Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 35

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 35 Marga sets Teri’s creations on fire 

Tessa texted Rafa to ask of his whereabouts. She realised that someone was peeping through her window so she went for a lantern to check the balcony if someone was out there but the person was already gone.

Tessa wondered, but it was Jaime who was spying on her. Meanwhile, Caloy visited Marga at her mansion. He invited her for an outing and they went to a restaurant. Potpot was worried about his Granny. Vida stood by his side the entire time to help him go through the ordeal his grandmother’s sickness has brought.

Tessa arrived at work to be greeted with a bad encounter as she was refrained from entering her office. Caloy has taken Marga to a restaurant while Rafa was notified by his assistant that Teri was blocked from entering the office.

Jaime proceeded to fire all staff who were loyal to Tessa including Lauren. He later spew his spiteful words through his office window to Tessa.

Caloy tried his best to unite Vida and Marga by arranging for them to meet up at the restaurant. Tessa managed to get access to the office. Jaime then swore to bring down Tessa till she crawled back to him and beg him for a chance.

However, Asya talked to Vida to make her see the need to reconcile with her mother but she was not ready to meet Marga at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Tessa stood on her grounds not ready to give in to Jaime and his unpalatable demands.

Rafa arrived at the office to fight with Jaime to ensure his mother’s demands were met. Jaime reminded the mother and her adopted son of who he was. He insisted on being the king and the reason of Tessa’s success.

He referred to them as useless. Tessa who was irritated by Jaime’s action called him a f00l. Marga kept throwing tantrums. She was still upset with Vida for siding with Tessa, hence was not willing to talk to her. Ms Guada also visited Potpot’s granny.

Rafa challenged Jaime, claiming he knew their rights. Tessa on the other hand packed her things from the office. Rafa tried to dissuade her from doing so. He advised her to consult their lawyers first. Tessa was ready to give Jaime a fight he was calling fight.

Jaime had planned to sell House of Teri to get back at Teri. Potpot Granny’s operation was successful. Melchor was happy that Rafa helped them by paying the hospital bill. Charlie also arrived with a specialist who has offered to render Potpot’s granny her services for free.

Potpot thanked Charlie for helping him out. As she was hugging Potpot, Vida appeared in the scene and saw them. Tessa met with her lawyer and was more than ready to fight with Jaime head on. Caloy visited Vida at the hostel.

Vida insisted that she was not yet ready to face Marga. She was upset that her mother was using her to revenge Teri and did not become truthful about the stolen designs. Tessa overheard Rowena talking to her dad about their fabric store that has been burnt down.

Caloy after convincing Vida arrived at Marga’s house with her. Marga showed vida attitude. Rowena believed Jaime set their fabric store on fire. Marga did not want vida to work with Teri Laurel and she insisted on Vida to resign from HOT. She said Vida was being stubborn and her daughter said she took that stubbornness from Marga.

Moved by her daughter’s reply, Marga slapped her and Vida turned her the other cheek to slap as well. Marga regretted living with Vida, if she had known her daughter would be ungrateful she would have kicked her from the house together with her father long time ago.

Vida left crying and Aunt Asya ran after her to assure her that her mum l*ved her irrespective of what had happened. Caloy told Marga to listen to her daughter and not to force things on her. Vida has left for the hostel and Marga ordered Caloy to leave as well as she has had a long day.

Lauren has just told Tessa that all their creations were on sale outside the House of Teri. Teri tried to stop the sale, while Rafa rushed to confront Jaime for his irrelevant decision. Marga after seeing Teri’s downfall celebrated. In order to exact her revenge she bought all Teri’s creations. Vida felt so disappointed in her mum.

Rafa asked Jaime to stop hurting his mom but Jaime had pledged to only slow down his revenge when Teri and Rafa had run back to him. After buying the clothes Marga dropped them on the floor and stepped on them.

She went to her car to bring a jerrican or a kerosene to pour them on the clothes. She then set them on fire. Rafa made it clear to Jaime that his actions were driving Teri away and there was no way that she would return to him for him to abuse her.

Jaime was definitely having mental crises, since Rafa said Teri would not get back to him, he asked Rafa to abandon Teri and join him instead.

Rafa turned him down and walked away. Meanwhile, the estranged friends, Tessa and Marga got into a heated argument. Seeing Marga burning her creations, Tessa pulled her hair and tried dragging her into the fire.

She forcefully tried to clothe Marga with one of her designs. Marga fought back with all her strength. She made her hatred become her strength to fight her estranged friend equally. Vida pleaded with the mum to stop what she was doing.


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