Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 33

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 33 Jaime arrested for abusing Teri 

After meeting Caloy, Jaime asked the model he was with to leave him alone so that he could talk to Caloy. He warned Caloy not to say anything about what he saw to Teri.

Caloy confronted him for cheating on Tessa and Jaime said it was none of his business. As he was about to leave, Caloy asked him if he was hurting Tessa. Jaime told Caloy that he was not Tessa’s saviour and even though he had money, he was no match for his power.

A fight ensued from their argument as Caloy would not sit idle to watch Jaime joke around Tessa. The guards saw the two gentlemen exchanging blows at the restaurant and they rushed to separate the fight. Jaime threatened Caloy that he would destroy everything he had.

Caloy was furious when he went to see Marga. He told her about his fight with Jaime. Marga helped him calm down and said there would always be misunderstanding between a couple so she asked Caloy not get involved in Tessa’s marriage.

Lauren wanted Tessa to speak out against Marga’s accusations but she refused to do it until they found out the truth about the designs.

Potpot convinced Vida to eat so that she could leave her room. He went inside to get her design book and brought it to Rafa. They showed it to Tessa to prove that the designs were hers. Teri noticed that the designs Kayla submitted looked similar but she said they needed more proof.

Vida received a call from House of Teri and they asked her to go to the office. Teri also called Kayla and asked both women to make a new dress. Vida was able to make one but Kayla failed. Teri warned Kayla to come clean. She then admitted that the designs were not hers. She said she only wanted to succeed.

Teri told her that the only way to succeed was through hard work and fired her. After Vida proved that the designs were hers, Teri promised to mentor her. She therefore hired her back at House of Teri as her apprentice.

Vida asked if Teri wanted to use her against her mother and she made it clear that it was not her intention. She only wanted to help her since she was talented.

Meanwhile, Potpot got a call from his sister that their grandmother was admitted to the hospital as her sickness was getting worse. He was upset that his family never told him that his grandmother was ill. Rafa and Vida went to see him after the meeting with Teri. Since Potpot’s family was worried about the bill, Rafa paid it for them.

When Jaime went home, he beat up Teri, thinking she told Caloy about how he had been maltreating and abusing her. Teri could not reason with him. He dragged Teri out of their room by her hair and her parents tried to stop him.

Rafa got involved too but Jaime pushed everyone away as he tried to get to Teri. He eventually left the house and Teri’s parents convinced her to report him to the police.

Marga was happy due to the scandal with Teri and wanted the scandal to contribute positively to her business. Many models wanted to sign with her agency and she was glad to be doing business again.

Asya however reprimanded her for tarnishing Teri Laurel’s brand. She told Marga that her business was only booming due to how she was bringing Teri’s own down and warned her against her action. Marga defended herself by saying she did not lie. Asya told her that it would soon come a time for her to be at the bottom.

When Marga met with Caloy, he was furious at her for what she did to Teri. They argued over it and Marga claimed that he did not understand her. Caloy asked her to make him understand but she only complained since he never took her side.

She got up with an intention to leave but Caloy stopped her and apologised. Teri filed a charge against Jaime and he got arrested. She went to see him in prison and Jaime asked her how she could take her husband to jail.

Teri told him that she would no longer allow him to hurt her.


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