Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 32

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 32 A fight ensued at the launch, Jaime starts to cheat 

Vida claimed that Kayla has stole her designs. Teri intervened and asked them to discuss the issue at the office the following morning but Kayla said it was not necessary.

She claimed that Vida was telling lies and she was just jealous of her success. Teri tried to contain the situation but Marga cut it and ended up fighting with Teri. She later left with Caloy and Vida.

On the way to the parking lot, Marga told Vida that her dream would only bring them problems. She told Vida to listen to her and quit wanting to be a designer.

Potpot was worried about how Vida was doing and wondered if he had done enough to support her. He asked Rafa why he did not take Vida’s side and Rafa said he did not want to intervene. Potpot took it to mean that Rafa did not believe Vida and they almost argued but Charlie stopped them. They shook hands and made up.

Charlie drove Potpot back to the boarding house but he could not stop talking about the issue with Vida. Charlie asked him if he l*ved her and Potpot said if that meant he did not want to see her hurt, then he did l*ve her.

Charlie said she envied Vida since there were many people who genuinely showed her affection. She dropped Potpot off and they promised to see each other again without the chaos.

Caloy drove Vida and Marga home. When they arrived home, Marga continued to chastise Teri for stealing Vida’s designs. Caloy asked her if she was upset over the designs or it was because Teri was involved.

Marga said it was not always about Teri. She then asked him to leave since she was tired.
Teri went to get Jaime and saw him with a model. The girl said Jaime was drunk so she helped him. Jaime was mad about what happened and reprimanded Teri for failing at the only thing she was responsible for.

They argued at home and Teri called him out over the model he was with. Jaime almost hit her but Rafa went to knock on their door.
Rafa spoke to Teri and asked her if Jaime was hurting her. Teri said he was only upset due to the incident and they both knew that he had a temper.

Marga planned to ruin Teri and called reporters to her house. She wanted Vida to talk to them about what happened but Vida refused to do it. Marga therefore talked to the reporters and put on a show of how hurt she was that Teri stole her daughter’s designs. She also paid them to publish the story on the front page.

The papers already published that Teri had stolen the designs and Jaime was furious. He reprimanded Teri and her staff at the office. Lauren tried to defend Teri by saying they couldn’t have known that Kayla was lying about the designs.

Jaime warned her to shut her mouth and only speak when spoken to. He threatened to fire her if she didn’t. Teri asked Lauren not to provoke Jaime but Lauren was upset of how Jaime was treating her.

She asked Teri to leave Jaime but Teri said she couldn’t since she made a vow to him.
Marga visited Caloy with a bowl of beef stew and they made up. They had both seen the bruises on Teri but Marga asked that they not interfere on another person’s issues.

Rafa tried to reach Vida when she heard that they were doing an interview about the design incident. She did not answer her phone so he went to the boarding house. Vida was not there so Rafa spoke to Potpot and they agreed to help each other in resolving the issue.

Vida went back to the boarding house. She was upset with Marga since she was only using her to fight with Teri. She told Potpot that she was going to give up on the designs since there was no way to prove they were hers. She explained that the issue caused problems for too many people and she didn’t want that.

Potpot did not want Vida to give up so he called Rafa. He said he had an idea of how they could prove the designs belonged to Vida.

The model Jaime was with went to see him at the office. He quickly asked her to get into the car before someone saw her. They went out on a date together. Unfortunately, Jaime’s secret was seen by Caloy. Caloy came across Jaime and the model in a compromising situation.


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