Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 39

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 39 Teri, Marga, Jaime put up a show to revive HOT

At HOT, Vida showed her sketched designs to Teri in the company of Rafa. Teri told her to keep up the good work. Marga looked on with her fury eyes as she sipped her coffee once she settled at her office.

Melchor revealed that he has seen the eyes Potpot makes whenever Vida was around and urged him to tell Vida his intentions otherwise he might lose him to another man.

Vida asked her mother why she was putting up such a charade. Marga expressed her disappointment in her daughter, claiming she has become so rude ever since she started working for Teri.

She explained to Vida that she was doing all that to support her dreams yet Vida did not trust her mother. Rafa later asked Vida to cheer up and relax. They decided to go out and have something to eat.

Mr l*ver man, Caloy asked the nagging Marga her first day at work. She said it was cool and Caloy offered to get her something to eat.

Jaime approached Tessa to tell her the need for them to celebrate her return but Tessa made it clear that they had nothing to celebrate. She was upset that sales were dwindling just few days she and Rafa were off.

“If you didn’t leave me none of this would have happened.”

Tessa asked him to quit blaming her for the down turn of the company since the mess was created by him. Jaime accepted that there was nothing to celebrate and they had to fix the company’s problems first.

Starting off, Tessa proposed that Marga should not be allowed to be the president of the company she worked hard to build. Jaime indicated that it was about partnership and together with his 30 per cent and Tessa’s 30per cent they could still control every affair of HOT since together they had 60per cent shares.

That night, the country boy rehearsed his lines on how to propose to Vida. As he was standing there, he saw Rafa dropping Vida home. Potpot was jealous but hid it. Rafa gave him the noodles he bought for him and the family.

Rowena threatened to k!ll Jaime if he dared hurt her daughter. She revealed to Jaime that she knew he was the one who burnt her fabric store. She asked Jaime if he knew who she was and the beast said yes, she was his wife’s mother and always wanted to protect her daughter but Rowena retorted she was more than that.

“I am the one who cooks the food you eat everyday.”

“Watch your back Jaime, death comes like a thief in the night.”

“You might be breathing now but come the next day that might not be the case

I hope we will not resort to that right?”

Meanwhile, Potpot could not sleep. The incident of Rafa and Vida was still running through his head. His mother came to say goodnight to him. Meanwhile, the country boy went through some old stuffs and found in a box feeding bottles and a napkin with the name “Rafael” embroidered on it.

The next morning during breakfast, Potpot asked his parents who “Rafael” was as he found an old napkin with the name “Rafael” embroidered on it. His grandmother said it was him.

Suddenly, Melchor began coughing, Didith  added her voice that the things were for Potpot. Melchor interjected that the towels were given to them by neighbours since they had no money to buy some.

“But we had no neighbour with a name Rafael,” Malai retorted. “You should have returned their napkins and towels after they gave it you.”

Melchor quickly put a spoon of food into Malai’s mouth to prevent her from talking.

Didith was told by the grandmother to tell Potpot the truth about his past but Didith was not ready to let him know since she had treated him as a son.

Marga employed new designers and did not care about their experience all that she wanted was loyal staff who could bark and bite for her.

At a meeting, Marga insisted on being the President since she had the majority shares. Jaime reminded her that the majority shares was 60 per cent and it was owned by him and his wife.

Marga then asked for the position of Operations manager and Rafa accepted to step down to see her fail occupying his position. He blamed Marga for the company’s crisis.

Vida overheard Potpot saying he was Charlie’s classmate and  gave a weired look. Teri was training when Jaime came in as he was touching her, she kicked him. Jaime claimed he had needs but Teri reminded him of their agreement and sacked him.

Tessa realised that her son was in l*ve with Vida and urged him to voice out his feelings to her. Rafa did not want to due to the rift between Teri and Marga but his mother asked her not to allow the rift between her and Marga stop him.

Later, Tessa and Marga crashed at a function but they pull off a show with the annoying Marga referring to Tessa as her best. Her new allies at the company had tipped her off the colour of dress which Tessa would wear so she also wear the same colour.

In a washroom, Tessa confronted her for calling her, her best friend even when they were alone. The act, she said boiled her blood. Later, they got seated for press interview and Teri informed them that she was back in business.

She and Jaime too had settled their differences. As every relationship they also encountered challenges. Jaime and Teri pull off a show. Meanwhile, Caloy was unhappy that Teri was back with Jaime and tried to confirm from Asya who also did not know anything about the Laurels.

Marga also explained why she had to invest into HOT. She claimed Teri and her had been friends since childhood and they shared similar dreams. She had been able to meet her goals while her best friend was struggling so she had to support Teri’s dreams by investing into her business.

However, Vida escorted Potpot to school and as they were having a chitchat, Charlie appeared and tried to drive Potpot away to class but Potpot returned to give Vida a hug while jealousy and anger written all over Charlie’s face. The two ladies were jealous of eachother.

In order to be Potpot’s classmate, Charlie changed her course just to be with Potpot and Vida had deemed it as an act for her to keep an eye on Potpot.

The show was over, Tessa commended her rival, Marga for putting up a good show. Caloy approached Marga to confirm if all was a show. He was wrong to think that Marga was going to be friends with Tessa.

Vida got to work and Rafa welcomed her. She asked if the press launch went well. She was right to think that her mother put up an award winning show. Rafa who saw the act of Marga as funny also asked why Vida couldn’t make it to the launch. Vida told him that it was the first day of Rafa at school so she escorted him.

Marga was upset seeing her daughter with Rafa. She was not pleased to know that Rafa was interested in her daughter but Caloy told her that both children were adults and Marga should not go between them if they genuinely liked eachother.

He later went to see Teri to talk to her to be friends with Marga but Teri said it would be difficult for them to do that.


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