Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 30

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 30 Jaime batters Tessa at the presence of her parent

At the boarding house, Vida read a text from Aunt Asya. She hoped Vida and Marga could make up. Suddenly a knock came on the door. Vida was optimistic that it could be Potpot and quickly rash from the room limping.

Guada wanted to get the door but Vida insisted on opening since she thought it was Potpot. Guada said Potpot had his own keys and would not knock but Vida insisted that he might have lost it so she went to open the door.

To her dismay, it was Charlie who was standing at the gate together with her assistant. Keyla is reaping big from Vida’s
designs. She’ll be trained by Teri and The H. O. T would enroll her in a designing school.

Charlie gave Vida a hard time in picking
a suitable design for herself. Elsewhere, Rafa told Jaime that he embarrassed Teri during their last board meeting but Jaime felt no remorse and bragged about being the president of House Of Teri.

He claimed that he was the one who made Teri who she was due to his guidance and money that he invested on Teri. Charlie who was desperate to see Potpot asked Vida for Potpot’s number or his address.

Out of the blue Potpot showed up. Rafa prepared the invitation cards for Potpot and Vida to the HOT launch. Charlie hugged Potpot and told him that she missed him. She
was surprised that Vida and Potpot were living in the same house.

Charlie asked Potpot to escort her to her car as she has something for him. At HOT, Jaime received the guest list and after a careful check on the list he cancelled two names which were Marga and Caloy from the list.

Charlie has so many bags and a basket of fresh vegetables for Potpot. Vida felt very
jealous of Charlie. She was even refusing to open the room until Potpot said he missed her a lot. Vida also said she missed him

Meanwhile, Tessa served Jaime a coffee but he refused to accept it claiming Tessa used coffee from Colombia and wanted a different one. At the boarding house, Vida told Potpot about a painful truth that Marga told her.

She said she could never be so happy as there was always a catch. It did hurt her to find out that her existence in the world was nothing but an accident and her mother never wanted her.

Jaime then told Tessa to start working from home to gain more time to spend with her parents as he also take over the projects back
at the office. Potpot empathised with Vida when he saw her shedding tears he was ready to do anything to make her feel happy.

Vida only asked him to be with her as she didn’t want to be alone. Tessa went back home early before dinner was prepared by her Rowena. Tessa was convinced by her mum to
just work from home. Rafa has arrived at the hostel and saw Vida and n Potpot having a deep and an up close conversation.

He presented to them their invitation cards to the event. But they turned down the invite as they’ll be working on Charlie’s gown. Potpot told Rafa that Vida was sad due to the separation between her mom and dad.

He also believed she would bounce back since she was a strong woman. Rafa wanted them to invite her for a night out.

Teri tried her best to be cozy with Jaime in bed but he was so distant and cold towards her and non responsive even to her caresses. Tessa left the room to another room where she talked in soliloquy to strengthen herself within her marital problems.

She said she came from the rock bottom to get to where she was right now. All she did was for her family’s well being. Elsewhere, Potpot and Rafa arrived at the club but Vida couldn’t make it. Potpot was worried
about his dress code as he borrowed clothes from Rafa.

He was even willing to take them back to Rafa after washing them. Since he was not looking st where he was going, he tripped and fell,
making a wish, just as his mother always told him whenever he fell.

Tessa after designing and sketching sew a dress. Rowena appeared in the scene to keep her company. Meanwhile, Jaime was dreaming that Tessa and Caloy had made up and was going back to Caloy. He woke up from his dream only to notice Tessa not by his side.

Potpot texted Vida asking how she’s fairing. Rafa was marketing Potpot as the best electrician there. Charlie also arrived at the same club where Rafa and Potpot were.
Rowena however, told Tessa that she was blessed and hoped she and her husband get through their temptations.

According to Tessa, she was getting tired of understanding Jaime. Rowena told her if a
burden was too much to carry then one has to let it go. Unfortunately, Jaime arrived at the door and overheard. Hence, didn’t hear the last part of what Teri said, that she still l*ved him.

Caloy wanted to spend the night at Marga’s house to make her happy at all times.They hugged and n Caloy left. Tessa went back to the bedroom to find Jaime seated deeply in thought. As Tessa was leaving to get him a glass of water Jaime grabbed her by the arm and pushed her on the bed.

He told her she could not leave him as he made her who she was. Tessa tried to make him understand that he got what she was discussing with her mother wrongly but he insisted so she later admitted that she was thinking of leaving him as he was hurting her.

Tessa referred to him as crazy and Jaime admitted he was crazy and slapped Tessa. He pulled her by the hair as Tessa shouted in agony. He put his fist around her neck while Tessa cried.

Her parents heard the commotion and rushed to Tessa and Jaime’s bedroom to rescue her from the clutches of Jaime. He strangled her and ready to slap her, but Tessa’s father came in to pull Jaime away from Tessa and gave him a hot punch. Tessa pleaded with her father not to hurt him as she still loved Jaime.

Charlie said she was happy to be with Potpot but Potpot became so nervous. Rowena cleaned Tessa’s wounds and told her to head
back to the province with them but Tessa refused to leave her family. This got her father even more upset.

Vida was busy finishing Charlie’s dress. There was a knock and n Vida went to check it out. It was Charlie, who brought Potpot home and
she was attending to him as he slept out after puking.

Vida was surprised to see Charlie in Potpot’s room. Ms Guada told Charlie and Rafa to head home already as it was late. Vida was left behind taking care of him. Vida heard Potpot saying she was beautiful. Charlie was invited too to Ximena’s launch by Rafa.

She’s contemplating to ask Potpot to be her date and for Rafa to ask Vida to be his date. Potpot confessed that he really liked Vida and had fallen for her but Vida said he was drunk.


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