Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 2

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 2 Tessa loses fashion scholarship but fate sends her back to Baguio 

Marga was on top of Caloy, teasing him seductively to wake him up. She wanted his help with the gown she would be wearing to a beauty contest. Caloy said he didn’t know anything about gowns but Marga insisted that he should make something creative for her since he was an engineer.

The priest at the church was upset with Caloy for leaving Tessa at the church instead of letting her stay at the shelter where it was more comfortable. He scolded Caloy and asked him to help Tessa.

Caloy took Tessa with him to a traditional performance for the tourists in Baguio and she was able to make 300 pesos. Tessa thanked Caloy for his help since the money would be of help to her.

Caloy asked why she came to Baguio, Tessa replied that she was there to try for a scholarship. She was supposed to stay with her friend but they were not in contact.
When Caloy was making Marga’s gown, Tessa offered to help.

Caloy said he was making the wings to go with the dress so Tessa helped complete the gown. Caloy was impressed with her skills and thought she would win the design scholarship.

Tessa had to sew the gown by hand and told Caloy that it would be faster if they had a machine. Caloy therefore fixed a machine laying around so that Tessa could use it. She finished making Marga’s gown and decided to make costumes for the kids at the shelter.

Caloy brought the gown to Marga and was proud of his work. Marga asked who sowed the dress and Caloy said it was his friend. Marga teased him by asking if he had a girlfriend but said she would always come first.

At the beauty contest, Jaime Laurel was one of the judges. Marga chose him as the judge to ask her a question and Jaime asked her what family meant to her. Marga answered that she lost her mother and never met her father but to her, family were the people who supported her and were always there for her. She however lost the competition and only won best costume.

Meanwhile, Tessa tried out for a scholarship. The test was to make a gown within the allocated time but Tessa was not able to complete her gown. She went back to the shelter upset since she thought she might lose her scholarship.

She was in tears and Caloy was conflicted since he did not know how to cheer her up. Tessa said she missed her best friend as she always knew how to make her feel better.

Marga went to the shelter wearing the costume Caloy made to let him know that she won best costume. She arrived as he was talking to Tessa and she was shocked to see her. Caloy was surprised to see that they knew each other and Tessa referred to Marga as a famous model. Marga ran off but Tessa went after her.

Marga confessed to Tessa that she had been avoiding her since she had been telling her lies about being successful. She explained that she was under pressure, the reason she framed up a success story. She said Tessa had been doing well too.

Tessa told her to be patient since her success would come too. They hugged and made up.
The kids at the shelter had a performance for an event so Tessa and Marga went to support them.

Marga wanted to introduce Tessa to Jaime so that she could talk to him about the scholarship. Jaime’s company was offering the scholarship. After Marga introduced them, Tessa told Jaime that she was not able to finish the gown.

Jaime said it was part of the rules so he couldn’t help her. As they were talking, the kids came to greet Tessa and thank her for the costumes she made. Jaime watched them and said that Tessa reminded him of his wife. He asked her if she made the costumes and Tessa said she did it.

Tessa returned home, thinking that she would not get the scholarship. Marga brought her to the bus station and Caloy rushed over to see her off.

When Tessa went back home, she couldn’t stop missing Caloy. He suddenly showed up with a letter from Jaime’s company. The letter read that she has gained an internship. Tessa failed to get the scholarship but Jaime was impressed with the costumes she made for the children so offered her an internship instead.

If she managed to impress them, she would get a scholarship. Tessa’s mother noticed the way Caloy and Tessa stared at each other. She reminded Tessa that there was still time for l*ve and she had to focus on her dreams first.

Tessa went back to Baguio and began her internship at Jaime’s company.


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