Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 29

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 29 Jaime disgraces Teri in public out of jealousy 

Potpot saw Vida in the ditch. He asked her to hold his hand so that he can get her out but she was not able to reach him. He ended up falling in too but he told her not to worry since he would get her out. He left and went to look for something to help Vida out.

The police arrived with Caloy, Melchor and Jaime at the site where Rafa’s car was hijacked. Melchor recognised Potpot’s phone so they were able to figure out they were around there.

The police said they had to wait for back up but Melchor insisted on looking for the kids instead of waiting. They all went to look for them inside the forest.

Marga, Teri and Diding also followed to help look for their children. It was raining heavily so the police stopped them from going inside the forest and asked them to wait. Teri sneaked out and went by herself.

She was running around and ended up slipping. She fell down and hurt her leg. Caloy found her and helped carry her back.
When Potpot was gone, Rafa found Vida.

He went inside and helped her climb out of the ditch. Potpot was on his way back when he saw Rafa carrying Vida. Melchor, Jaime and the police saw them and took them back to the road. Marga was relieved to see Vida and hugged her.

With everyone back, they noticed that Teri and Caloy were missing. They then arrived, with Caloy carrying Teri in his arms. He explained that Teri hurt her leg and he had to carry her. Rafa went to get Teri but Jaime stopped him and took Teri instead.

He scolded her for not listening to him and going after them. Teri said she only wanted to help.They went to the hospital to get Vida and Teri treated. Teri thanked Melchor and Diding for their hospitality in welcoming them and helping find the kids.

Caloy asked Marga to thank them as well, and she did so halfheartedly. Caloy went to ask Marga if she was fine but she said she wasn’t. She said everything that happened was Rafa’s fault since it was his car that got them in trouble.

Vida told Rafa that it was not his fault and asked Marga to stop blaming him since he was the one who saved her. Marga said it was only right for him to do so since he caused them the trouble.

Teri defended Rafa from Marga, who got upset and pushed her. Caloy caught Teri and Jaime shoved him, warning him to take his hands off his wife. He then led Teri out and left with Rafa. Potpot went home with his parents while Marga left with Vida and Caloy.

On the ride back, Marga complained about Rafa but Caloy asked her not to since no one was to be blame for the incident. Marga got upset that he kept defending Rafa and Teri. To avoid an argument, Caloy said he was sorry, adding that he was glad no one got hurt.

At home, Teri tried talking to Jaime. She was worried he would be upset of what happened with Caloy but he said everything was fine and went to bed. In the morning, Jaime said there was no problem but Teri insisted on clearing the air.

Jaime finally told her that he looked at Caloy in a longing way and she was even jealous of seeing him with Marga. He accused her of still having feelings for Caloy but Teri said it was not true. She said she l*ved Jaime since he was her husband.

Vida slept at home but in the morning, she said she would go back to the boarding house. Marga said she would not let Vida have her way again since she got herself in trouble.

She agreed to let her work on her hobby but ended up lashing out on her about Teri since Vida wanted to be like her. Vida realised that the issue was not her but Teri, so she asked Marga why she hated Teri.

Marga said Teri stole Caloy from her and stopped her from being happy with him. Vida confronted her since she was only feigning concern for her. Marga slapped Vida so she left and went back to the boarding house.

She was disappointed to find out that Potpot had not yet returned from Quezon. Rafa called Potpot and said he would help him find a way to help his family. They had spoken about it before the carjacking since Potpot did not want his father to go abroad.

Potpot said they would speak about it in detail once he got back to Manila. He had a meal with his family before heading back.
Marga received an invitation to the launch of house of Teri. Asya thought she would not attend due to what happened but Marga said she had to go as Ximena’s agent. She also said she would send Caloy along.

Rafa presented the concept for the launch of House of Teri and everyone was impressed. Teri got excited and suggested Filipino food for the menu. Jaime cut her off, asking her to shut up and focus on designing as that was what she was good at.

The meeting ended in an unpleasant mood after Jaime’s comment. Lauren spoke to Teri after the meeting to ask how things were going with Jaime. She was afraid Jaime was hurting her but Teri said he was just upset and she should be patient with him.

Lauren however asked Teri not to make excuses for him. Teri then received a message from Marga about the invitation to the launch. She confirmed her attendance and said she would go with Caloy.


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