Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 18

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 18 Rafa engages in a fight with Vida due to jealousy 

Vida arrived at work and was 10 minutes late. She apologised to Rafa. She asked if there was anything she could do and Rafa said there was nothing. He stared at her as she went to sit at her desk.

Rafa asked Vida about the guy who came to pick her up from work. He wanted to know if he was her boyfriend and Vida said he lived at her boarding house. She asked Rafa why he asked and he said he didn’t want her losing her focus on work if they got into a fight.

Tessa went to the restaurant to see Marga and texted to confirm their meeting. Marga did not reply and told Caloy that it was nothing important. She said Asya could handle everything about their business.

Tessa tried calling Marga but she ignored her calls. Marga and Caloy went to Batangas to see Father Julian about the theft. After failing to contact Marga, Tessa’s assistant called and told her to leave.

Just then, someone from Marga’s agency arrived with a care package saying it was from Marga, to convey her apologies. Marga sent a text saying that she had more important things to attend to hence could not make it to their meeting.

Tessa left the restaurant frustrated and went to visit her family at home. She had set up a lighthouse foundation and since it was the lighthouse anniversary, she went home to surprise her parents and the rest of the people there.

Tessa joined in the celebration and thanked all of them for their support since she was able to succeed with their help. They were glad to see her but one of them mentioned that the only person missing, Marga.

At the office, Rafa could not focus after he saw a video which Nathan posted about Vida online. He asked Vida if she knew him and Vida said she did. She then asked him why he asked and Rafa said it was nothing.

Vida insisted on knowing so Rafa told her that it was her issue whatever happened between them but Vida should not forget that she represented his parent’s company.

Jaime asked to see Rafa about an unfinished task. Rafa said he was taking care of it and was surprised that Jaime didn’t scold him. He instead asked to be updated on the progress. Rafa left feeling happy but came back only to hear Jaime on the phone complaining about his incompetence.

He said he did not want to get into a fight with Teri, hence why he was trying not to scold Rafa. Rafa became upset and left the office. Vida had to go and find him sine he needed to sign some documents.

He was sulking outside so she sat with him and Rafa told her about how difficult it was being Jaime Laurel’s son. Vida tried to comfort him but Rafa tried to k!ss her. He accused her of trying to seduce her.

He called her a slut so Vida slapped him. She said it was okay if that is what he thought of her and ran off in tears. After talking to the priest, Marga and Caloy went around Batangas, reminiscing about their old days.

Marga remembered how much she suffered after her mother died. Caloy therefore reminded her of her fight with Vida and asked her not to let her daughter suffer like she did.
In the evening, Tessa spoke to her parents about Marga.

They asked if Tessa had forgiven Marga. Tessa said it was difficult to forgive someone who never apologised. She said it was Caloy’s and Marga’s fault that she lost her child.

Ximena went to see Asya since she could not contact Marga. She wanted them to finalise her contract with Teri and threatened to find another agency if they failed. Asya said she would set up a meeting with Marga once she was back.

Rafa was still upset about how Jaime always looked down on his efforts. He cried and said he hated his life.


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