Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 45

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 45 Tessa finds her missing son, Leon

Marga was in her room packing dresses from her closet for the vacation with Caloy. Asya arrived to ask her where she was going this time round and she said she wanted to get married to Caloy since her marriage with Emil was annulled.

Tesa called Lauren and told her to reschedule her meetings to the next day and also to cancel all Jaime’s meetings, Lauren inquired if she was okay and she told Lauren that she had something important to take care of.

Caloy was in Marga’s room while Marga was taking a shower. He was surprised to see the number of clothes Marga had packed for the vacation. He told Marga that they were just staying for the night in their vacation and had packed more things than expected.

He then took Marga’s laptop for an important thing. Marga agreed to it, he opened the laptop and saw a story about a suspect who had stolen a child. Marga remembered that the story was on the laptop and she quickly grabbed her towel from the bathroom shouting for Caloy to hold on first.

Caloy asked Marga why she was interested in the story and she just saw the story. She then told Caloy to hurry for them to beat the traffic.

At the restaurant, Rafa and Potpot were served with pizza. Rafa told Potpot he admired him as he was now a model and was earning a lot too. He told Potpot that he would learn from his humble nature since Potpot was now famous yet he was still humble.

Rafa later, told Potpot about his feelings for Vida and expressed readiness to court her if Potpot was okay with it. Potpot told Rafa that he and Vida were just best friends and Rafa should go ahead and court her. Rafa told him that he likes Vida and she makes him happy, talking to her just takes away all his stress which makes her very important to him.

Potpot told him he should not have asked for his permission since the three of them were friends after all but Rafael said that was the reason he was seeking his permission since he did not want any trouble.

Later, Potpot was in bed, he kept thinking of Rafa’s words “if it’s oky for him to court her” then his cellphone ranged, he picked it and saw it was Vida calling. She told him that she’s been texting him and he hasn’t been replying to her texts.

Potpot said that was because Rafa and him were having a long talk and that they also had dinner, Vida asked if he was okay. Potpot told her that his stomach really hurts and needed to rest, he told Vida they would talk the next day and hanged up.

Jaime, Teri and Marcus were driving along towards Miding’s address, Jaime introduced Marcus to Teri and told her that he was the one who helped in discovering Midings address. He told Teri that he had a strong feeling they were going to find Rafael since all their leads were correct.

In the morning, vida texted Potpot. The country boy woke up from bed and went to the living room. Melchor asked him to take breakfast with them. Didith told him that Vida stopped by in the morning to say Hello and was looking for him.

Melchor said he should be the one taking Vida to work and in that way he would get more points to win Vida. Potpot said he was no longer courting Vida. He explained that Rafa and him had a talk and Rafa told him he wanted to court her.

His dad urged Potpot to court her too and that may the best man win. Potpot told him that he didn’t want to compete with Rafa since he has helped their family in so many ways.

At the House of Teri, Rafa received Vida with a smile. He seemed really happy, Vida noticed how cheerful his face was and asked him what’s up with him. Rafa told her he was having a great morning.

Vida said there was something unique about his smile, Rafa told her its was of a girl. Vida retorted that boys were so unbelievable that they smile about a girl. Vida asked who the lucky girl was but Rafa told her he was yet to meet her.

Jaime, Marcus and Teri arrived at Miding’s hide out to look for her since she was the only one who could help them look for Rafael. Miding later arrived to find out that there were visitors waiting for her. She recognised Teri and asked Teri for forgiveness for what she did.

Jaime asked Miding of what she remembered on the night she abandoned the boy. She came up with a story that, she was holding the child and he wasn’t breathing anymore, she thought the boy had died and left him by the riverside. She didn’t go far and was worried about the child so she decided to go back, when she returned she saw a woman and a man taking the child from a distance.

She assumed the couple were living there by the river, she said its been so many years and could not recognise their faces. They all decided to go to the riverside and Miding showed them where she had left the child.

Melchor and his wife went to the police station and asked to help find Potpots real parents, they suggested they should go to where they had found Potpot.

Marcus told Jaime that the people who lived by the riverside had been moved to Malapong and they left for the area.

Potpot was passing by on a jeepney and saw his parent outside the police station with a police officer. He stoped by could not see where his parents went.

Marcus, Jaime and Teri arrived at Malapong, Potpot’s parents too were already at Malapong but on different sides. Marcus inquired from the natives if they knew anyone who was found by the riverside when he was a child and they seemed to know someone.

They took the Laurels to a house of a young man called Leon who was found by the riverside when he was little. Potpot was passing by and met with his parents, he overhead them looking for someone. He asked them who they were looking for.

His dad told him that they were looking for his real parents, he asked why they were looking for them or it was because they were giving him up. Potpot was moody and left.

Leon took them to where he lived. Teri asked of his age and he told them he was 21 years and was almost one year old when they found him in August of 1997. Teri started calling him Rafael while sobbing.

He told Leon that he was his missing son and would like to take him home but Leon said he would not abandon his life there and live with Teri so they should leave.

Rafael sent some of his friends to go and pick Vida for a date. They went to Vida’s house and told her that Rafa had sent them to pick her up since there was an emergency. She entered quickly in the car and left with them.

Rafa was somehow nervous and thought that he would have been the one to pick her up since his friends seemed to be delaying, Rafa really prepared himself to surprise her.


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