Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 28

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 28 Thugs attack Potpot and his friends at Quezon 

Teri arrived home after her meeting. Jaime was waiting and demanded to know where she was. Teri told him that he already knew that she was meeting a client.

Jaime asked her about her meeting with Marga and Teri said it was not planned. She asked if he found out that she met with Marga and if he had her followed. Jaime told her not to change the subject and Teri asked him whether he was acting up because of Caloy.

Teri talked to Rowena about Jaime’s insecurities. She said they were having problems since he did not trust her. She assured her mother that she would never leave Jaime as she vowed to be with him when they got married.

Teri’s father heard their conversation and confronted Jaime. He asked if they were having problems and Jaime said Caloy was back in the picture. He said that Caloy was Teri’s first love and he only wanted to protect their marriage.

Teri’s father told him there was no need to worry since Teri was his wife. He also warned him against hurting her.

In Quezon, Potpot spoke to Melchor about going abroad for work. Potpot said he would rather work on multiple jobs to provide for them but Melchor refused, saying Potpot did not need to do that.

Rafa and Potpot played a game with the other guys and went back home to eat. Rafa and Vida admired how Potpot was with his family. After the meal, Vida cleared the dishes and insisted on washing them.

Potpot wanted to do it and they ended up splashing tea on Vida’s top. Potpot’s mother gave her a blouse to change into and everyone agreed that she looked more beautiful while simply dressed.

Later, Melchor teased Potpot about liking Vida but he denied it. He said he liked more simple and traditional girls. Vida heard him as she was walking in the room and walked out. Potpot then admitted to his father that he did like Vida but he could not pursue her since she came from a rich family. Melchor told him not to give up.

In the evening, Rafa, Vida and Potpot left Quezon to return to Manila but they had a flat tyre. They pulled over to fix it, unfortunately some thugs attacked them. Rafa and Potpot tried to fight them but they had guns with them which made it uneasy for them to fight them off.

Rafa secretly called Teri and she heard the commotion on the other end of the line. She was worried so she called Jaime and they went to Quezon to look for Rafa.

The thugs tried to abuse Vida so Potpot hit them, giving Vida a chance to escape. Vida ran away and fell into a ditch. The men could not find her so they took Rafa’s car and left. Rafa and Potpot went inside the forest to search for Vida.

Marga was worried about Vida since she had not been answering her calls. She and Caloy went to look for her at the boarding house and Guada gave them Potpot’s address in Quezon.
Teri and Jaime arrived first at Potpot’s house.

They were explaining to his parents about what happened when Marga and Caloy arrived. Teri was shocked to see them and realised that Marga was Vida’s mother.
They all sat together to discuss what was going on.

Marga wanted to go out and look for the children but Teri asked her to wait since the police were looking for them. The police arrived to say that they had recovered Rafa’s car and the thugs who stole it but they were yet to find Rafa, Vida and Potpot.

They did not have enough men on the search so Melchor, Jaime and Caloy went with them to help. After they left, Teri asked Marga why she did not tell her about Vida. She now understood why Marga was upset when they met.

She knew Marga thought Teri was mistreating Vida. Marga refused to talk about it and said they had to look for their children and Teri agreed and left with her.

Rafa and Potpot searched for Vida in the forest and were beginning to get desperate as it was raining heavily too. Potpot finally heard Vida calling out to him and he found her inside the ditch.


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