximena.

When Asya and Marga arrived home, Asya talked to her about competing with Teri. She said that if it was another brand, Marga would have been okay with 10 million. Marga denied competing with Teri but Asya reminded her that she spent 1 million on a dress to win against Teri.

Caloy arrived to present the dress which Marga won at the auction to her. Marga tried it on for him and he decided to take her out to dinner. Potpot had to make a delivery around Vida’s office so he texted and asked if they could go home together.

Vida asked Rafa if she could leave and he allowed her to go. He saw her smiling while checking her phone and went out to see her leave with Potpot.

Potpot asked Vida if they could eat first since he was hungry. He suggested fish balls but Vida took him to a mall instead. A friend lent her some money and she was finally able to pay Potpot all the money they owed.

She apologised for Potpot’s inability to enrol in time. Potpot said it was okay since there would be other chances to enrol. He however planned on sending the money to his family since they needed it more. Vida said she admired his dedication to his family.

As they were leaving, they saw a man posing as a statue and Potpot was intrigued. He fell down since he was surprised, making Vida laugh. She tried to help him up but she ended up falling too. Nathan saw them as he was passing by and tried to harass Vida.

Potpot cut in and told him to be respectful. Rafa saw them as he was heading to the club with his friends but didn’t bother since he thought it was not his business. Vida called Nathan a loser and left with Potpot.

Potpot asked Vida if the guy was her ex and she strongly denied it. He understood that he harassed her since she rejected him. Vida was afraid he would get a wrong picture about her but Potpot said he would not judge her.

Nathan got mad at Vida for embarrassing him so he posted a picture of them together online. Rafa and his friends saw it. His friends told Rafa to stay away from Vida since she might cause trouble.

Caloy and Vida had dinner and danced together. He gave Vida an event invitation and asked her to go with him. He then took her home.

Teri reconsidered her decision about getting Ximena to endorse her designs. She tried to call Marga to set up an appointment but Marga ignored her calls. Asya urged Marga to answer so as not to cause any problems. Marga decided to call back but instead called Teri’s assistant to set up a lunch appointment.

As Vida was leaving for work, the landlady asked her to have breakfast, saying that Potpot prepared it. He also left a note, telling her to have a nice day. Vida ate the food and texted to thank him.

Marga brought some food over for Caloy but he was leaving. He said he was heading to Baguio as an unknown person broke into the priest’s shelter.

Marga said she would go with him and they left together. Teri on the other hand, prepared to meet Marga for their appointments and left home to the scheduled location.


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