Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 20

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 20 Vida traps Nathan following his blackmail  

Vida left Rafa’s hospital ward. She was in tears after he yelled and fired her. One of her friends called to tell her that Nathan uploaded another video of her. Vida called Nathan to ask what he wanted from her to make him stop.

Nathan said she knew what he wanted, that is he wanted a moment together with her so they agreed to meet. Caloy and Marga drove back from Baguio after spending the night at the shelter.

Asya called Marga to tell her that Ximena wanted to see her. Marga asked him to set up a meeting for them to talk when she arrived. After the call, Marga asked Caloy to drop her at the club where Vida worked since she wanted to see her.

They stopped by but Marga found out that Vida already worked there. She tried contacting Vida but could not get through.
Potpot sent his tuition money to his parents since they needed it to move to another place.

His mother called to say that he should keep the money for his tuition but Potpot said he would earn it back. They agreed to help him collect the money for him to enrol the coming semester.

Teri’s assistant visited her at the hospital since she also wanted to see Rafa. She told Teri that Ximena called and said she would be the one to talk to Marga about her investment.
Marga and Asya met Ximena at the restaurant.

She was upset that Marga refused to accept Teri’s endorsement contract. Asya tried to calm Ximena down by offering her a glass of water but Ximena pushed his hand away. She ended up spilling the water on Marga. She refused to listen and threatened to sign with another agency.

Marga got upset and poured a glass of water on Ximena. She told her to leave her agency but reminded her that she would have to pay 20 million for breach of contract. She pointed out that Ximena’s reputation was ruined since people already knew about her bad attitude so she had to stick to Marga to save her career.

After the meeting with Marga, Ximena called Teri to turn down her offer. She apologised and said she had to trust Marga as her manager.

Jaime went to visit Rafa at the hospital and sent along with him flowers. He was nice to Rafa and asked him to rest for a few days to fully recover. He said he would take care of things at the office.

Vida went home to pick up some stuff before heading to Nathan’s house. She was about to leave in Marga’s car but Marga and Asya arrived. Marga wanted to know where she was going before letting her take the car. Vida said she would explain later aa she was in a hurry but Marga refused.

Vida took her things out of the car and was about leaving when Asya convinced Marga to give the car to Vida and Marga gave her the car keys. She left, promising to explain things later.

Vida picked up Potpot from work and went with him to Nathan’s house. She told him that she wanted him to keep an eye out and help if she screamed. Potpot did not like what Vida was going to do so he refused to stay. Vida therefore told him to leave.

Nathan opened the door for Vida and took her to his room. He was eager to get started but Vida stopped him saying she wanted to do something kinky. She suggested role-playing and gave Nathan a costume to wear.

When he went to change, she set up her phone camera next to Nathan’s laptop. She touched it and realized that the camera was turned on too. Potpot did not leave and was waiting outside. He got worried about Vida so he jumped over the gate and went inside the house.

When Nathan returned, Vida tied him up as an excuse for the role-play. They suddenly heard the car as Nathan’s parents arrived. Vida took her phone and Nathan realised she was recording the entire thing. She told him that he was the one who made him do it and left the room.

He ran into Potpot and they hid from Nathan’s parents before escaping. Nathan’s parents found him tied up and he lied to them that some thieves broke in. They wanted to report the incident but Nathan stopped them, saying it would be hard to investigate.

In the car, Potpot was mad at Vida for almost getting them into trouble. He refused to ride in the car and told her to drop him off. When Vida stopped, Potpot asked what happened with Nathan. He said he had trusted Vida since he thought she was different but it seemed like what others said about her was true.

Vida said he was hurt to hear those words from Potpot since she thought they were friends. She told him to get out and drove away. Teri decided to call Marga again to negotiate Ximena’s contract.

Marga said she would only take 12 million. Teri asked if they could meet again to talk and clear their issue and reach a consensus.


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