Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 44

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 44 HOT successfully launches TeriVida 

At HOT, Teri was impressed by the designs which Vinny showed. She told Vida to go and prepare herself for the fashion show. Caloy who was there with Marga told her to go and talk to Vida but she refused.

Marga was upset that Vida did not waste time to check on her at the hospital. Vida then went to talk to her mother and said sorry to her for her inability to visit. She thought her mother could not make it to the TeriVida show.

Later, Teri reminded Jaime about their meeting with Caloy. At the meeting, Jaime refused Caloy’s proposal and Teri sided with him with his explanation that they had already invested into the TeriVida line and accepting the proposal means they had to spend extra.

Teri went to the powder room to apply a makeup and rehearsed what she would say at the launch. Marga got there and asked about Rafael but Teri ignored her as she was called at the event.

Popot’s parent arrived at HOT to support their son and they were given  front seat. Didith said she did not dress to suit the front seat. Melchor stated that she looked beautiful and Didith felt like her husband was patronising her. Charlie arrived a few moments later and she went in with the Policarpios.

After her speech, Teri called on Vida to address the gathering. Vida looked cheerful and thanked Rafa for assisting her, she also thanked Potpot, her best friend and most importantly Teri, her inspiration.

They embraced and Marga felt so weired but her two assistants told her not to worry as they believed Vida was stressed out that was why she did not acknowledge her, besides before delivering her speech, she clearly stated that she did not plan for a speech.

As people were praising Vida, Marga cut in and slipped, Teri tried helping her but both ended up inside a pool. They went to the washroom to change and Marga barged in with Rafael issue and demanded to know if Caloy was the father.

Vida started drinking after sighting Potpot with Charlie. Marga told Caloy that she needed to rest so they had to go. She called Vinny and told him to keep an eye on Vida.

Potpot  approached Vida and as they were talking, Charlie intruded and told Potpot that they should go and swim. Vida told Potpot to do it as it was fun. Potpot said he did not know how to swim.

Meanwhile, Jaime had left with Teri to the house, Rowena told them that dinner was ready but her psycho in-law excused them to his room. Rowena saw that something was bothering Tessa and asked her. Tessa said Marga has found out that she had a missing son. Marga and Caloy alo reached home. Caloy asked where she kept her medicine and he went for it in the bathroom.

Potpot decided to leave with Vida as she has drunk enough. They went inside the elevator and Vida asked of his problem. Suddenly, there was a power cut and the elevator stopped working. They were trapped in so Vida shouted for help. Potpot told her to stop.

Potpot realised that Vida got drunk because he was with Charlie. Vida denied. Potpot however asked her to take a nap and when the light was on he would alert her.

Vida laid her head on his shoulder, suddenly the country boy spoilt the air and its stinking nature kept Vida awake to scold Potpot for such embarrassment. Potpot said it was only a fart and since it was natural he could not control it. He released another one again and Vida said it stinks.

They later made jokes out of it and smiled while Potpot said sorry. Rafa and Charlie were also standing waiting for the necessary people to work on the elevator for them to join it.

Charlie said Potpot and Vida might have been trapped in the elevator and they were doing…, before she could complete her sentence Rafa cut in to demand what she was trying to mean.

As the elevator began to work, the two had an episode. Rafa and Charlie who were waiting for them on the down floor saw Vida in the arms of Potpot and were close looking into eachother’s eyes.

Vida quickly went to Rafa while Charlie went to Potpot. Rafa told Potpot that he could join his car as he would alight Vida but Charlie said Potpot would send her to the house.

Teri came to meet Marga threatening Lauren to fire her if she failed to talk to her about her missing son, Teri told Lauren to excuse her.

She admitted and told Marga that Caloy was responsible and he did not know about the child. Marga asked why she kept it a secret, whether she was afraid that people would call her terrible and irresponsible mother?

Teri slapped and told her that she had no right to judge her and after what she and Caloy did to her she wanted to ran from all that. She asked Marga what kind of person was for involving herself with Caloy.

Teri asked her to leave, Marga left and cried in her car. She prayed that Caloy should not leave her. She went home and told Asya about it. She asked her not to tell Caloy otherwise she might lose him for Teri. She was sure. Caloy would find the child and be with Teri for them to have a complete family.

Marcus passed by Jaime’s office to give him a lead on Miding to find the child. Charlie also wanted to enlist her father’s help to find the real parents of Potpot but he refused.

Potpot had a call to be at House of Teri, he and Vida had a photoshoot and when leaving, he was given HOT dresses of TeriVida collection to wear at all times for marketing purpose.

However, Melchor filed a report at the police station to find Popot’s real family. The police said he should prepare for anything since the real parents could also be bad people.

As Melchor was leaving, he bumped into Marcus and all his documents fell. Melchor helped him to pick his documents. Marcus then watched Melchor carefully as if he knew him. He later called Jaime and told him he has found where the child was in Bulhan.

Jaime gave the news to Teri, although Teri reminded Jaime that she asked him not to search for her son but was happy also for the development. Jaime said he would find him for her and took advantage of Tessa’s emotional nature to draw closer to her.


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