Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 34

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 34 House of Teri hits by a heavy scandal, sales decline 

Teri visited Jaime in jail and he asked her why she put him in behind bars after he dedicated all of his life to her. There were a lots of people taking videos of them at the station so Rafa thought it was best that they leave.

Jaime got upset and deemed it as a mistake to have given Tessa all his heart. He called his lawyer and got released from jail. Rafa sent Tessa home and assured her that he would protect her against Jaime.

Tessa was nervous as she was trying to sleep when Jaime returned. Teri screamed in disbelief when she set her eyes on Jaime and asked why he was not in jail. Jaime said he was not the kind of person to spend a night in jail.

Rafa ran to Tessa’s room when he heard her scream. He punched Jaime, thinking he was hurting Tessa and asked him to stay away from Teri. Jaime told Rafa that he should be thankful to the person who fed him.

He went on to say that his only value was as a replacement to the son Tessa lost. Rafa was hurt by Jaime’s words but Teri assured Rafa that she l*ved him as a son and the hurtful words Jaime was spewing was not the truth.

Jaime said he would leave the house but he would return to get everything back. After he left, Tessa asked his parents to pack their things as they would also be leaving the house.

After the scandal, things began to fall apart for House of Teri. They lost most of their clients and got bashed for stealing Vida’s designs.

Marga saw the news of Jaime’s arrest and called her journalist friend to talk about it. She claimed that Jaime must have beaten up Teri due to the incident with the designs. Asya overheard her conversation and scolded her. He said he was disappointed in what Marga was doing.

The following morning, Tessa left with Rafa and her parents and they moved to a new house. Jaime was outside and saw them leaving.

After Teri moved to the new house, she asked Lauren to call the press so that she could address the issue about the designs. She talked to the journalists and did not deny that the designs were stolen.

She however made it clear that she already corrected the situation. The press hounded her and asked if Jaime had beaten her after the designs issue. Seeing Teri cornered, Vida cut in and defended Teri.

She said Teri had nothing to do with the stolen designs and had done the correct thing by hiring her. The press asked if Marga had lied and Vida said her mother might have misunderstood the situation in her efforts to defend her.

Marga was furious after she saw the interview and went to House of Teri to scold Vida. She pulled at her hair and slapped her but Teri defended Vida. She told Marga not to hurt her daughter and pushed her away. Asya had called Caloy so he went to get her.

Marga told Caloy that Teri was trying to turn her own daughter against her. Caloy consoled her and drove her home. He told Asya that he was not happy with what Marga did but he also felt sorry for her.

Vida was upset when she went to the boarding house. She told Potpot what happened with her mother and he helped comfort her. He reminded her to continue fighting towards her dreams.

Teri’s parents got a call that their stall caught fire. Teri’s father decided to go back home to check on the situation but promised to return soon. Rowena remained to take care of Teri and Rafa.

Jaime watched Teri’s interview and heard her say that they were working through the problems in their marriage. He got upset and promised to make Teri’s life miserable and have her crawling back to him.


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