Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 22

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 22 Nathan ambushed Potpot and get him beaten 

Jaime and Caloy bumped into each other at the store. They greeted each other and Caloy asked Jaime how Tessa was doing. Jaime corrected him and referred to her as Teri.

Since Caloy was the person who reserved the cap, Jaime offered double price to buy it. Caloy said he already promised to buy it for someone special. He left and Jaime saw him get in his car.

Jaime was in a sour mood when he arrived home and refused to eat the food that Teri served him with. He asked her about Caloy, if they had seen each other and Teri said she had no news about him.

Jaime told Teri that he saw Caloy at the store and he looked different from how they knew him. Teri answered skeptically, saying it was good for him. The staff then interrupted to tell them that they had guests.

When they went down, Teri was glad to see her parents arrived. They said Jaime helped them plan the surprise for her and Teri hugged him. She then sent them upstairs to their room. They asked how things were going with Jaime and she said everything was fine.

They also talked about Marga and Teri told them what happened when they saw each other again. Teri said she did not expect them to be friends again but to forget about the past so that they could work with each other.

When Caloy met Marga, he told her about running into Jaime. She asked him how he felt and Caloy said there was nothing since everything was in the past.

Meanwhile, Rafa worked late at the office trying to finalise details for their launch. His secretary slept at the office and did not help him. A phone call came from the station and the officer gave Rafa Potpot’s address. He wanted to meet Miraculo (Potpot’s real name) and thank him for saving him.

Potpot talked to Vida about the fight she had with her mother. He asked if she would apologise to Marga but Vida said she didn’t know how to do it. She said she refused to go with her mother since she refused to support her dreams.

Potpot indicated that her mother probably had her reasons and it would be more fulfilling to achieve her dreams with her mother by her side.

As Marga was going to bed, she searched Vida’s online shop where she sold clothes. She was upset that Vida was peddling clothes when she could be better off with her. Asya tried explaining to Marga that Vida was only chasing her dreams. She added that Marga should understand Vida more since she also started from nothing and now has ended big.

The following morning, Teri went to see Marga at her house. She said she wasn’t there to fight and simply wanted them to get along as professionals. She offered 13 million for Ximena’s contract and Marga accepted it.

Marga gave the good news to Ximena and asked for her trust since they were able to get a good deal. Vida got a call from House of Teri, asking her to get her things from the office.

She was in a hurry to leave and ended up dropping her weaving machine. She asked Miss Guada to fix it for her but she didn’t know how to do it. Potpot picked it up on his way to work and fixed it.

Rafa met his grandparents in the morning and had breakfast with them. He left for work and brought breakfast for Teri. She asked him to join her when she went shopping with her parents. Rafa declined since he was planning to visit Potpot.

When Vida arrived, Rafa asked her to return to work but she did not respond. He then asked if she could stay for a week to train his new secretary and gave her advanced pay. Vida rejected the offer and gave back the cheque, saying she already got paid. She then took her things and left.

Jaime scolded an employee called Caloy for messing up his duties. Teri tried to speak to him but he told her that he was at a different level from a peasant. The employee ended up resigning.

The boys at Caloy’s house thought he looked lonely so they took his phone and sent a message to Marga, asking her out. He got upset and scolded them.

In the evening, Nathan traced Potpot and attacked him on his way home. Nathan together with his friends ambushed Potpot and they beat him up. They then took Potpot with them in their car.

Meanwhile, Rafa was on his way to see Potpot when he saw the incident. He decided to follow Nathan’s car.


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