Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 27

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 27 Potpot gets new suitor in Quezon 

Teri’s parents talked about going home. Her mother said she wanted to stay a little longer due to the problems Teri and Jaime were having.

The following morning, Vida and Potpot were going to Quezon and had to board a bus since the person supposed to pick them up could not make it. On the way out, they ran into Rafa in his car. He offered to give them a ride to work but Potpot told him that they were heading to Baguio.

Vida said she had to meet a client while Potpot wanted to go home to see his family. Rafa offered to drive them there and called the work place to say that he would take a day off.

Later, Jaime asked for Rafa at the office but Teri explained that Rafa asked to take a day off to drive Potpot to Quezon. She said it was okay since it was a way for him to repay Potpot.

Caloy went to see Marga at work. She was upset over a former talent talking ill about her and wanted to get back at her. Caloy helped calm her down and asked her not to do anything when she was angry.

Marga’s secretary came to inform her that she had a call from House of Teri and Caloy found out that she was working with Tessa. He asked Marga how the two of them were doing and Marga said they had decided to be professional and forget about the past.

Caloy asked her if Teri knew about their relationship since he was afraid it would affect their work. Marga said she would talk to Teri about it.

At House of Teri, one of the employees called Kyla claimed the designs that Teri found. Terry was impressed with her work and hired her as a junior designer.

Rafa drove Vida and Potpot to Quezon. They met Charlie, the mayor’s daughter who wanted a dress made for her father’s inauguration. She gave Vida the specifications of what she wanted and they agreed to meet when Vida had a design ready.

Charlie grew fond of Potpot and asked Vida if he was her boyfriend. Vida said they were only friends. Rafa noticed that Charlie was interested in Potpot and told him that she liked him.

After they left, Charlie told her secretary to get Potpot’s number and threw a fit since they were not able to reach Vida. Potpot took Vida and Rafa to his house. His parents were glad to see him visit while Vida took the chance to apologise for taking Potpot’s money.

His parents said it was all in the past and there was nothing to worry about. Potpot’s friends came to see him and invited him and Rafa to a game. They also wished Melchor luck on his interview for the Saudi Arabia job. Everyone went quiet as Potpot found out that his father was planning to work abroad.

Teri had a meeting with a client and Jaime demanded to know all the details. He seemed suspicious of her and Lauren pointed it out to Teri. Teri said they would have problems if Jaime would not trust her.

Jaime was distracted at the office after Teri left. He sent his secretary to spy on her and make sure that she went to the meeting. He also told her to report everything and make sure that Teri did not see her.

During Teri’s meeting, Marga called and asked to meet her. Teri told her where she was and they met up. Marga asked Teri if she was still interested in Caloy. Teri said she was happy with her own family and was not interested in Caloy.

Marga confessed to Teri that she was in a relationship with Caloy and asked if there would be a problem on her side. On the contrary, Teri said she had no problem with it and promised not to get in the way of her happiness and wished her well.

Marga left happy after meeting Teri. She was glad that she would now have Caloy all to herself, not Teri.


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