Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 42

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 42 Marga engages in an accident

As they were standing waiting for Alex to arrive, Caloy complemented the looks of Teri. He also talked good about Rafael and said he was an intelligent kid. Teri was happy, saying her son was well trained and she couldn’t ask for more.

Caloy then informed her about his earlier meeting with Rafael and thanked Teri for approving even though she was against it earlier. Teri confessed that it was Rafa’s idea.

Later, she was walking on the road checking if Alex was coming and a motor almost knocked her but Caloy shielded her.

Teri was so worried about the development since she had to reach the debutante ball on time to deliver a speech. Caloy asked her not to worry since Vida and Marga were already there and would take care of everything if the unfortunate happened.

Teri did not want to disappoint Mrs Simpson since she already promised her. At the event, Vida who was standing in between two men, Potpot and Rafa was asked about her escort since she was the only debutante without an escort name on their lists.

She did not know who to choose so Marga sets in to tell Rafa that it would be appropriate if Potpot would be Vida’s escort since they were the faces of TeriVida and he accepted. Marga then made Rafa her escort.

Amparo came to welcome Marga and asked of Teri. Marga pretended not to know Teri would grace the occasion. Amparo said Teri was on her list and she had a role to play at the function.

Marga said if Teri did not arrive early she could stand in for HOT. Amparo did not like the idea. She went to introduced the debutantes and their escorts for them to dance. She introduced Vida as the daughter of Emil and Marga who was a 21 year old head of designs at HOT.

Vida received standing ovation and her escort Miraculo, the country boy took to the dance floor with Rafa unhappy with the development. With the mere facial expression of Rafa, Marga felt satisfied.

On the street, Caloy tried to engage Teri in a conversation. He talked about his proposal and Teri said she wanted her son and Jaime to make the decision. She did not want to be involved. Teri was worried that Alex has still not arrived. Caloy tried to fix it but the problem of the car was beyond him. Alex later arrived with the mechanic and they fixed it.

It was time for Teri to deliver her speech, Marga managed her way through as the Operations Manager to deliver a speech on behalf of Teri. She told the audience that she was standing in for her friend, Teri who was late. She said it was good that she had to speak on behalf of HOT since TeriVida Collections was her idea.

Amparo was not enthused by Marga’s act, Vida got offended and left while Potpot ran after her. Marga watched her daughter closely, Rafa also left. Vida told Potpot that what Marga did was not right, she did not have right to claim something which she did not do.

Potpot told her to ask Marga why she said that. Vida saw Rafa passing, she stopped him and said sorry for what Marga did. As Marga was about to end her speech, Teri arrived and she alerted everyone that Teri has arrived late.

Teri has no choice than to engage the guests with smiles, a moment later, Caloy also entered. This spoilt Marga’s mood. Caloy later served her with a drink and said it was unfortunate that he was not around when she delivered a speech on behalf of Teri.

Teri apologised to Amparo and she made her meet Paul Enricas who expressed readiness to invest in HOT. Marga heard of it and intruded with her annoying act but Teri played along.

Later in the house, Tessa apologised to Rafa for the mishaps at the ball. Rafa admitted he was a little bit upset about Potpot being Vida’s escort but was eventually okay until Marga spoilt his mood by claiming ownership of the TeriVida idea.

The next day, Vida apologised to Teri for Marga’s speech. Teri advised her not to worry, to her the label bear their names and it was a good thing.

Rowena came to meet Rafael eating and asked him why he did not go to work, Rafa said there was nothing he could do. Rowena said the business belonged to his mother and being by Teri’s side at work was good enough.

She pushed Rafa’s head, that was to tell him to hummer the head of Jaime to get him into his senses. Jaime later called his Marcus to ask him about what they planned.

The man assured that they were looking for the child at available orphanages and any other place. He requested for more money and Jaime promised to pay once they find the
boy. Rafael overheard him and after the call he asked why he was doing that while Teri was not ready to build false hopes.

Jaime said he wanted to find Teri’s biological son to make her happy. He maintained that they would still support him even when they found Teri’s biological son.

Later, Rafa and Caloy together with Pablo checked the efficient of the machine and the quality of textiles it gives. Marga received a message from the court that she was now legally free and told Asya about it and how she wanted to get married to Caloy now that she was legally separated from Emil.

Rafael then went to relay the information to Jaime. Jaime did not accept and threatened to fire him.

Rafa was upset and bumped into Vida who was standing with Tessa. Vida wanted to talk to him but Teri stopped her.

Soon, Marga asked Rafa about Jaime’s stand and he told her that Jaime did not accept the proposal and she requested for the documents. Rafa said he left it at Jaime’s office. Marga sneaked to Jaime’s office together with Vinny and Alice and made one of her allies watch to alert her if Jaime was coming.

She went through Jaime’s thing’s and found pictures and news articles about Teri’s missing child. She was wondering if the child was for Caloy. The ally alerted Marga, and they quickly gathered the things and closed all the drawers.

Jaime asked what she was doing at his office and she asked her two allies to leave. Teri also got there and Marga said she was only there to discuss with him Caloy’s proposal. Jaime told her that he already gave his answer.

Teri then asked Marga what she wanted them to do, whether to listen to Caloy. She told Marga that Jaime would give Caloy a chance to talk to him just like Jaime had done with all the suppliers and give Caloy his answer and why he did not like the proposal. He would be objective about it. Jaime visibly was not happy with what Teri said. Teri asked Marga if that was okay with her and she said it’s fine.

Vida told Rafa that Potpot had not been eating well and his grandmother was saying he has lost weight. Potpot said he was now a model and wanted his pictures with Vida come out perfect. He asked Rafa whether he looked good with Vida and he said yes.

Rafa was glad that he was taking the modeling seriously. He told Vida and Potpot that for house of Teri their image model also has to be a role model and for saving the kid Potpot fit. He said the marketing team would interview Vida and Potpot about their personal lives.

Marga was worried that Teri had a child with Caloy. She wanted to get to the bottom of it in order to conceal the truth from Caloy.

She was still lost in her thoughts while driving. She had a call and she was about to take her phone but a woman crossed the road and she had to take curve in order not to crash the woman to death. She was engaged in an accident.


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