Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 41

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 41Jaime opens Teri’s missing son’s case 

In HOT, Rafa arrived with Potpot. Vida was surprised to see him and welcomed him. Potpot went to meet Marga and told her that he had no idea on modeling but anything that would help him fetch money for his family he was willing to do it.

Marga explained that she was not expecting him to know anything about the industry, so far as he would only follow her orders they would get along and asked him to trust him.

Teri had a meeting with Amparo, Vida came there to give some documents to Teri. Amparo expressed her intentions to include the 21 year designer in her ball.

As she was seeing Amparo off, Tessa met Caloy who was there to see Jaime but met his absence. He instead talked to Tessa and his former hunch seemed to like the idea as the machine was cost effective and efficient. This would also help HOT for them not to lose huge sums in importing textiles from abroad.

She told Caloy that she would talk to Jaime first. Caloy did not look cheerful with Teri’s decision. Marga interrupted Jaime’s meeting with his foreign textile inventor partner to present Caloy’s proposal but Jaime insisted that he would not work with Caloy.

After eating at a restaurant Potpot and Rafael went to the training centre. The way Rafa was punching the bags suggested to Potpot that he was bothered by an issue.

Rafa opened up to him that Marga was getting out of his nerve. He told him that Marga was not to be trusted and everything she has done was to hurt people and did not know the extent she could go to harm Vida.

Elsewhere, Marga told Jaime that he should not allow his feelings to cloud his judgement. She never liked Tessa but because of business she was now working with her. Jaime was not ready to hear her any longer and decided to leave.

Marga blocked his way, asking him not to treat her like his employees. She told him to go through the proposal when he was free but Jaime regretted for allowing a rat (Marga) into his office.

Rafa taught Potpot how to box. At HOT, Marga came to meet Lauren talking to Vida to accept a role at the debutante ball which was organised by Amparo. She intruded and said since she was Vida’s mother she had to be invited.

Rafael and Potpot got to the office, Teri came down to meet Potpot and Rafael entered with Vida. Teri asked Vida to join them for dinner but she said she would another time. She had lots of things to do. Jaime had an alert on his phone prompting him about Rafael, Teri’s biological son’s birthday.

As they were going, they dropped by the bridge that Teri lost her son to lay a wreath in his memory. She was sad and Potpot comforted her. He said her son would not be happy if he found her sad and urged her to continue fighting as the son would also do same in his heart, explaining, that is what he would have done if he was her missing son.

Jaime appeared there and said he did not forget that it was Rafael’s birthday and told his wife that they could open the case and search for Rafa again.

Tessa did not want to build her hopes high again as every effort she put in place to find him failed. Potpot failed to follow them to dinner after setting eyes on Jaime.

In the house, Jaime admitted that he hurt Teri but that was because he l*ved her. Tessa said she was there for him but not as his wife. She advised that they seek psychiatrist help for Jaime but he said what he needed was her.

Tessa said Jaime was not the man she married, he sometimes acted like a different person and it would be good if he get psychiatric assistance.

She told him that marriage was based on trust, “not love?” Jaime interjected. Tessa said she could not be his wife since she did not trust him. She admitted that she no longer have feelings for Jaime and the psycho pledged to fight for her l*ve.

Caloy wanted Pablo to talk to Jaime perhaps he would listen but Marga wanted Caloy to do it since she trusted him and the creation was invented by him.

Jaime later decided to search for Rafael to win Tessa’s heart again. Meanwhile, Rafa pleaded with his mother that he felt that he was not contributing to help her work and once Marga sent Alice to present Caloy’s proposal to him, he ran to Tessa to inform her that the textile weaver would help the company to save money.

Tessa gave him the approval to go through the proposal. She then spoke with Lauren about it, saying she felt like Rafa had been left in between her fight with Jaime and wanted to make him do the least he could to help but believed it would be tough with Jaime to accept it.

As Vinny was trying to make Vida feel that she was not experienced since she did not go to fashion designing school, Vida put him in his place, saying Teri has taught her but Vinny believed she needed to sharpen her skills. As they were arguing, Teri fetched for Vida.

She told her about the Debutante’s ball and wanted Rafa to be her date on the night. However, Marga has also told Potpot to be Vida’s escort to the event and made her two assists changed Potpot’s looks for the event.

Rafa had a business meeting with Caloy concerning the textile machine. He saw the proposal as promising and he wanted to see the quality fabric that the machine would be producing. Rafa also got to learn about the past friendship between Caloy and Teri when they were in Bargio.

Soon, The guests were attending the debutante ball, Potpot went for Vida. However, Tessa’s car broke down on the road. As Alex, her driver was trying to fix it, Caloy appeared in the scene and offered to send Teri to the programme but she refused.

Caloy gave the keys of his car to Alex to fetch for a mechanic while Tessa stood and watched him. Rafa reached the place they scheduled to pick Vida up but he was informed that Potpot had gone for her. He stood in disbelief but asked of his leave.

He reached the ball to find Marga snapping pictures of Potpot and Vida to post them online. Setting eyes on Rafa, Marga instructed Potpot to put his hand around Vida for her to snap the pictures.

Vida felt that it was not right so she later made Potpot remove his hand to try other posing styles for the pictures but Marga had already achieved her target of getting Rafa jealous.

Elsewhere, Jaime met the inspector and told him to open the case. The inspector said they followed the issue for so many years yet the boy was not found. Jaime demanded and he accepted.


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