Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 23

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 23 Nathan gets arrested for beating Potpot 

Vida arrived at the boarding house. She was alarmed when she couldn’t find her machine and asked Miss Guada if someone stole it. Miss Guada said no one would have stolen it and asked her to calm down.

Vida paid half of her rent and asked Miss Guada for some time since she had bought materials to make clothes with the rest of the money. Miss Guada gave the money back to Vida and told her to pay when she could since she trusted Vida would not run away.

They later talked about how Vida fights with her mother and Guada told her that no parent hates their children. Vida therefore decided to make a dress as a birthday present for Marga.

Nathan and his friends took Potpot to a warehouse and made him change into the costume that Vida had made him wear before. They tied him up and continued beating him.
Nathan then called Vida to ask if she knew where Potpot was. He hung up after letting Vida hear Potpot’s voice.

Rafa followed Nathan’s car to the warehouse where they sent Potpot. Nathan’s friends stopped him from helping Potpot, so Rafa provoked him by saying he was a coward. He dared Nathan to untie Potpot to fight fair and he did.

Rafa and Potpot beat up Nathan and his friends. Vida had called the police so Nathan and his friends tried to run but they were caught and whisked away by the police. Potpot thanked Rafa for his help but Rafa said he was the one who was thankful to Potpot for saving him before.

Potpot went home in a taxi and Vida was relieved when she saw him arrive. She hugged him and treated his wounds. Potpot told Vida that he was the one who took her machine since he wanted to fix it as a way of apologising for their misunderstanding before.

The following day, Marga and Teri had to meet to sign Ximena’s contract. Ximena was late so the others were worried that she might back out. Teri however assured them of her trust in Marga and believed they would come. Ximena arrived and they were able to sign the endorsement contract.

Teri told Marga that she was glad they would finally work together like they had dreamt of and they hugged each other. Teri had brought her parents with her to the office and they were glad to see Marga again. After the signing, Teri took her parents out to shop at the market.

She bumped into Caloy at the market. Caloy also accompanied his Aunt to the market. He was carrying a tray of eggs when he ran into Teri, he mistakenly dropped them. They were surprised to see each other again.

Teri offered to pay for the eggs but Caloy caught her hand and said it was not necessary. Teri then broke free and walked away from Caloy. He hesitantly walked back to his car but turned to go after Teri. She however got in her car and left.

Rafa sent his friend to give Potpot some money as a token of appreciation. Potpot refused to accept it so Rafa’s friend asked him to return it himself. Potpot went to House of Teri to see Rafa and returned the money.

He also asked him about Vida and asked if Rafa had tried to k!ss her. Rafa admitted he did wrong so Potpot asked him to apologise to Vida as a way of repaying him. Rafa agreed and invited Potpot over for dinner since his parents wanted to meet him.

When Potpot went back to the boarding house, Vida invited him to her room to show him something. She showed him a dress she made for Marga as a birthday present. Potpot said it was beautiful and her mother would l*ve it.

Vida asked Potpot to escort her to her mother’s house to deliver the dress. She explained that she needed back up. Potpot agreed so Vida hugged him to express her gratitude but Miss Guada interrupted them.

She asked what was going on and Vida said she was just showing Potpot the dress she sewed for her mother. Teri was affected after seeing Caloy again and cried.

She told her parents that everything from the past came rushing back. Her father told him that there was a reason she got to see him again and they would soon be able to find out.


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