Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 26

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 26 Caloy proposes to Marga 

Jaime slapped Teri and Teri tripped off, both startled by what happened and Jaime immediately apologised. Teri did not respond and ran out of the room in tears. She told her mother, Rowena what happened but asked her not to tell her father.

She said they would deal with the problem as couple. Teri’s father found her crying and asked if something happened with Jaime. Teri insisted that it was nothing serious and went to bed.

As Vida was heading home, Rafa offered her a ride. When he dropped her off at the boarding house, he finally apologised for having judged her and offered to give her the job back. He also said he wanted to get to know her more.

Vida thanked him for apologising and said she was sorry too if she said something hurtful. She however refused the job offer and told Rafa that she was working on something.

Potpot was worried about his family since they did not answer his calls. He worried that they needed money so Vida gave him the money she had earned. Potpot refused to accept it since Vida needed it more.

Melchor had been ignoring Potpot’s calls, he did not know how to tell him that he was going to work in Saudi Arabia. Caloy went to see Marga but Asya was the one who spoke to him.

He told Caloy that he should stop toying with Marga’s feelings if he was not serious about their relationship.The following day, House of Teri prepared for Ximena’s photoshoot. Teri went to the set location instead of the office since she was avoiding Jaime.

Rafa asked her what happened between them but Teri said it was nothing serious.
Ximena started to cause problems before the shoot, saying she did not like any of the clothes they brought.

She said she needed to protect her brand so Teri ordered some of her workers that they should bring something Ximena would like. Marga was at the set too and she noticed that Teri looked troubled.

She then spoke to Ximena and advised her not to mess up the shoot, or the damages would go to her talent fee. Ximena got her act together and decided to choose a dress.

Marga followed Teri to check if she was fine. Terry said she was doing okay and thanked Marga for her concern. Marga indicated that people did not need to know about her problems. She therefore advised Teri to mask it with confidence instead of looking haggard.

The shoots went on successfully and after which everyone left. Jaime went to look for Teri on set and apologised for hitting her. He said he wanted to give her everything but Teri said it was not necessary.

She said all she needed was his love and they made up. Vida got a call from someone who ordered for a dress. She decided to visit Potpot at work to inform him about it but he was not at post.

She met Joel, the niece of the owner of the repairing shop who also liked Potpot. She engaged Vida in conversation and asked if she was Potpot’s girlfriend. Vida said they were just friends.

When Potpot returned, Vida informed him about the good news, saying she had a job in Quezon and asked him to go with her since the place was Potpot’ home town. Potpot agreed without hesitation and they went to have fish balls together.

Rafa played a draft game with his grandfather at home. Teri’s father was curious about what happened between Teri and Jaime. He therefore asked Rafa if his parents usually fought or hurt each other.

Rafa said they yell at each other once in a while but made it clear that Jaime would never hurt Teri.

Caloy went to see Marga again but she left to go on a date with Simon, the foreigner. When he brought her back home, Caloy was still waiting and begged to speak to Marga. Asya asked Marga to speak to him and settle things.

Marga said she did not want to force things and she was okay even after learning that someone else was setting them up. She also said out of jealousy that she knew Caloy’s true l*ve was Tessa.

Caloy informed Marga that he met with Tessa but his aim was to just beg for forgiveness and after doing so his conscious was now clear and he was free to l*ve her. He confessed his feelings to Marga. After proposing to her he sealed it with deep k!ss.


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