Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 3

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 3 Tessa and Caloy’s romantic affair begins to hit the rocks 

Tessa took a walk with Caloy around Baguio. Caloy wanted to know if she missed him when she was away. Tessa admitted missing him. Later, Caloy took Tessa home and found Marga waiting for Tessa.

Marga was however, upset that Caloy didn’t invite her to go with them and Tessa said she wasn’t home when Caloy came. Marga asked Caloy to leave and they went to bed.

The following day, Jaime went to see how Tessa was doing at work. He asked the head supervisor, Bobby to teach Tessa so that her skills would improve. Tessa was taken back since he had already done too much for her, but Jaime said it was nothing.

After work, Tessa went to look for Caloy at the church. The priest told her that Caloy went to see his Aunt. Caloy’s Aunt had called him after she caught her husband cheating. Caloy beat him up and told him never to go there again. When Tessa arrived, she saw the commotion.

Caloy opened up to Tessa about his anger for people who cheat and abandon their families. He was also upset that his mother left him to go with a man to Manila and he had to sleep out on the streets with no one to take care of him. Tessa consoled him and they shared their first k!ss. They eventually became a couple.

At the end of the month, Tessa asked Marga to go out with her and Caloy to celebrate. Caloy held Tessa’s hand and told Marga that they were a couple. Marga tried hard to smile and congratulated them. Caloy was glad that Marga was happy for them.

Marga spent the following day sulking since Caloy was dating Tessa. Her Aunt Asya asked why she was jealous when she was the one who had rejected him. Marga was also hostile towards Tessa. Tessa thought it was because she didn’t tell her about her relationship with Caloy.

She apologised to Marga and they made up. Marga then asked Tessa to accompany her to a modeling audition the following day.
Tessa left work early to meet with Marga but Bobby stopped her as she was leaving. He asked her to bring some documents to Jaime’s house since they needed to be signed.

When Tessa arrived, Jaime was drinking. He was mumbling about wanting to die so she could not leave him alone. She tried to take care of him but Jaime puked all over her.
Marga went to look for Tessa at the church but Caloy said she wasn’t there.

It was getting late so Marga decided to go for her audition alone. When she arrived, the guy asked her to remove her clothes. He said it was to make sure Marga had a good body. He however tried to take advantage of her. Marga fought him off and ran out.

After Jaime felt better, he thanked Tessa for staying with him. Tessa asked him not to drink too much and Jaime mentioned that it was his wife’s death anniversary. Tessa understood but argued that his wife would not like to see him that way.

Jaime gave Tessa a top to change into and called a taxi for her to go home. Caloy went looking for Tessa at work since she wasn’t with Marga. The people from Laurel told her that she went to bring some documents to Sir Jaime.

Caloy asked for his address and went to his house. He waited outside and saw Tessa leaving in a taxi. He followed her home and she told him that she was with Jaime. Caloy was glad since she didn’t lie. Marga then arrived, and she was upset with Tessa.

The following day, Jaime went to see Tessa at work. He thanked her for her help and asked her out for dinner as a way to make it up to her. The employees overheard them and thought that something was going on between them.

They went to gossip at Asha’s shop and Asha thought there might be something going on between them since Tessa came home wearing a man’s shirt.

At dinner, Jaime invited Tessa to a fashion gala in Manila. He said he wanted to introduce her to a designer called Olivia. She was the same designer who had mentored his wife and Tessa was delighted with the news.

Tessa excitedly shared the news with Caloy but he told her that he would not allow her to go with Jaime to Manila. He had heard the gossip about the two of them and thought something was going on.

Tessa was upset to hear him doubting her. She slapped him for accusing her of cheating. Caloy gave her an ultimatum to choose him if she l*ved him. Tessa admitted l*ving him but was not ready to sacrifice her dreams.

After the argument with Caloy, Tessa thought about not going to the gala. Jaime sent her a gown to wear and Marga was awed. She convinced Tessa to go to Manila and offered to take care of Caloy.

Tessa went with Jaime to the Gala and he introduced her to Olivia. Olivia noted that Tessa resembled Monique, Jaime’s wife. She said she trusted in Jaime’s eye and agreed to mentor Tessa.

Tessa and Jaime went out to the pool to talk and Tessa thanked him for his help. Jaime told Tessa that she reminded him of his wife and walked closer towards her.

Caloy spoke to the priest and he urged him to trust Tessa. Caloy therefore followed Tessa to Manila to show support for her dreams. When he arrived, the staff told him that Jaime was at the pool with Tessa.

Caloy went to look for them and saw Jaime walking towards Tessa.


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