Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 31

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 31 Vida claims ownership of the stolen designs 

Vida takes care of Potpot. He murmured in his sleep that he liked her. In the morning, Vida gave Potpot a remedy to deal with his hangover since he was not feeling well. Charlie arrived there to see Potpot and asked him to be his date to the launch of House of Teri.

She also brought him a suit to wear. Potpot reluctantly agreed, leaving Vida disappointed. She was about to go to her room when Rafa arrived and asked for her help since there was an emergency.

Rafa sent Vida to House of Teri and showed her some clothes from Teri’s previous collection. Vida was excited after seeing them and Rafa was impressed that she knew all the clothes from Teri’s collections. He told her that he wanted her to choose one to wear to the launch, as his date.

Teri’s father went to see Jaime and told him that he would have hurt him if Teri had not stopped him. He warned Jaime against hurting her again.

Teri got ready to leave for the launch and assured her parents that she would not let Jaime continue to hurt her. They went downstairs and went to the launch together with Jaime. When they arrived, Teri asked her parents to go in first.

She looked down so Jaime reminded her to smile as the journalists took their photos. Marga arrived with Caloy and the four of them took photos together.

Marga and Caloy were stopped from going inside since their names were not on the guest list. Marga threw a fit, claiming that Teri did it on purpose to embarrass her. Rafa arrived with Vida and apologised to Marga for the situation. He also allowed her and Caloy inside.

Marga confronted Teri about not being on the guest list, while she was the one who sent the invitation. She asked if they should leave and Teri assured her it was a mistake. Jaime apologised and offered to treat them as VIP guests to appease them.

Teri asked him if he revised the guest list and he denied it. There was a problem with some of the gowns so Vida went backstage with Rafa to help. Charlie arrived with Potpot and he also went backstage to keep Vida company.

Caloy went to greet Teri and congratulated her on the launch. He noticed a bruise on her hand and Teri said she fell. Marga confronted Teri in the ladies room, claiming that she was flirting with Caloy. Teri asked her to stop but Marga kept going. Teri finally shouted at her and said she did not care about what she did with Caloy.

The show continued successfully and Teri gave a speech in the end about how grateful she was for everyone who supported her dreams.

Vida watched the show backstage and realised that the designs being showcased were hers. She was devastated about it but Potpot asked her not to be discouraged.
After the launch, Teri thanked her staff and Kayla for her amazing designs. Vida came out and claimed the designs as hers.


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