Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 4

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 4 Tessa breaks up with Caloy, Rafael, her son gets missing

Marga drunk and was sulking while blaming herself for her bad luck. She complained that she had always worked so hard to achieve her dreams but got nowhere, while others especially her friend, Tessa had it easy.

Meanwhile, Caloy arrived at the Gala and saw Jaime trying to make a move on Tessa. He attacked Jaime and they both fell in the pool. Tessa asked him to stop and asked Jaime if he was okay.

Caloy got mad to see her checking on Jaime and stormed out. Tessa went after him to explain what happened but Caloy wouldn’t listen. He said that she was just like his mother and left.

Jaime went to check on Tessa and she told him that she was not the kind of person he thought she was. She made it clear that she could achieve her dreams without his help.
Caloy went out drinking and went to Asha’s house.

Tessa wasn’t home yet so Marga took care of him. She brought him to her room and told Asha not to let Tessa go there. Tessa arrived looking for Caloy and didn’t find him at the shelter.

She asked Asha if he had gone there and Asha couldn’t answer. Tessa got puzzled and went to look around the rooms. She found Caloy in bed with Marga and confronted both of them for betraying her. Marga told Tessa that everything that happened was her fault.

Later, Caloy told Marga that what happened was a mistake. Marga begged him to choose her instead but he said he l*ved Tessa. He went after her to explain what happened but Tessa refused to listen.

She said Caloy also refused to listen to her explanation when she had done nothing wrong. She took her things and went back to her parents in Illocos.

When Tessa arrived, she suddenly fainted so they called the doctor. The doctor said she was pregnant and her mother was furious. She was disappointed since Tessa had ruined the dreams they had for her so she kicked her out.

Tessa begged her mother not to abandon her since she had nowhere else to go. Her mother would not listen so Tessa had to leave.
Tessa went elsewhere and built a life on her own. She got a job as a seamstress and earned money for her child.

She eventually gave birth to a son whom she named Rafael. Since she had to work, she constantly left him with a baby sitter. Things went well for a while but one day, she found out from the papers that the sitter she hired was a child trafficker. She went back to get Rafael but the woman and the baby were both gone.

Tessa reported Rafael’s kidnapping to the police and spent endless days searching for him. The police caught the child trafficker and Tessa went to the station to get back her child. The woman said she had no intention of harming him but as she was running from the police, Rafael got a high fever.

He suddenly turned blue and stopped breathing so she panicked and threw him in the river. The police searched the river for the boy but only found the clothes he was wearing.

Tessa was devastated from losing her child. The grief took a toll on her and she collapsed on the street. Jaime saw her as he was driving by and brought her home. He helped her recover and reconcile with her parents.

Meanwhile, Caloy went to work as an engineer on a ship. Marga continued participating in pageants and eventually won a crown after three years. She however got pregnant by a new boyfriend and couldn’t continue, making Asha furious.

It later turned out that Rafael did not die. A couple found him downstream and treated him until he recovered. They renamed him as Potpot. Jaime and Tessa bid farewell to to Rafael.


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